Twin Flame Energy Forecast April 25th – May 1st “Comfort Love”


twin flame love

While Mercury goes Retrograde, Taurus energies step in to teach us Joy of Living and the Sweet comfort of Love and Unity in the Twin Flame pair in the midst of challenges.


Amidst the continued overhaul of the collective energy fields of the Masculine, we have added complications in the form of Mercury Retrograde, but also some soothing and relief from the move into Taurus territory until the end of the month. We’ll feel some calmness in the midst of the storm now.


New Energy Focus – Calm in the Eye of the Storm

The Sun moved into grounded Taurus on April 22nd, followed by Venus this weekend on April 30th – this spells a respite from the intensity of recent Aries and Scorpio focused detoxes and depth work in the areas of sex, power and transformation.

Interestingly, most of this spring Venus follows the Sun from sign to sign like this, indicating “use your head first, be rational first and don’t let your emotions run away with you”.

Later this year the situation shifts to be more heart-lead, but for now, keep your rationality on the job. Take emotions with a pinch of salt. Especially in the midst of all these Retrograde energies (Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Mercury AND Jupiter).

Be aware that the heart and the mind can feel at odds right now, there are some “edgy” energies at play with all the retrogrades.

This is set to be a week with a stronger sense of stability and calm than recently, as Taurus energies are pleasant and grounding, a comfortable antidote to recent releasing of the fire element’s negative areas and the ongoing Masculine “upgrade”.

To read last week’s channeled Twin Flame Message from the Higher Realms for the coming period, go here.


Taurus Love Nest – Physical Togetherness

Time to anchor into physical reality the changes from the last month. The energies are assisting you in this now. For Twin Flames this is a time to cuddle up and just “be” together.

Forget about the outside world (Taurus energies denote “love nests”, weekends in bed, romance at home and the like…) for a while and enjoy each other’s company. Relax and recharge your batteries.

Late April and early May continues the ongoing upgrade and release of the Masculine shadow energies and from the collective karmic fields as Mars keeps moving retrograde through Sagittarius and into Scorpio.

There are still quakes and eruptions building behind the scenes, but let the groundedness of Taurus energies help you stand steady like a tree in the middle of the storm.

Literally, grounding yourself by visualizing roots growing from your feet down into the core of the planet. When we’re grounded, our energies run stronger and smoother and we’re less prone to influence from ego, others negativity and energy such as the current “cosmic storms”.


Twin Flame Sanctuary

We’re reminded that in the midst of difficulty Twin Flames can always find sanctuary in one another. If not in the physical realm, then seek their soul on the soul planes, through meditation, dreams and astral journeying.

Love is real whether it’s in the physical world or not. Souls never die, and the love between souls can’t be broken.

One issue with Taurus is in letting things go – Taurus is attachment-prone, so keep this in mind this month with Venus in this sign. The truth is Twin Flames are always connected as souls no matter what, try to let this knowing release any fears of abandonment and change from your heart.

Using energy clearing for this, and to take the time to clear attachments to previous lovers, will be very fruitful this month. We go through this in both the energy clearing sessions for Twin Flames.


The Hidden Wisdom of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury moves retrograde April 28 to May 22nd – this time through Taurus. Mercury Retrograde has a bad name for chaos and problems but in truth, we can use this time to our advantage. We are energetic beings who can “surf the waves” as we choose, more than we often realize.

Keep in mind that activities relating to “re” are fitting right now, as we’re energetically moving backwards through recent months in terms of communication and thinking. The collective energy fields of communication are being purged of some negativity and our throat chakras are being upgraded.

Key words include: Rethinking, reconsidering, reworking, rehashing, reconnecting, reevaluating, reorganising, rehearsing… You might also want to check up on yourself in terms of your thinking processes, your communication. Speaking is a step of creating. Manifestation.

So: Are your words positive when you speak about yourself and your goals and desires? Are you kind to yourself in your mental commentary?

If not, take some steps to resolve this now. Energy clearing and shifting your mental habits with Mindfulness tools can help you with this too.


Stop To Enjoy Life As You Pass

From this particular Mercury Retrograde through Taurus we can read some positive wisdom from the slowing down of communication. Taurus is an expert at slowing down (sometimes a little too much) enjoying the finer things and small luxuries in life – the message here is, so what if things slow down for a while?

Just an excellent reason to stop and smell the roses. Life is fast and short enough, don’t let time and mental pressure rush you through your time on earth. Enjoy what is there to enjoy. Work on feeling gratitude, being in the now moment.

This is wisdom for Twin Flames too, only too often do we get caught up so much in the future and the potential destiny and questions of our connection, when we could be enjoying the deep present connection right here and now.

Bliss and love exists in the now moment. There is only ever the now moment. Future and past are constructs.


Cycles of Creation

Often, my Twin Flame shushes me – to remind me to calm my mind and be soothed into the moment and his presence. So I can really hear, feel and sense our connection and existence.

The mind will only be too happy to run away if we let it (there will be plenty of that next month when Gemini takes over).

Nature has cycles of energy – sometimes it’s wisest to rest and recuperate, other times it’s all systems go. Right now, we could use some relaxation. Let the Taurean energies show you how great life can be once you start paying attention to the small joys in life. Gratitude breeds more gratitude.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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