Twin Flame Energy Forecast July 18th-24th “The Future Depends On This”

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Full Moon Triggers Heaviness And a Sense of Burden Between Twins – A Paradox to Open New Romance. Looking Ahead: Predictions for 2017 and 2018 – Bringing Twin Union Into the “Real World”.


Another intense week for Twin Flames and Lightworkers as a Full Moon in Capricorn opposes the month’s fiery, carefree Leo energies and puts a dampener on excitement and romance.

Saturn (the “great karmic teacher”) ruler of Capricorn, is all about responsibility, long-term manifestation and achievement. It is classically considered one of the least “romantic” signs of the Zodiac – like an incredibly successful business owner who never has time for dates because they’re so busy with work and achievement.

But when they commit, they commit for the long run.

The Sun and Leo are all about bliss, seeking happiness and joy in the moment, grand romance and passion. Party now, deal with any consequences later. Needless to say – when these opposing energies of Leo vs Capricorn meet head on there is some tension.

Reality vs Dreams, Responsibility vs Joy, The Future vs The Now Moment. Both signs have a thing or two to learn from each other, and yet again it’s all about balance. 

Saturn and Capricorn are ideal energies for streamlining, cutting the redundant so that the journey onward is as solid and focused as possible. With this Full Moon on July 19th we’re set to be clearing out old perceptions and unconscious content that doesn’t serve us anymore.


The message from spirit is that when we have pre-built in judgments, opinions and beliefs around Love, the Twin Connection and Romance – we can unwittingly block good from reaching us…

How? Sometimes our highest good and love shows up in funny disguises:

The person who could lead you to your dream might seem uninteresting to you at first, but if you ignore them or decline the interaction you’re saying no to what will lead to the dream. You’ll never know unless you give them a chance (listen to your intuition instead of your habitual mind).

Sometimes an insight to connect with our Twin through soul meditation might seem silly or unrealistic, but would in reality be the one thing that would open up the lines of communication between you again – also in the “real world”.

We might unconsciously be projecting onto our Twin, causing problems that aren’t “real”. Meaning we’re perceiving our Twin through the filter of stereotypes we’ve picked up on through life in the form of TV shows, familial opinions, friends’ experiences – seeing something bad in them that might not really be there…

As long as we have judgments, preconceptions and hard beliefs in place, we’re deflecting good and solutions left, right and center. We’re putting artificial boundaries on love. 

Detaching from judgment and releasing old beliefs and perceptions can help us invite in new joy, new solutions, new paths to love.


Yet again we have a direct opposition between the Full Moon and the Sun, just like last month, continuing an ongoing theme of the unconscious blocks needing to be released – what’s holding us back is most often unknown to us because it’s buried so deep.

This Full Moon brings out a contrast between the sensible Capricorn (sensible to the extent of overwork and denial of pleasure), the earth based manifestation step by step, taking responsibility for ourselves – vs the flamboyant fun-loving passion of the Leo energies…

For many Twins it will feel like you’ll never get back to fun romance again right now, but take those feelings with a pinch of salt – the Full Moon is bringing it to a head for a reason.

Romance is great, is the message from the Capricorn/Saturn “team” to fun-loving Leo (represented with the Sun/Venus and Mercury), but it’ll fizzle out fast unless you do the groundwork – lasting love is about commitment.

Building solid foundations and making sure anything causing instability gets removed before we begin building. Especially for grounding Twin Flame union into the physical realms.


These two opposing currents clash right now. The Full Moon in Capricorn tends to a feeling of overwhelming responsibility, even feeling burdened with the Twin connection and wishing for a lighter future or harking back to the carefree time of being blissfully unknowing about the existence of Twin Flames.

We’re yet again reminded that we chose this. At the “end” of the journey (further into Ascension when the heaviness and struggles have been put behind us and we’re up in the higher registers more and more) there won’t be a sense of responsibility or duty or burden – it will be all joy. We knew this when we “signed up”.

If you don’t feel good about your Twin Flame now, write it all down on a piece of paper to release it all from your mind. Then write yourself a positive new list of constructive supportive statements to counteract and balance the negativity.

Afterwards, tear up or even burn the paper with negatives in a safe place.

This helps signal to your whole psyche that you’re done with those negatives, helping to release it out of your life and open up to new positivity.

