Twin Flame Energy Forecast December 26th-January 1st: “2023”


Jupiter in Aries, and Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in 225 years - individualism on the increase, shifting values, plus major reevaluation needed about the 3D physical. PlusRevealed: The Major Twin Flame Themes For 2023! But First, Chiron And Mercury Retrograde Suggest You Take Things Slow, Go Within And Find Your Own Healing Sanctuary…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Revealing the major astrological 2023 themes for Twin Flames!

Venus conjunct Pluto unleashes intense passion between Twin Flames, as soul love and transformation emerges from deep inside. But beware – jealousy and conflict is also on the rise.

And, Mercury Retrograde begins in Capricorn, signalling that rethinking is needed around the 3D physical.

Plus, Chiron the Wounded healer encourages quiet time and inner healing.

Discover more below!

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Inner Healing

So now onto the week’s energies – and what lies ahead for 2023…

This week one of the major themes is inner healing and relaxation. Chiron the wounded healer, who just went direct, is connecting with the North Node.

This signals that our path forward opens to its highest expression as we are gentle and forgiving with ourselves.

As we heal our INNER world, our outer progress expands.

This is especially key for Twin Flames, as we always affect one another so strongly.

Passion In The Twin Flame Bond

This holiday season into New Year, we also have Venus conjunct Pluto.

This is another, yet different, healing transit. Venus conjunct Pluto tends to bring immense passion, bordering on obsession. The sexual side of the connection is on a high.

Pluto/Venus will ignite the deep soul bond between the Twin Flames, but it can also trigger deeper issues to come to the surface.

Jealousy, insecurity, vindictiveness and other sources of conflict in the Twin Flame bond will tend to be purged during Venus conjunct Pluto transits.

Triggers, Shadows

If you listen and take heed of Chiron/North Node’s advice to go within and heal your OWN triggers and shadows…

You’ll be able to enjoy the highest expression of Venus/Pluto – deep soul love and the bond reignited. It’s all about the ancient dictum “know thyself”.

Pluto tends to unearth and activate our shadows so we get a chance to release and heal them, so if you work consciously, you can “up-level” your Twin Flame connection massively this period…

Negative Charges

However, if you deny your own issues and chase on the outside, get stuck in conflict or resentment, vindictiveness and other “shadows”…

It will likely be a time where you push more distance into the connection, which you’ll later regret.

(If you feel this has already happened, go here for a powerful solution – to dissolve any negative charges and prophecies active in your connection).

Mercury Retrograde

Just before New Year’s, Mercury goes Retrograde on December 29th in Capricorn.

This has major implications not just for the coming few weeks, but for the whole coming year.

Each New Year’s we can look at the astrological chart and see indications of the major themes for the coming year.

The fact that we are beginning the year with a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn means that this will be a year of re-evaluation and rethinking…

Especially when it comes to the 3D physical.

Karma, Physicality…

Capricorn is a sign of responsibility, karma, the physical world, time and long term creation.

So for Twin Flames, it’s likely you’ll be faced with issues around accepting creative responsibility for your current situation – especially in the 3D physical.

Have you been focusing on negativity and separation, pushing distance into your connection?

Your own mindset and intentions need a shift, is Mercury Retrograde’s message for 2023.

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Twin Flame Themes For 2023

Mercury Retrograde before New Year’s, means this whole coming year will deal a lot with rethinking, rehashing, reevaluating and reconsidering. And, encouragement to going within.

A lot of achievement and physical world related projects or communication and ideas, are set to be dealt with on repeat...

And/or something from the past is set to resurface to be completed.

It could be something positive, such as your Twin returning in some way… But it’s more likely to be that you notice recurring themes and thoughts in your own inner world…

Shifting Into Harmony

This happens with the cosmic purpose of helping you acknowledge the deeper patterns, release limitation and shift into more love and harmony.

As this whole transit starts in Capricorn, it means the deeper reasons for why your physical world situation has been the way it has, are being shown up on some level this year.

If you pay attention, you can make major strides this year – even in areas where things previously felt stuck.

(More on what Mercury Retrograde means for the Twin Flame connection here)

Goal Getting, Progress

With the North Node interacting with Chiron as well during New Year’s, it means you may notice that certain past wounds seem healed…

Or like they’re bothering you less. And, your current life and view of the future is brighter and more positive because of it.

We just had Jupiter enter Aries (again), and this sets a strong signal that the coming year will be one with a strong focus on goal getting, progress and enthusiasm.

Keep Aiming High

Keep aiming high, keep moving forward, are spirit’s words.

However, shadows with Jupiter in Aries are impatience, irritation, not considering the consequences of your actions, and conflict with others – so do your best to stay grounded and energetically clear.

Make sure you don’t get embroiled in battles that aren’t worth it, as this is the big pitfall of the year that can distract you and hold back your progress.

You Deserve It!

You really do deserve all your dreams come true, spirit wants to remind you.

The universe and your Twin’s higher self loves you so much and are wanting you to get the big payoffs in love and life that you have longed for.

In short – no one is trying to withhold it from you. Not even your Twin (but their soul may be working to teach you something! More on that here)

Pluto In Aquarius For The First Time In 225 Years

If unity seems out of reach, it’s simply an expression of old baggage that has blocked it.

So you can still open to more good, bigger “wins” and positivity by continuing to heal and uplift this year.

Also this year, Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in 225 years.

This signals an era shift where we will look back in a few years and see how much changed.

Likely expressions of this are individualism on the increase, changing values, and technological advances shifting.

Awakening The Union Mission

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and of wealth and death/rebirth, so we will likely see an overhaul of the online space in this time (Aquarius rules technology and individualism/groups).

For Twin Flames, it will likely trigger a deeper awakening of soul gifts, “Starseed” backgrounds and the Twin Flame Union mission, as Aquarius also rules altruism and is a powerful Starseed indicator…

The most recent Pluto in Aquarius coincided with the Enlightenment period, so we will see big shifts in society’s value system over the coming decade and beyond.

Venus Retrograde In 2023 – Heart Centered Relationships

With Venus being conjunct Pluto this New Year’s it has to do with love and empathy.

We also enter 2023 with Mars still retrograde, and Venus goes retrograde in Leo this coming summer.

This shows us that there is a major overhaul happening on both sides of the Twin Flame connection this year – both the Masculine and Feminine archetypes are recalibrating.

Venus retrograde in Leo shows a return to heart centered relationships – releasing “demands” and conditions.

To open our hearts to true, unconditional love.

A Year Of Rebirth

Seen altogether, it’s going to be a year of rebirth – especially in love and the Twin Flame connection.

Let go of any preconceptions. Be open to reevaluating and allow the highest version of your connection to emerge.

Don’t forget that they ARE you and you ARE them. You are not opposed and you never were. You are one original soul “divided”. And you are always connected.

Your Love Made Manifest

This year, remember that your inner world so powerfully dictates what you call into your outer physical world.

Become aware of what you are creating, attracting and manifesting – even when you are not paying attention. Because it’s not about what we “say” we want.

It’s about our dominant vibration and unconscious belief systems.

Love brings more love. Harmony brings more harmony.

The Power Of Your Focus

What you focus on strengthens, and what you emotionalize and energize, you tend to manifest.

Everything in the universe is energy and you are always capable of shifting your connection into a state of love and harmony.

You wouldn’t be here otherwise. 

(Watch a brief video explanation of it here.)

I believe in you x

And I’m wishing you the most peaceful, joyous holiday season and an inspiring New Year!

Sending you so much love and light <3

Cassady x