Twin Flame Energy Forecast April 4th-10th “High On Love”


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Heightened Meetings between Masculine and Feminine, Uniting in the Element of Fire. Plus, Positive Reinforcement for Twins as the Universe signals the go-ahead on missions, projects and plans.


We’re nearing the start of the Mars Retrograde proper, and Saturn and Mars still supporting the new cycle of identity and self happening with the Sun and Uranus in Aries – the major “Reboot” with the New Moon, the Sun and Uranus hits on April 7th.

Getting Ready for Action

There’s a sense of receiving positive reinforcement to go out into the world, to actually take action, to get ready to take what’s been mental and spiritual into the physical realm once Mars turns direct. This is a period of last preparations. Big things are moving to happen in the physical once Mars completes his retrograde.

The message from spirit is that many Twin Flames and other Lightworkers have for a long time now been receiving ideas and insights for guided action, projects and businesses to help both themselves and potentially also the world. The time is now coming to take action.

Reaching Financial Abundance

The message, with the energy of a smile is, many are worried about their income, whether they’ll be able survive on the money this kind of work will bring.

Spirit reassures us that when we align with what excites us and helps others, the universe always finds some way to bring us abundance, more so than when we’re stuck in jobs and activities we don’t enjoy. We will be taken care of as we emerge out into the world to share our gifts.

My personal advice is: if you don’t feel completely ready yet, take one symbolic action step for now to move things in the right direction:

If you’re hoping to reunite with your Twin Flame, write a letter where you tell them exactly how you feel but without sending it, or write down how your ideal reunion would be. This shifts your energy to invite it in.

If you’re thinking of starting your own website – set up the initial URL and a front page, even if it’s rudimentary. If you’re a writer, make a draft of your synopsis, even if it’s just key words. If you’re a musician, write down your intentions for the next period and just spend 30 minutes making something – just let it out.

These symbolic action steps aligns your energy with opening up to more steps, more inspiration, new situations – the universe will bring you the rest. I’ve experienced this time and time again. Treat it like an experiment. Take the first symbolic action step, and allow the universe to show up.

An Ancient Source of “Magic” You Could Be Using

At this time, we’re also reminded that creative visualization is a highly under-utilized tool among Twin Flames. If you’ve never tried it before, go ahead now as the energies are supportive of it.

Creative Visualization is an ancient Hindu tradition used for millennia by Yogis and Sages who became masters of energy and manifestation – these are the people who mastered what would appear as akin to “magic” to “ordinary folk”. The mastery of mind and energy to shape physical matter and circumstances.

The method has become increasingly popular in our day and age with leading lights such as Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith citing it as a core part of their ongoing success. It’s been a big part of my own journey to Twin Flame Union. I created a Creative Visualization guided meditation track specifically designed for Twin Flames, which you can have a look at here.

As well as being enjoyable, it really shifts your energy into manifesting and attracting love, reunions, unions, joy and harmony – moving away from negativity and old limitations and opening up to new opportunities and positivity. Try it for 30 days and experience the shifts.

Relighting The Fire

Also this week, we see a new configuration opening up to unite and harmonize the Masculine/Feminine energies before the big Mars Retrograde sets off. This week, we have a generally pleasant period in love as the masculine/feminine are rejoined through the Fire Signs.

The Twins are more in alignment than they’ve been in a while. Perspectives are not so opposed, and the situation feels less “problematic” and “chaotic”. The energies feel smoother and less edgy right now, especially between the Twins. A feeling of some recent issues and frustrations being overcome.

Towards the weekend we experience a positive trine between Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius – indicating positive interactions and a sense of commonality between Twins. Remembering how similar we really are after all, and that we really are two aspects of the same original soul consciousness.

Masculine Vulnerability

An important message is that at this point, the Masculine will already have undergone a phase involving the deep purging of old unconscious negativity, and is likely feeling vulnerable. When we have old baggage around for years, we can feel “naked” and “ungrounded” without it, no matter how bad it was for us while it was in place.

The Masculine is in need of some care right now, some love and understanding. This transit indicates coming together and setting the intention to forgive anything negative that came before.

This way the Twin Flames can release the past together, and start afresh from a new, higher and more positive foundation. Together. This time and energy configuration signals togetherness, closeness, intimacy but without excess of emotions. There is a sense of having decided to let past sources of hurt be left behind for good this time.

Shared Excitement, Grounding Into the Physical

Early next week brings a particularly high point as Venus in Aries, the Moon in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius form a Grand Trine in Fire – the sense is that this time will feel more “alive” than for a long time, as passion, optimism, verve and a shared sense of excitement for the remainder of the journey is ignited again. A sense of new-found motivation. Fuel for the rest of the journey.

Meanwhile, Mercury moves into mid Taurus, initiating a simultaneous Grand Trine in Earth with Pluto and Jupiter – a positive, down to earth energy flow involving communication, optimism and depth of emotion.

When Old Love Feels Like New Love

These two grand trines happening simultaneously are set to anchor the positivity, passion and new-found infatuation between Twins into the Earth planes.

There’s a sense that Twins will be palpably feeling a new wave of “in love”-Love for each other now, no matter how long they’ve known each other. This is the excitement of “new love”. Enjoy!

And remember that this bliss can be yours for longer than just a few days or weeks or months! It’s a common human perception that the initial bliss of new love never lasts, and spirit has been pushing me all along my journey to clear out both this and other limiting beliefs I had taken on from human society.

The Power Of Beliefs

Never underestimate the power of thoughts on this journey – most of us don’t consider how much our love life is influenced by our thinking and beliefs. The truth is that we are bombarded with limiting beliefs and negative programming about love and the opposite sex while growing up.

Consider how societal perceptions, parents’ experiences and public depictions of romantic relationships might have programmed you to believe love is a struggle (the Romeo & Juliet and Wuthering Heights stories and countless other romance classics) or that true love is an illusion, or women and men don’t understand each other, or the bliss of falling in love never lasts…

These become subconscious patterns of manifestation in life, embedded in our energy fields. Clearing limiting beliefs like this out of your energy field can truly begin to transform your relationships for the better…! We go through clearing these big belief blocks in the first Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.

The truth is, for Twin Flames, love never dies. If it seems to, it’s due to shifting energy making way for even deeper and stronger love.

The journey for Twin Flames is meant to bring the bliss of unconditional love into the physical – that’s our legacy. The conflict and drama and struggle is all a part of the human paradigms we are here to break through, to leave behind…

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x


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