Twin Flame Energy Forecast August 8th-14th “Releasing Perfection”

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Healing Wounds of “Not Good Enough”: Is Your Own Self-Talk Blocking Twin Flame Union? Releasing the Hurt that keeps Twins’ Hearts Closed Off From Love and Each other…


Another big week for Twins and Lightworkers as Saturn finally turns direct on August 13th. Have you been feeling like your prayers have gone unheard lately? Like the universe has forgotten about you? Old complexes returning “inexplicably”? Childhood patterns of feeling ignored or unloved or misunderstood rearing their heads yet again? If so, you’re in good company.

Twin Flames have been going through an intense purging process over recent months, to push us to let go of and clear for good any limitations we’ve been holding on to.

As souls, we are unlimited. Creators of whatever we choose. But the beliefs and patterns we’ve taken on in life tell us the opposite. Saturn is there pushing us to open up to the truth – by eradicating the falsehoods.


Saturn is often referred to as the “karmic teacher”, quite the taskmaster energy – constrictive, strict, heavy – and has been forcing many up against the wall to show the truth that everything bad in our lives is our own creation. Somehow, in some perhaps unconscious way, we have been creating it behind the scenes.

So many Twin Flames are under the impression that all it takes, is to ask and pray for harmony and love, meditate a little, maybe use some crystals and do some affirmations – and things will somehow resolve themselves in time.

This can really cause trouble for you in the long run, setting you up for a lot of disappointment. Let me explain: The human psyche is incredibly complex and the unconscious self constitutes an estimated 95% of the thought activity that goes on. This means most of our creation and manifestation is done UNCONSCIOUSLY!

On the surface you can be positive and think you’re attracting joy and harmony, but it’s only a tiny part of the equation.

Look at your current situation with your Twin Flame. It’s a reflection of your prior manifesting and creating – the energy you’ve been matching yourself up with. Are you happy? If not, it’s time to look into what’s REALLY going on beneath the surface.

Saturn has been working overtime trying to show this to us.


Everyone has an energy field, which has a dominant frequency. Spirit refers to it as a “soup”, for amusement’s sake (amusement lifts our vibration). You might have two parts hope for the future but four parts fear of bad things happening, then three parts love but two parts skepticism and believing that men/women always betray you, five parts shame about yourself and your body and two parts loving yourself but only when you’ve been to the gym or have done your makeup… Plus about a gazillion other energies/patterns/beliefs.

Together all of this stuff make a kind of energetic “soup”, which has a dominant frequency. That’s your vibration. And it’s constantly being sent into the universe like an unspoken message. It’s not about what we SAY we want, but about those secret messages our energy is constantly sending out.

Saturn is here to help us refine our energetic “soup”. And he’s tough. He’ll push us to clear out all the old junk – fear, shame, guilt, jealousy, insecurity, doubt and all the rest of it – all the heavy, negative stuff that’s been aligning us with negative experiences.

Because everything we experience on the outside is a match with what we hold inside. If you want to know your dominant energy vibration – look at your current situation. It’s always a reflection of the energy you’ve been holding and what you’ve been focusing on inside. If you want happiness with your Twin Flame, you’ve got to be a match to it.


This month we’re entering into a huge energy gateway of light that’s set to superpower our manifestations – potentially lifting us up, but potentially charging our negativity. Saturn is giving us one last push now so we let go of all the junk that’s had us manifesting negativity.

Manifestation isn’t just creating Heaven on Earth – Twin Flame Running, Separation and Turmoil are also manifestations. We have clean sheets in life, and we’re the ones drawing the pictures – whether they’re pleasant or not.

I had a brutal wakeup call not so long ago. A clear message from spirit that the exact things I’d been asking for help to get over – some problems that felt big to me – were my own creation. They showed me that I’d been running old negativity on autopilot in the background.

While I was busy doing affirmations and thinking positively in daily life, my subconscious mind was full of childhood programming of being afraid of negative reactions, afraid of things going wrong.

Saturn’s truth for us is: You are the creator of your joys and your downfalls. You are your own enemy and your own savior. Let go of what’s had you creating turmoil, so you can finally begin creating what you truly desire!

If you’ve been having a hard time, please have a look at the Free Energy Clearing Downloads that I offer to Twin Flames – when you clear your energy, you change your vibration and what you attract into your reality. Including your Twin Flame connection.

And don’t take my word for it – you can read about lots of other Twins’ amazing experiences with energy clearing here.


