Twin Flame Energy Forecast August 15th-21st “Miracles Incoming”


Releasing Old Conflict to Bring Twins Back Into Line With the Mission of Love – Plus, Miracle Energy gives a preview of light influxes for widespread Union push next month…


Another significant week for Twin Flames and lightworkers in the run-up to autumn’s Eclipse Season and the increased energetic push for Twin Reunions.

Most Twins are experiencing extra pressure right now as the incoming light influxes are strongly triggering any old baggage and negativity to be forced up to the surface for resolution. So that the path is open to Love. The universal energies are pushing for Twin Reunions, but for many there are still blocks in the way.

Ascension is stepping up several gears for the last part of 2016, with the specific aim of freeing Twin Flames from old ancestral and collective patterning that has been causing strife and blocks in the face of unity, harmony and love.

For most Twins this has been manifesting as old issues rearing their “ugly heads” once more, flare-ups of conflict and separation cycles.



The truth is that Twin harmony and reunion won’t happen “by itself” – we ourselves are active participants. Co-creators of “heaven on earth”. It won’t be given to us, we have to create it. We are infinite souls living in human bodies.

Twin Souls accepted the Divine Mission of Love to go “undercover” on Earth, taking on human karma and energy of heaviness, sadness and separation that has kept the planet and human beings in suffering for so long.

Our plan was to awaken to our true soul nature while in our human bodies – which is what 11:11 is all about – and then move on to transmute all the illusions and lies so we could uncover and return to the True Love that unites us underneath.

Most Twins have been awakening over recent years but many have been stuck in the process of illusions coming up for transmutation. We have the capability to eradicate these from our systems for good in order to reunite. The key is to permanently clear all that has been obscuring the light of love within.



Think of the Twin Soul connection as a luminescent cord of love connecting the Twins heart to heart. It is all love, an unbreakable bond. But the human stuff we took on in life has formed clusters of debris and blocks on and around this cord, causing negativity, combat, separation.

When we clear the debris and erase all the human illusions we took on, we uncover the love again. We allow the connection to shine bright again as what it truly is: Love.

The Twin Soul connection is love. All the other stuff is illusion. And our aim was to find that love again, no matter how much struggle and apparent suffering we might face. Because our souls knew we would be connected in love beneath it all, the whole time.



This is what we wanted. To journey from immaculate souls into the human struggle, then back together to the spiritual unconditional Love that earth has never fully known. To uplift the planet with that divine Love.

We are going further and further into the mission and the pressure is turned up to push all the baggage to the surface. When it comes up, it’s essential to know how to deal with it. Sadness, jealousy, separation, running – it’s all a part of the “baggage”.

Energy management is the only true and lasting way I’ve discovered to eradicate this negativity with more ease and speed.

I’ve read so many articles with fanciful explanations of the romance and myth of the Twin connection – but I wanted to provide a hands on method that actually helps Twins deal with what so many experience as an incredibly challenging connection. To not only understand why or how things happen, but to have tools to handle the challenges with.

Therefore I created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames to help as many Twins as possible move into Harmony and Love. You can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit here.



Venus has now moved out of the sign of the Lion and moved into Virgo, sign of purification, service and perfectionism.

The planet of Love now conjuncts the True Node in Virgo and the pair both opposition Neptune in Pisces – we’re strongly dealing with Soul Development and Ascension, both for the Twin Flames and the collective. And it’s a tense situation.

The signal is that we are set to be receiving energetic assistance from the Higher Realms to move forward in the Twin Flame Mission, but there is also a “strict” undertone to this assistance. We’re being energetically prodded to remember who we are as souls. To stop messing around. To stop buying into the human illusions.

As souls there is no conflict, no negativity – just light, love, harmony. Any conflict and struggle is rooted in earth issues. Illusions.

Like children who have been playing make-believe (life on earth, 3D ego consciousness), we are now being strongly told to stop pretending. To stop buying into the old “game”.

We’re not exactly being reprimanded, but these energies are strong – we are definitely being reminded quite sternly that we are here for a specific purpose, and it’s time we focus on the true “mission” – Unconditional Love.

To embrace our own power. To remember that we are creators.

