Twin Flame Energy Forecast 17th-23rd July: “Royalty”



Your Uniqueness, And How To Make The Most Of Your Deeper Power. Turning Selfishness On Its Head To Boost Twin Flame Love. But, Where Did You Secretly Give Up On Your Dreams Of Love?


Welcome into a week full of passion, potential for great romance and centering into wholeness within… But beware ego, domination and drama.

As we head off into Monday you may feel a sense of something brewing, changes afoot. The Sun and Mars at the tail end of Cancer are helping you muster up the emotional drive for moving forward. Especially in terms of your own inner ambitions.

Do you have dreams and personal projects you’ve been neglecting in recent months, particularly in favor of others’ interests?

Now is the time to grab the reins of your destiny, set your focus on what will truly mean something to *you* personally in the long run – and get going.


What’s Your Secret “Super-Power”?

Emotions are the fuel behind our manifestations – if we can’t get into the feeling of something, we’ll find it incredibly hard to manifest it.

This is why it’s so important to eradicate blocks that have caused us to shut our hearts from hurt – because although we’re protecting ourselves we’re also numbing ourselves. Creating a huge drawback in manifestation.

(For some help with this – go here)

So right now, feel into what makes you positively unique. Use the magic of Cancer intuition – the power of the moon, femininity, receptivity – to tune into what your true divine gift is.

What “secret sauce” is uniquely yours? Are you a natural healer? A savvy business builder? A talented performer? Amazing with numbers? Attuned to animals?

Think back to childhood, what were you joyously good at – even if it’s something like being a rebel and following your own truth above all (many indigos have this gift)?

If you were going to leave a legacy to the world, what would you like it to be?

To share the wisdom of compassion? To have created a green business that helps the environment? To make a scientific discovery? To raise a “conscious” family of spiritually aware, compassionate children?

When we step into our own truth, we strongly activate the Twin Flame Soul Song, becoming magnetic to attracting our other self. This is why self love and self acceptance are crucial for the Twin Flame path.

Your heart knows what your soul’s gifts are – and if you find it tricky to really get into this, or find it challenging to accept that you’re special or gifted, have a look at the Higher Heart Meditation Journey.

With a specially formulated meditation that acts to circumvent fear and ego blocks, we take a “journey” into your heart’s wisdom. We clear out congestion, reactivate the Twin Flame heart bond and also assist your Twin in clearing blocks and fears on their side.

Have a look here for more.



Taking Action To Invite In Miracles

After tuning into your truth, your divine gift – think of two baby steps you can take this week to move towards your dreams.

It can be as small as signing up to a webinar online to find out more on a subject, or to buy a set of coloring pencils to get going on sketches for new creations.

Or it can be to simply find some quiet time for meditation, to receive insights and ask for more guidance on what steps to take…

The time and focus you put into this now during this emotionally attuned “Cancer period” will pay dividends later on. And if you’ve already given up on your “dream come true” make sure you clear this energy away from your space!

Your faith, your inspiration, your truth of succeeding lies within you.

But if you’ve on some level given up on the possibility of love or your dreams coming to fruition – you yourself will be blocking it every step of the way.

You’re an infinite being that can really make things happen – but negative and congested energy might be clouding up your ability to feel it.

Use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here to get started in removing negativity and infusing your chakras with new powerful light to re-open your path and uplift your whole being.



Why Self-Centering Isn’t Always Bad

Later in the week you’ll begin to step more fully into your power to take action in the world as the Sun, Mars and the New Moon will all be in Leo – Mercury is already there – and it’ll very much be a me, me, me time.

Spirit shows us, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Focusing in on ourselves isn’t “selfish”, it can be a divine gift of self love.

Because if we don’t give ourselves nourishment and the time and space we need to function fully, we won’t be able to contribute our individual “magic” to the world the way we desired to as souls when we chose to come here.

Taking care of yourself is essential.


Your Inner Infallible Compass to Love

At the start of the week with Venus in Gemini square Neptune retrograde in Pisces, things don’t feel as clear as you’d like them to be so this is a great time to go within, use this period’s retrograde energies to get more clarity.

Feelings are key, is the message. Even if your mind is confused, your feelings are an infallible compass once you get clear on them (for more on this, go here).

This particular transit can be challenging to the Twin Flame connection: You’re likely to feel disappointment, like your ideal of love will never come to be. Like you’ll always be let down in love.

It won’t be totally clear to you whether people aren’t living up to your expectations or whether your expectations are so off the wall no normal human could live up to them.

But does it matter? The end result of feeling disappointed is the same. And it dents your self-confidence, puts a dampener on your manifestations.