You can also benefit from the Complete Harmony Healing for the Twin Flame Pair channeled to me by spirit – which cleanses both Twins’ systems of congestion, heaviness and common triggers of running/separation, shields both Twins and downloads new light codes, updates the Akashic records and integrates and uplifts the pair’s timelines and collective path forward. To read more about this, go here.


Towards the end of this week and into the next, we have an incredibly exciting configuration which is signaled to me with feelings of celebration, as Venus in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius.

It’s like the upside version of the Full Moon energies, this time Venus and Saturn “play nice” together. Especially now the heavy emotions are lifted.

Symbolically, this alignment is a celebration of commitment – many Twins are set to join together somehow at this time, in astral connections, in heart, in communication, often even physically.

Saturn stands for commitment, and these two energies together show long-term love – the classic indicator of marriage and partnerships that stand the test of time. With Saturn still moving Retrograde, this is a strong indication of reigniting “old love” – Runner Twins who get in touch again, past life themes resurfacing in a positive sense…

Remember that no matter what, you are your Twin Soul’s greatest love. To read a message from your Twin Flame’s Higher Self about this, go here.

The way to get the most of this energy event, is to keep an open mind as to how the universe shows it up for you.

Know that it is possible, and write down or state: “I am now open to and joyously receiving togetherness with my Twin Flame in harmony.”

This helps you to not block off any unexpected opportunities – when we are strongly focused on one possibility, we sometimes exclude other just as pleasant eventualities.


I’ve been looking into the scheduled energies for 2017 and 2018 together with spirit: The larger energetic currents are moving from energy/5D unions toward more pushing for physical unions and reconnections.

From autumn 2016 we’ll have a strong focus on energetic union and harmonic balancing of the Twins’ as the Jupiter gateways open up in September, moving into more and more widespread physical union in the “real world” over the next few years. Including particular focus on themes of sexuality and “real world” relationships being reformed expanded.

2017 and 2018 are set to carry themes of grounding and integrating the new high vibrational codes more and more into the earth reality – bringing Twin Flame Union into the physical realms and not only in soul essence.

This is set to bring out a whole new set of “lessons” as later wave Twins with their coming together begin to explore, break open and uplift old collective perceptions, templates and programming around marriage, cohabitation, family and physical relationships.


Yet again I’m happy to remind everyone that astrology is not a limitation on you if you desire to make things happen sooner – the energy currents may be more supportive later but as an infinite being you can have, be and do anything you desire!

Just set the intention, clear any blocks in the way of it, and get moving.

Cosmic weather can be both blissful and challenging, but as infinite beings we can “put on our rain gear” and make things happen anyway!

If we were to wait around for the “perfect alignments and moments” we wouldn’t get as much out of life. And that’s what we’re here for – to live, to love, to experience bliss.

And if it feels “impossible” right now, I urge you to download the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames I created with a powerful energy cleanse tool. When we cleanse our energy, we shift into a new space and allow new developments to take place. Please don’t give up. I believe in you!


Someone recently asked on the blog whether it’s possible for Twins to not come together in this lifetime…

The truth is we always have free will – and although our souls will always push us to do the inner work and clearing/releasing required to remove the earthly baggage and lift our vibration to be open to union – we have the option not to. No one will force us or do the work all for us. It is not guaranteed all Twins will come together.

And if you have fears around that, consider that it might be time to focus on giving yourself some TLC and work on feeling the wholeness that exists within already. Because although we have a Twin Soul, it doesn’t mean we can’t live a happy life without them if we choose to.

All Twins do reincarnate together with the aim of reuniting. It’s why we come here – to reunite in love and share that love. The message from spirit is that work and energy and assistance is put into reuniting all Twins, but unless the Twins themselves go along with the process, it can be lengthy and arduous. It’s true – there are no guarantees.

The most effective methods I’ve discovered and developed are shared in the Free Help Kit and the full Vibrational Alignment Program you can also read the testimonials of other Twins who have used the methods here.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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PS: A few of you have got in touch to say that the Sun was actually in Cancer at the time of the Full Moon, which is correct: I wanted to include a note on the reason for focusing on the Solar/Leo energies. In astrology the Sun always relates to Leo energies (like the Moon relates to Cancer energies – the Sun rules Leo, the Moon rules Cancer), and the Sun was on the cusp between Cancer and Leo.

Spirit is very deliberate in guiding these forecasts each week and this time the opposition between these energies and the push for release of ego perceptions was what was emphasized to me so strongly.