The message goes: “Your own soul journey and the journey of Earth are closely connected. Don’t lose sight of Love in the midst of squabbles. Do not let the past pull you back into negativity. Look up, tune into your higher faculties – into your heart’s knowing.”


Midweek on August 16th and 17th we have a highly positive alignment of energies between the Leo Sun, Uranus in Aires and Jupiter in Virgo. Make sure you set your intentions high now, because this is “miracle” energy.

Sudden happy events can occur, and solutions show up out of nowhere. Again, set the intention that you’re open to receiving the highest manifestation of these energies.

Be mindful that you’re not focusing on negativity at this point, because with big “energy windows” of manifestation the Universe is delivering what your focus is directed to. Make sure you focus on your joy/love/ideal and not on perpetuating any old struggles.


The Aquarius Full Moon on August 18th – which is a “partial eclipse” – signals the culmination of a phase of thinking and acting. The water bearer symbolizes the Lightworker come to earth to bear gifts of evolution and a new way of living.

For Twin Flames we are at the end of a cycle of living under the veil of illusion. Our Awakening period as novices is at an end. We are now moving onto a new phase.

Deeper soul purpose is being revealed to many now, and this includes Unawakened Twins being stirred to remember who they really are.

The pressure might feel stronger as time goes on but the “rewards” are potentially that much greater. As always, the choice is ours whether to take the reins and manage our energy, lift our vibration and reach up into harmony – or whether we stay in wishful thinking and leave it to the Universe to fix things for us.

In all my experiences with Twin clients and on my own journey, it’s been shown that we are here as co-creators. We are always encouraged to take charge of our own situation, to understand who we are, to embrace our own true power. As long as we wait for outside forces to “fix us” or “fix our problems” – we’ll always need fixing.

Every time we clear out old low vibrational patterns and negative energies, love feels stronger and more resonant. Every time old conflict is resolved, the flames of Twin love flare up even more beautifully.


As Venus oppositions Chiron Retrograde later in the week, we can expect old hurt, rejection and betrayals in love to come up for resolution yet again – yet again focusing on perceptions of “not being good enough”.

With Twin Flames old episodes of rejection, even stemming as far back as childhood, will keep returning to the surface for resolution until they are released for good – these fears will otherwise block the Twins from harmony and eventual Union. So our souls keep pushing them up.

When the old wounds of rejection/hurt/betrayal/pain are triggered, many Twins “run” to get to “safe ground” again. To read more about Twin Flame Running, have a look here.

Try to see the negativity rising up as a gift – use energy and karma clearing tools to eradicate it at the root and heal the wounds for good this time. Letting go of old hurt opens up to a smoother and more joyous journey ahead – putting an end to the triggering which leads to cycles of separation and running/chasing.

Spirit recently channeled a comprehensive energy healing for the Twin Flame pair through me to deal with these kinds of issues, cleansing the pair’s systems of triggers and negativity, as well as shielding the Twin couple from outside interference, uniting and uplifting the pair’s timelines and energies into the highest vibration possible.

To read more about this, go here.


On August 19th it might feel like things are uncomfortably out of your hands and you might feel like you’re on shaky ground regarding the future (this has been a theme for many lately, with the purpose of building new and higher platforms).

Really there’s a lot of manoeuvring going on behind the scenes on the energetic planes as the Moon/Neptune oppose the Node/Venus/Mercury trio and trine Pluto. These are incredibly powerful energy currents affecting the earth’s energy fields.

The message is that ultimately, it’s only your mind that’s unsure and in doubt about the Future/your Twin Soul/your Journey of Love. Your feelings are the connection to your soul and it knows what’s going on – the more you can relax into any new changes the better.

As the Sun also trines Uranus, two powerful currents of fire energy come together this week: translating to big inner changes. The way you view yourself – your deeper identity – is in the process of being uplifted and refined.

As Uranus moves retrograde through the zodiac through the rest of the year there are inner changes occurring as a part of your Twin Flame Union. Your own inner situation is a huge factor in the dynamic between you and your Twin.

Your deeper knowing is that something huge is shifting within you and your path and although it feels out of control, there’s a deeper logic to what’s happening right now.

There’s a sense of fatedness to events now – in other words, your soul has been playing a deeper game that your conscious waking self may have been unaware of…

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



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