Twin Flame Energy Forecast July 11th-17th “New Love Templates”


twin flame codesYou vs Me: Ego Issues come up for Resolution to help Twin Flames Move out of Clashes, into Unity – Preparation for Widespread Union push later this year. Plus, Why The Twin Flames Divided…


It’s been an intense spring and summer so far this year, and 2016 is set to live up to the promises delivered by spirit in the Yearly Ascension Update. The process of receiving new light codes and influxes of higher vibrational energies onto the earth plane is ever intensifying.

We’re still in a dual process of purging the old, “dark” and heavy in order to have “room” to receive more and more energies of love and light.

Moving out of the “old 3D reality” (carbon based life) of duality, separation, survival and conflict and into the “new 5D reality” (crystalline grid) of unity, harmony, peace and love.



This is an ongoing process both for Earth itself and for individuals in Ascension – which is the case for Twin Flames and Lightworkers all around the planet right now. If you’ve been seeing the awakening code 11:11 this is the classic signal that Ascension is underway or that things are intensifying and stepping up a level for you.

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A strong theme for 2016 so far has been the triggering of old separation mentality energies and programming in Lightworkers and Twin Flames – pushing this to the surface in order to release and clear it for good.

This has meant flare ups of clashes and running/separation for many Twins, and even those far into Ascension have experienced bouts of old negative programming coming up again… Stuff we thought we were long since “done” with.

Deeper levels stemming from DNA programming is coming up – I was recently shown by spirit the direct link between human conflict patterns and our simian (ape ancestors) roots, how our early societies were based on aggression, control and domination.

Reading about the latest research on epigenetics recently, it is clear that Twin Flames and Lightworkers aren’t just dealing with their own personal baggage during Ascension but later on in the journey actually begin to release and detach from millennia of energy and physical wiring and programming that reinforces clash, opposition, separation. The so-called “3D” reality.



The truth is this stuff has only every partially been “ours” – most stems from ancestry and the collective fields, and often represents the last vestige of the old separation paradigms in the psyche and energy system. These things can cause stubborn flare ups in problems between Twins, even later on in the journey.

Clearing separation mentality (all karma/energy/programs/grids/ancestral DNA/genetic codes relating to this) and cutting negative cords and collective soul contracts allows us to step out of clashes and Twin Flame struggles for good – but this stuff goes deep…

Spirit channeled the Complete Harmony Clearing for Twin Flames to help deal with this, clearing limiting ancestral programming, shielding the Twin pair, downloading new light codes and more.

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These old programs of separation are what Twin Flames are here to help the collective out of, and most of us have been indoctrinated with separation mentally/physically/emotionally since birth.

The Ego is based around beliefs of us versus others, of good versus bad, of light versus dark – programs of the “inner voice” that says we have to defend ourselves against what’s outside of us. Including our Twin.

How perfect for the Twin Flames as “one soul in two bodies” to show the way from separation to unity, and to gift the light codes of that experience to the collective…

To be able to make the journey past earth’s programs of opposition, to surmount problems and differences to finally uncover and reconnect in the Unconditional Love beneath.

As a Twin Flame you get to find yourself in love in another, in your mirror soul. The irresistible draw between Twin Flames is the strong magnetism that was perfect in ensuring that these souls would never stop looking for love and unity.

This is why we divided, as spirits. To go our separate ways and know we would always seek to come back together in love and thereby open up a new way of being for humanity.

In a world full of opposition, the pairs of Twins aimed to go on to pave the way for new unity, acceptance and love – the “lesson” is love, the “mission” is love, the “journey” is love.



This week, Venus moves into fire sign Leo and we’re facing a period of dealing with the shadow aspects of Ego, Identity and Self in Love. Anywhere we carry the old separation programming is set to be brought to the surface – because it is one of the deepest blocks to harmony and unconditional love between the Twins.

I’m reminded by spirit to mention that many spiritual theories unwittingly feed into duality paradigms by applying Earth based perceptions to incoming information from the higher realms…

The focus on male and female archetypes, “Mother god and Father god”, the divine marriage of man Twin Flame and woman Twin Flame are earth paradigms coloring higher insights.

Male and female are extended biological expressions of separation and duality programming – it is the physiological representation of the programming Earth has carried for so long. Truth depends on perspective, but this particular perception can unfortunately feed into the separation between Twin Flames.

One pattern and core belief I was asked to bring up for awareness in this regard, is the perception that women are in some way “pure and good” (the “Mother Mary syndrome”) while men are “dirty/untrustworthy” (sexual perceptions of the male as not being in control of his “urges”).

