Twin Flame Energy Forecast December 26th-1st January 2017 “Embodying Oneness”


twin flame oneness

Support Between The Twin Pair – Vulnerability As a Gateway to Love, Balancing Polarity – Two Heads, One Heart. Plus, Looking Back to Historical Alchemy for Secret Answers…


Although the holidays are calming down activity in the outer world, the cosmos is not letting up in this period. Powerful events keep moving energy, circumstances and people – most of all for those attuned, such as Twin Flames and Lightworkers.

Awakening is ever increasing and 2017 is set to hold many dramatic developments.

If you’re struggling right now, please don’t give up – I’ve seen things change dramatically for the better for so many!

No matter what’s happened before or how hard things feel for you right now, know that there are solutions and answers, and things really can change for you!

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Balancing Gender Polarity

December 26th sees Mars in Pisces opposition the True Node – indicating that the Masculine getting back in touch with his feeling nature is the path forward for humanity as a collective. However, it also indicates that we are likely to see a lot of resistance around this.

History has underlined the demand for men to be mentally focused, “rational”, domineering and unfeeling.

The societal belief that males are “better” than females is still prevalent and you don’t have to look far into childhood to see how this polarity consciousness is engrained in people from the very earliest moments of life.

The Universe is all about harmony and balance on the other hand. And as human society has become gravely imbalanced there is a lot of energetic push being put into recreating a stable and balanced collective consciousness on the planet, for the highest good.

This is why we see so many female Twin Flames and Lightworkers incarnate with a strong masculine emphasis, and males with a strong feminine emphasis. To assist with this balance, providing new energetic templates for the collective.


New Energetic Role Models

I was fascinated to be shown by spirit how this has been done throughout history in leaps and bounds – a very noticeable period was in the 1960s and 70s when you can look back and see how many male musicians clearly embodied a tilt toward the feminine polarity.

This provided a new energetic “role model” for society – allowing for a more balanced idea of masculinity. And we’re still in this process.

Make sure you support your Twin in getting back in touch with their deeper self now.
In order to reach a balance and enter into Union, the female must accept the Feminine polarity in her male counterpart and the male must accept the Masculine polarity in his female counterpart.

The same goes for same sex Twin Flames – balance is the goal. Unconditional Love exists in harmony, not in opposition and polarity consciousness.

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Human Challenges – The Collective Reality

Jupiter interacts with the True Node on this same day, a sense of challenging the collective to stop being so old-fashioned and instead look higher. The illusion of inherent polarity between the biological sexes is just contributing to cementing the old 3D programming.

In energy terms the collective reality on Earth is simply a set of beliefs, perceptions and rules we’ve all agreed to and accepted into our space. Many of us come face to face with this old reality during the holidays, spending time with family.

The “old reality” of separation and polarity is what they call the Matrix, 3D. Twin Flames are in essence “out of place” in the 3D reality – the Unconditional Love we carry is incompatible with the old, and that’s why we’re here. It’s why so many Twin Flames have felt out of place in life.

The truth, as presented by Jupiter, is that souls are neutral. Pure light has no “gender”. The sexes are a biological expression of polarity. Counter to this, The Twin Flame journey is all about finding Unity and Harmony. Becoming one soul in two bodies, united in love.

As the saying goes: “If you don’t fit into the world, it’s because you’re here to create a new one.” 

The Twin Flames – Divinely Illuminated

If we look at ancient mythology and Medieval Alchemical texts, there are many representations of Twin Flames throughout history – the Divine and spiritually illumined individual depicted as a hemaphrodite. Shown as one body with two heads, male and female.

As strange as this may sound, in our realm it really is a physical representation of the Twin Flames who have reached true Union – one soul in two bodies.

Energetically. Our bodies do remain the same as before, to the outside eye. The point is, Jupiter “says”, human ideas of women and men as opposed or inherently different are a huge block in the way of Twin Flame union and the soul collective’s evolution.

These old perceptions of biological difference are a block to spiritual development because they keep us locked in seeing “mere bodies” instead of “unlocking the soul and seeing the light in all things”.

Only when we start to look for deep unity rather than polarity are we fully ready to Ascend past the 3D reality.

Learn more about how you are already “One Soul In Two Bodies” with this article on the Twin Flame Mirror – as within, so without.

twin flame mirror


Sudden Changes Coming

Right now we also have Jupiter in opposition to Uranus in Aries, indicating sudden changes, most often of a positive kind (these are both high vibrational energies).

This is an opening for sudden energy influxes of a high vibration – but be aware that it’s often unstable.

I’m given a general message that new solutions now present themselves to humanity as a collective, there is a sense of world politics coming to a point of a truce or new agreements made that benefit the collective evolution. Handshakes on the highest levels of society.