For Twin Flames, resolving karmic lessons is highlighted right now as a way to smooth the journey and end running/separation – having unsolved karmic lessons in our field means we’re continually attracting the same negativity over and over, such as abandonment, betrayal, feeling unloved…

From doing hundreds of readings with Twin Flames from all over the world and connecting with thousands more through this blog, I’ve discovered that most Twins’ struggles are based in negative karma and energy blocks.

As Twins have incarnated together in the past, the “baggage” and wounds of what they experienced then can have deep repercussions for their current experiences… Good and bad.

To help as many as possible, I created the Free Twin Flame Help Kit. It will help you start clearing your energy system so you can move past old issues. To read about one of my own experiences with karmic blocks and how they impacted my love life, have a look here.


We have a few more challenging aspects coming up later this week as Jupiter in Virgo oppositions Chiron in Pisces – indicating a need for healing wounds around not feeling “good enough”.

Spirit shows us clearly that these feelings are based in illusions. The reason we don’t feel good enough is only because we are comparing ourselves to another, or are being compared to another. It’s in our culture, and the pattern can be very destructive.

As Pisces native Kurt Cobain famously said: “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”.

The truth is we can never be “good enough” at being someone else. As ourselves, we are always perfect. You are the perfect you. You are a unique individual who has come here because only you can be you, and there is a perfect spot for you and your gifts and talents and traits.

You as the true you, are the perfect match to your Twin Flame. When you align with your deeper self and begin to accept and love yourself, you become a magnet to your Twin Flame, from a place of harmony.

If you feel not good enough, you’re attracting more of those feelings and reactions from other. Alienating yourself from your innate gifts and talents.



Self-love and self acceptance is a huge boost for Twin love and manifestation of joy in life. When we don’t love ourselves we’re not open to the true depths of love our Twin is capable of bringing.

Many times mutual feelings of inadequacy keeps Twins locked in a stalemate or cycles of back and forths, with closed off hearts for years – unwittingly stalling the union of unconditional love indefinitely.

Spirit’s message is that going within will help heal these wounds around comparing ourselves to others all the time. Because it is our human pattern of looking outside all the time that keeps us stuck in the “not good enough” cycle.


Venus in Virgo also squares Saturn in Sagittarius at the same time – deeply reinforcing this tension between the perceived need for “perfection” and the need to release old perceptions in order to move onwards in freedom into a new and happier reality.

We are now asked to release old attachments, perceptions and expectations within the Twin Flame relationship so that we can see clearly how “perfect” the relationship is and can be, and move on from a new place of joy and positive expectation.

Start seeing beyond the illusions. The shadow side of Virgo is constant disappointment due to inhumanly high standards. Remember that perfectionism is an illusion. Clear these energies, don’t wallow in the feeling of disappointment and martyrdom syndrome.

Just look to nature to see the true wonder of the perfectly imperfect.


As your true self, you are perfect for your “mission”, your desires, your Twin Flame. But as long as you keep aiming away from that truth, you’re sending mixed signals and attracting frustrations both on your path and in love.

Embracing yourself unconditionally, accepting yourself, is a “magical” solution. It shifts and uplifts your energy on all levels. And it works wonders for your Twin connection.

And remember: You’re allowed to be perfect and a work in progress at the same time. Ascension is a period of purging heaviness, limitation and negativity from earlier in life – you may be in the middle of this period of metamorphosis and when that’s the case it’s especially important not to be so hard on yourself. 

You’re the butterfly in the cocoon, getting ready to open up and fly out as your beautiful true self – but while you’re in the cocoon stage you might feel a bit extra vulnerable. It’s OK to say no to people, events, things that don’t make you feel good. If it makes you feel icky, your intuition is telling you that there’s something up.


A way to make self acceptance and self love easier is: focus on the now moment. The past and the future are mental constructs. Let go of perceptions of “not good enough” and experience your life changing.

Spirit shared this method with me to help see our inner light more than the superficial “flaws”. (I grew up reading fashion magazines and had developed a level of self scrutiny I had to spend a lot of time dismantling since beginning this journey!).

When you notice something about yourself you’re unhappy with, force your attention away from it and focus on something you are pleased with until your mood lifts, even just slightly.

This helps you train yourself to move out of the damaging pattern and develop a new self perception that boosts your happiness. Try it for 30 days and experience the shifts.


Autumn is set to be transformative both for Earth and for the Twin Flame pairs this year.

We’re heading into intense “cosmic weather” these next months with two eclipses, stellar gateways opening to bring huge influx of light lifting more and more Twins into 5D and assisting in bringing pairs together.

Taking care of unfinished business now will help you be prepared and open when the “opportunities” show up.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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