You might feel paranoid at what’s potentially going on behind your back, irritated and bothered by others in this period… But things aren’t how they seem.

The real problem is that your reality filter has slipped and you aren’t seeing things clearly.

Make sure you clear this stuff – especially fear of disappointment, because this is rooted in negative beliefs about life, people and the universe.

Go here for a full Energy Clearing Session where we take these stubborn blocks up by the root!



Anger Rising – Beware Conflict

In the mean time, it’s wise to hold off from any major relationship decisions until the fog lifts. Fortunately, with Mars in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries, at least you won’t have a problem standing up for yourself when necessary.

But be careful with this. Anger might feel empowering right now but you’re likely to regret it later on.

Cool down with the Free Guided Meditation to Meet your Twin Flame’s Soul on the spiritual planes – communicating with the eternal, all-loving part of your Twin is healing and peaceful. Often much more so, than their earthly Ego self.

Focusing inward is important right now. Self nurturing. It’s not your job to heal the whole world. Heal and nurture yourself, and your light will be an inspiration shining bright – so others can do the same.

Why You Can Never “Save” Someone Else

When we heal ourselves and empower others to do the same, we create a mass movement of light and love. But we can never travel another’s path *for* them.

When we try to heal and help others *for* them, we keep them from learning their own soul’s lessons. See the light in others now, and know they are infinitely capable.

And if there have been challenges between you and your Twin, go here for a tool that’s incredibly powerful in resolving this – removing triggers of Running/Chasing to put an end to the cycles of separation.

Complete harmony Healing Tool


Letting Others Be Who They Are

Venus also trines Jupiter in Libra this week, bringing a general air of good cheer, optimism and sociability. It helps make it possible to mend and stresses in relationships, but it’s tempered by the other energy transits going on.

Mars entering Leo on the 20th brings a massive burst of energy. Really huge – this is fire meeting fire. If you want it (whatever it is), you’ll go after it now. You’ll take the shortest route to get there and won’t stand for any nonsense. It’s all about passion.

It’s unlikely you’ll be doing any of this quietly right now. The last thing you’ll want to happen is to be ignored – being disrespected comes a close second.

Be mindful of your Ego right now (yes, that includes the “spiritual ego” – which often comes in disguise).

Many Twins are set to feel rattled that their other self isn’t paying enough attention to them or isn’t being as respectful or adoring as they would like right now.

Allow humans to be humans, because the coupling of the Leo and Aries energies have a tendency to create impossible expectations and a lack of patience with human flaws.

Go to your Twin Flame’s soul self. They have infinite attention, respect and adoration for you and would love to show you. (Read about how to do this here).



New Moon In Leo – Powerful Restart

Sun in Cancer square Uranus in Aries acts as a reminder that things might not turn out quite as you expected. It’s a bit of a stressful time and you might be feeling aggravated and take it out on others without really meaning to.

But don’t fret: On the 22nd the Sun enters Leo and it’s time for you to shine. This is a time for a boost of optimism.

Just as you’re getting into your stride, the New Moon enters Leo on the 23rd. Make sure you write a list of intentions for the next lunar period – and don’t hold back.

These intense combinations of Leo energies will support you in rising higher than you might dare be open to at other times. Boldly go for your dreams.

And if you need some help with this, go check out this session where I take you through sowing positive seeds of manifestation for the future.


Reining In Ego In the Twin Flame Connection

If the present moment isn’t quite as you’d like it – focus in on your goals for the future instead.

For Twin Flames, ego conflict is the most likely issue at this time. Remember as we’ve mentioned so many times before, that Twin Flames are already one. It’s not about You Vs Me.

We are always One. You cannot ever lose yourself, or be better or worse than yourself. You cannot ever be abandoned by yourself, is the lesson the universe is trying to show us.

And if things feel pressured on the human level, go deeper. Go to the place where you become your Twin Flame and they become you. Mirror selves.

(Read more about this here – Soul Vs Ego Self – How To Help Your Twin Flame Move Out Of Ego)

It’s important to have fun and enjoy life, and releasing your inner child to play can add a sparkle to your life that you might have missed over the last months. Positive playfulness is good.

And if you need some assistance with your Inner child (or your Twin’s) – go here.


Stepping Out Of Conflict And Into Unity

It’s also important to be considerate right now. There’ll likely be more than enough drama in your life without you having to create more. In this period, beware of excessive pride, and being too demanding.

Shadow sides that are likely to rear their heads in this period are egocentrism, conflict, domineering attitudes and exaggeration creating drama.

Leo energies are all about the heart, where the Twin Souls are eternally connected. Make sure you use this time to its fullest by balancing and boosting this important chakra center.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x



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– Rosa, Switzerland

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