For Twin Flames there’s potential for new solutions to “old problems”, blocks snapping, new perspectives radically opening up the path.


The Truth of Freedom

As we approach the end of 2016 we encounter a huge energy alignment which reaches its pinnacle now (it will have been noticeable for the last few weeks, increasingly, and it will be noticeable for a few weeks still).

Saturn in Sagittarius reaches a direct square to Chiron in Pisces on December 28th, indicating a challenge between achievement and freedom, versus emotions and need for safety.

The wisdom here is presented to me as such: Human beings are infinitely free. We have unlimited potential as pure source energy embodied on Earth. What limits us is our perceptions, our beliefs and above all our emotional responses.

Saturn is stimulating us to realize this: That the only thing holding us back, is ourselves. We are our own worst enemy, or our own best help. It’s all about how we manage ourselves.

Energy healing and vibrational management is the single most effective method for uplifting the Twin Flame connection I’ve discovered, and it will help you clear away old congestion and limitations so you can reach up into your full soul potential.

To find out more about how to free yourself from the most ingrained human blocks and limitations so you can uplift your Twin Flame connection and path into a higher state of Unconditional Love and unity, go here.


Changing the Future

As energetic beings we are pure potential embodied, and we can have, be and do anything we choose.

We can literally shift and alter our beliefs and our emotions and energy to change our lives and our future timelines.

This is what I’ve been shown myself and what spirit has been busily involved in showing me in my life – once you clear your energy and your karma, you’re not only theoretically free, but you feel and act and live from a place of freedom.

You realign with your soul. Life becomes a joy. The Twin Flame journey becomes an adventure rather than a struggle. To discover more, go here. And make sure you read about the amazing experiences of other Twin Flames here – things really can change for the better, no matter what’s come before.


Uranus Direct – Challenges Abate

Uranus finally turns direct on December 29th after half a year of retrograde motion through Aries – this is signalled to us as the beginning of a new cycle for the Masculine.

We’ve been going “backwards” through past challenges in recent months, purging old negativity and freeing up the energy templates of the Masculine/Aries archetypes.

Now, we step into forward motion again. Action may have felt slow in recent months, and we’ve been getting impatient to get going on the future. But the heavy opposition we’ve been feeling will begin to fade over the next few weeks.

The date of the station, December 29th, is set to feel intense, so keep this in mind.

Mindful New Year’s Celebrations

December 30th to January 2nd 2017 we have a very heavy configuration that will impact the Masculine strongly (as well as Aries and Pisces natives).

We have an exact conjunction between Mars and Neptune, both in Pisces. This is a rare transit and is set to have a powerful impact over the New Year period – for approximately 5 days around New Year’s Eve.

This is a LOT of watery, hazy energy. Emotions run extremely high right now, and subconscious issues could flare up out of the blue. With Mars being involved, don’t be surprised if suppressed anger blows up.


Heavy New Year

Be extremely careful with stimulants and alcohol right now, as these Piscean energies’ shadow side is escapism and overindulgence.

New Year’s day could get a lot heavier than you counted on this year – remember that alcohol is a depressant, and shield yourself if you’re going to be around a lot of other people.

That way, you’ll avoid taking on anyone else’s stress and sadness and having to deal with it. When we drink alcohol our defenses go down, and this leaves us vulnerable to influence.

Clearing energy is key in this period.

Essentially all Twin Flames in Ascension become increasingly empathic, able to sense and feel others’ emotions. I’ve often been surprised at how many stumbling blocks in life and not to mention on the Twin Flame path – are due to picking up on others’ energies and feelings.

When beginning my work with other Twin Flames I had to completely upgrade my clearing schedule because I absorbed others’ issues and emotions and it caused many problems between my Twin and I to begin with.

Learning how to clear others’ energy out of your space and shield yourself from negativity can truly transform your life experience, especially as a Twin Flame. Go here to learn more.

Your Inner Guidance

A positive way to channel the powerful Pisces/Neptune energies this New Year would be to set intentions for the coming 12 months and tuning into your intuition for guidance on how to take action to make your dreams come true in the physical reality.

You might want to take stock of what’s happened during 2016, pat yourself on the back for progress made and set intentions for the coming year. As Mercury is still moving retrograde, it’s a powerful time to go within.

Guidance is ready to speak to you when you are ready to listen.

This is an excellent time to get started with inner work as intuition is incredibly heightened for taking the “spiritual” into the “physical”.

Twin Flame astral encounters are also indicated in this period…


Until next time, I’m wishing you a happy, wonderful New Year’s celebration and all the best for 2017!

See you on the “other side”!

Cassady x


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