This is an underlying theme to many Twins’ conflict, is the message from spirit, and often the core beliefs stem from ancestral energies and perceptions passed on – mother to daughter, beware of men, they only “want one thing”.

Projection happens frequently in the Ascension process between Twin Flames, as we release past hurts and baggage from earlier experiences – be mindful you’re not perceiving something in your Twin that isn’t really there…



The truth is – outside of earth, in the energy realms, there is no male or female. The higher vibration beings are all androgynous. The source of consciousness is androgynous.

Together, the Twin Flames are energetically androgynous – that’s what the ancient myth of the “Hieros Gamos” marriage of souls is all about (even medieval heretic Christian sects and alchemists dealt with this), the “sacred” transcendence of earthly duality and into higher unity.

Twin Flames are on earth representing the journey from the male/female separation polarity back to the unity and harmony of androgynous, whole, existence. 

(Of course we are not meant to reject our physical bodies while we’re here, but awareness of constructed difference can help us move past blocks based in separation/duality mentality).



As Venus now moves into Leo, we are in a time of reconceptualizing identity as it relates to Love – when the “I” gets in the way of the “we” for Twin Flames, it is a block.

This is being shown up now. It’s not usually an overnight thing to leave the old behind – “dismantling” and “upgrading” the Ego tends to work best.

Otherwise we risk moving into the common distortion of the “Spiritual Ego”, where we believe ourselves to be spiritually enlightened but are actually just re-conceptualizing the same old Ego views into new realms – lamenting of those who are “unawakened”, perceiving the world as being sadly stuck in Ego while we ourselves are worthy and enlightened… and so forth. That’s still “Ego”.

Surrendering and “letting go” can actually be an Ego thing too – if we do it from a place of being small and weak while the universe and higher realms are in power. Ego isn’t just the high and mighty self-perception, it also includes victimhood and inferiority complexes. The common denominator of ego imbalance is separation mentality. The outside vs me.

All these distortions of self perception, all the resistance to complete openness is being brought forth for resolution. Spirit reminds us, if resistance comes up, it means we’re pushing against our boundaries – making progress.

Leo is a fire sign, full of passion, drama and creativity. Sometimes too much drama – beware excessive pride this month, you may be faced with a situation where you have to release and forgive.

As Mercury in Leo conjuncts Venus in Leo this week we have a strong opportunity to create something beautiful or to express our love in writing, art, speech – a time of heightened feelings of romance and enjoyment. You might want to express your feelings artistically – this is a way to heal too.



We also encounter one of summer’s big cosmic events this week – another Grand Trine in Water, this time between the Sun in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio – this is an energetic flow with potential for big and deep healing of emotions, especially pertaining to the masculine energy polarity and those incarnate as males.

Any open wounds from this year’s earlier purge of negativity relating to sexuality/power/freedom of action will be cleansed to be soothed and sealed over, is the message we’re getting.

This current of energy deals with the Male need to express emotion, and we’re yet again faced with the polarity based beliefs and conventions of human culture and how it blocks harmony – between the Twins, between the sexes, between ethnic groups, between countries…



Throughout history men have been taught to be “strong”, “suck it up”, keep a “stiff upper lip” and not cry or openly express emotion.

However, males and females both have emotions, and many men struggle with feeling pressured to repress their feelings. Repression of emotions can actually lead to energetic stagnation, blocks and psychological wounds. Feeling like no one ever knows the real “you”.

This Grand Water trine is a time of healing these emotional wounds inflicted on the male by the collective (many women are guilty of this too, expecting men to be “strong” and independent).

A cosmic show of support for the male to express emotion – a message that in our new world it is safe for males to express softness and vulnerability. There is strength in emotion.



Spirit signals that acceptance of male softness and female power/strength is all a part of the upgrade process of the earth grid as Twin Flames are moved out of old 3D programming and habits and into the new higher vibrational living.

We must accept and embrace both energies within and between the Twin pair to be fully “whole”. Inner and outer alchemy.

No person is 100% feminine or 100% masculine. In fact, many Twins and Lightworkers come to earth as carriers of new templates and light codes – embodying the more balanced male/female person.

As Ascension progresses, more of these light codes are “unlocked” and downloaded when you connect to source – so that they may eventually reach others on earth too. Light codes are transmitted through writing, voice, eyes, energy…

The cosmic energies are now pushing more and more for increased balance in preparation for more widespread Twin Flame Union to commence.

Exciting times ahead as we move closer to autumn’s eclipse season and the emergence of “Luck Into The House of Love And Marriage”.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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