Twin Flame Energy Forecast December 12th-18th: “Dreams, Visions”


Are You Willing To See How Close You Are? 12/12 Gateway and Pluto/Neptune Cause Deep Shifts In “Reality” As We Know It… Opening Into Unity. 

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mars retrograde continues, and Pluto/Neptune nudge the world toward a new and higher evolution into unity. Visions, dreams, deep “memories” of the future of love…

Have you noticed this?

Lead-up to the solstice and 12/12 peak:
Everything is changing, deep down… 

Discover more below!

Meaning Behind The Scenes

Overall, this is set to be a calmer week than in recent times.

And if you pay attention to what is happening in the “background” of your connection and path, you’ll notice a wealth of spiritual support wanting to reach through.

Especially signs and guidance regarding your Twin Flame, from their own higher self.

(More on that below).


Calmer Atmosphere

We’re finished with the Mars retrograde opposition to the Sun/Mercury and Venus from recent weeks, so love will flow more smoothly once more.

The atmosphere is calmer, and the heightened conflict and frustration/battle themes from recent weeks is settled.

People are less likely to push their inner issues into conflict over everyday situations.

This means, progress begins to flow once more.

Mars Continues Retrograde

However, Mars is still retrograde for another month, and it means the Masculine Twin in particular is still undergoing deep shifts and “recalibration”.

The astral connection, solar plexus, sexuality and self vs other “separation programming” is being purged of old negativity so we can rise higher.

(Go here for a complete Twin Flame guide to Mars Retrograde, how to benefit and how to handle the challenges that come up at these tense times)

The Outside Vs The Inside

This week, you are asked to relax into your own inner stillness.

With Mars Retrograde, there’s a temptation to rush to do and say and act in big ways on the outside or focus on the ego world, but the cosmic message is that going within will yield the best results.

Similarly, in your Twin Flame connection, you may feel frustrated if things aren’t progressing in the 3D physical as you had wanted… But it’s a call to go within.

Listen to their messages, listen to your soul. They are speaking even more “loudly” than usual.

To go more in-depth with this and begin to tap into these messages reliably and understand what the dreams mean, what they’re REALLY trying to say with the angel numbers and songs and symbols…

Go here and I’ll teach you how (class 2, 4 and 6).
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(Have a look here for more Twin Flames’ feedback on my work)

Shifting Reality

In short, this week will likely bring some ups and downs…

But your perspective has the power to unlock major love breakthroughs and to truly be in your personal heaven on earth – especially right now.

And yes, even if your Twin Flame is not physically there with you.

Pluto/Neptune in a trine shows that we are in a phase of deep underground shifts around “reality” – moving into the higher states of unconditional love and unity as a whole.

Slowly, but surely moving upward, dissolving the veils of separation.

What Your Twin Has Been Trying To Say…

And this means you HAVE likely felt them close with you lately, trying to show they love you on the soul planes. Think back.

Have you had dreams recently? Have you been hearing songs? Seeing angel numbers or signs?

Pay attention! Tap in, because that’s the key to more.

When you open and align to the spiritual oneness, it becomes your reality in the 3D physical also.

Grounding Progress

As the Sun moves into a sextile with Saturn and the 12/12 gateway opens, we have incoming light that expands on this whole process.

The journey upward accelerates, and harmony and love comes into reach. It means, in everyday terms, that you likely start to feel and sense flashes of your dream being close.

On the energy planes we are grounding in the higher potential. Anchoring in new higher timelines.

It can feel fleeting or seem confusing, but be aware that this means the energetic gridwork for your dream, is being “downloaded” in potentiality.

(To go deeper into this work, have a look here for a chance to be part of the next Twin Flame group I work with personally).

What’s Real Vs Not

Although we have a flow of spiritual connectedness and guidance this week, there can be challenges between this subtle inner state versus the 3D physical.

As the Sun makes a square to Neptune, it can bring disappointment.

You might be focusing on all the things that have gone “wrong”, rather than focusing on what the solutions are.

And your deeper programming could be deflecting the help you’re calling out for.

Twin Flames Disconnected?

You might feel disconnected from your Twin Flame’s higher self, or even unloved in general…

But remember it’s about your perspective. It’s about whether your system is OPEN enough to perceive and receive their love and guidance.

Because they are ALWAYS with you and ALWAYS love you unconditionally.

Forgetting Yourself?

Venus in a square to Jupiter echoes this. Don’t forget SELF love and that everything clicks when you are aligned inside of your own self.

You can resolve the inner CAUSES and BLOCKS behind outer struggle, by going within and working with your own energy, alignment and with your Twin’s soul.

Right now, ask their higher self to play you a song that shows what YOU might need, in order to open to them and to love in the 3D physical.

Relax, and allow it to come to you. Because it will, even if later in the day as you shower, you suddenly hear a melody and realise which song it is…

Twin Flame “Wins”

Pay attention. They are ALWAYS speaking to you. And you can get their help to reunite and be happy, if you open.

Often, the fastest “wins” are within ourselves. So this exercise is a great way to move forward and get clarity on HOW.

Inner wounds will always cause issues in the Twin Flame connection.

Harmonizing The Pair

Therefore going within and resolving our OWN inner situation, is the fastest and most lasting way to harmonize the Twin Flame connection.

And yes, all the inner work you do on “yourself” affects your whole connection and your counterpart’s state as well.

Twin Flames share a field and are always on the same core frequency.

The Truth About Twin Flame Reunions

With Venus also square Saturn this week, it shows us that you’re particularly concerned about the future.

You may even be tempted to give up on your connection, or feel like love is out of reach.

Go deeper. Ask yourself where the fears come from, map out what’s really going on beneath the surface.

Because in truth, you CAN end up together, and you are “meant” to.

You are not here to suffer and for it all to end in disappointment! 
The truth is that we ARE meant to reunite and be a source of love on the planet. 

You just have to take the right steps to get there.

Time For New Perspectives

The trine between Mercury and Uranus midweek makes it easier for you to shift your perspective and see solutions and progress.

It’s about keeping an open mind. What exactly that means will depend on your situation.

But being open to the spiritual guidance and your Twin Soul’s presence beyond the 3D is highlighted, due to the other transits this week.

A Week For “Magic”

Be willing to rethink what you have believed possible.

Don’t stay stuck in any “rulebook” ideas or fears around the connection you have taken on from other Twins or well-meaning outsiders.

Be willing to open beyond the “normal” 3D world, and you will realize how close love really is.

If you open up, the surprises will be truly worth it – especially this week!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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