Twin Flame Energy Forecast July 2nd-8th: “Goddess Rising”



Can Love Still Shine Bright In The Midst Of Darkness? Retrogrades Put A Dampener On Forward Motion, But Expect Surprise Communication And Twin Flame Meetings…

This is set to be a week with some learning experiences, lessons being presented as regards self love and inner alchemy… But if you can step into your power, the week-end brings the bounty of sudden connections and communication in love.

Are you ready for happy surprises? And can you shine like the god or goddess you are, even if no one is watching?

Twin Flame Healing And Help

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Venus Alone – Challenges, Self Love

This week you may feel a little out on a limb. Though your arms are open wide to welcome in love – so long as it’s the right kind of love, of course – your efforts don’t offer the results you’d hoped for. It’s only a temporary blip, so don’t panic.

And you’re looking gorgeous. It’s like you’re sparkly with charm. Problem is, no-one seems to notice. With Venus on her own, it means issues around feeling unloved are likely to arise.

Your inner state is highlighted, and you’re being challenged to above all find a state of love *within* – to dwell in your *own* love.

It’s like others switched off their flashlights and now you have the choice between either standing in the dark or turning on your own light…

As you may know, self love is essential on the Twin Flame journey.

We are not merely joining together with our counterpart but on a journey to find inner wholeness – to activate the codes of unconditional love in our own hearts (read more about this here in “Why The Twin Flame Journey is An Inside Job”).

This week can feel like a challenge, but spirit shows us, if we can use it as an opportunity to get to grips with this “lesson” it can uplift us for the long term.

To begin uplifting into self love and self acceptance right now, have a look at this session which focuses on the Heart Chakra and the sacred codes of unconditional love.

Can You Shine Like The God or Goddess You Are?

This is the time of year when the ancient Greeks used to hold their Aphrodisia festival, in honour of the goddess Aphrodite, whom we know better under her Roman name of Venus.

It celebrated the end of Aphrodite’s journey from the Underworld to her rising as the Eastern Star, a time for the renewal of life forces.

A time to celebrate desire, to rejoice in human passion and create bonds, and to celebrate, offer and receive love.

The problem is that at the start of this week, Venus is standing in a corner, waving frantically, but the other planets are completely ignoring her. She knows it’s her time to shine, she’s buffed, painted, scented and full of sweet talk – if only she could find someone to dazzle.

Turning On Your Own Light

You might be a self-effacing Virgo, a shy Cancerian or a sensible Capricorn. It doesn’t matter. When Venus is in Leo we all want to feel special, to feel that special spark with a special someone as many special times as possible.

Whether or not you’re in a relationship with your Twin Flame, it’s likely you’re noticing some dissatisfaction this week. Again, are you able to feel loved not just by someone else, but to love and cherish yourself?

This is a week where self love and pampering could be needed – and going within on your spiritual search is set to be handsomely rewarded. Use the Free Guided Meditation here to do so.

In fact, we see you have more “luck” seeking your unconditional love connection from within – to spiritually connect with your Twin as a soul – rather than trying to push for resolution on the outside…

Changing The Momentum To Work In Your Favor

Venus in general doesn’t like being alone for long – she and Mercury are the only planets that travel our solar system without the company of a moon and so symbolically they have to search for companions.

Use this time to do some soul searching – when we approach relationships from a place of *need* and *longing* for someone to love us, complete us, even save us, it creates an energetic repulsion.

We push away from ourselves that which we long for.

Because embedded in the energy of longing and need, is the frequency of NOT having what we long for. There’s *a lot of fear* in need and longing. Can you feel that?

When you can begin to release the need and the fear, you shift the energetic momentum. The art of detachment can help you this week. To know that you’ll be OK no matter what, and to dwell in love even on your own, will change everything.

When you become aligned with an inner state of wholeness and love, you become magnetic to the outer expression of this – others are drawn to you. Especially your Twin – as you affect each other so strongly.

Many Twins find that their counterpart paradoxically come closer when they resolve to give up on the connection and focus on their own happiness instead.

What’s really happened is that they’ve changed the energetic momentum to allow it to happen!

But you can do this now, not by giving up but by consciously re-aligning your momentum to benefit you. Read more about this here.

And for a session where I take you through it, click here.



Retrograde Season – Slowing Down

It’s all very well saying, ‘Alone doesn’t mean lonely’, but we all need to be recognized for how truly marvelous we are.

Right now, you might need to be your own cheerleader for a while. But trust that this effort will pay off down the line. You’ll get stronger from this.

Is true that Venus in Leo has high expectations, but those expectations are based on reality, on what is possible, rather than simply what we would like to be possible.

With five planets retrograde at the moment it sure is a time where many will be feeling stymied, as if things aren’t progressing in the right direction, as if things are blocked…

On a positive note this time is bringing a major dose of introspection… But on the negative side there’s a feeling that maybe we’re doing something wrong, that if we could get our act together and play by the rules, somehow love would find us.

Be mindful of your thoughts right now, because with all these retrogrades you’re tangled up with the past. You’re not set to have a clear perspective on things until later this summer when things smooth out.

Right now, it’s best to know you’re in a process of purification. Forward motion will return more fully again later.

Use this time to uplift the energetic state between you and your Twin, to reap the benefits down the line. The Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames is a great place to start. 

Because as you know, what determines whether your Twin Soul connection is harmonious or fraught with problems is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

You can do this channeled quiz to get insight into what energy vibration you’re really in and whether you’re open and able to receive the reunion and love you’re wanting.

And if you want to get a fresh start on uplifting your Twin connection into a higher state, the Complete Harmony Healing deep meditation is designed to give you a complete clearing and update on all fronts:

We go through a deep cleanse of both Twins’ chakra systems and all channels between you – cleansing out all congestion, negativity, outdated ancestral programming and ego blocks to ensure the healthy functioning of your systems both individually and in interaction.

This clearing will clear out potential triggers of running/chasing/separation and ensure that only high vibrational energies are blending between you.

Plus, shielding for the Twin pair to protect you both from harsh outside energies, influence and congestion. We also update your information to clear out any patterns that may have been holding you back or blocking you.

And lastly, we unify your paths and timelines to the highest dimension and vibration possible for you at this time, and download new light codes and programming to assist the smooth unfolding of your Union.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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Does It Just Feel Wrong Or Is It Wrong?

Part of that iffy feeling right now, with Mercury sitting opposite Mars Retrograde, is down to a niggling worry that we might say the wrong thing.

Or if not the wrong thing, maybe we say it at the wrong time, to the wrong person or in the wrong way. There’s so much possible wrong talking that can go on. Likelihood is, things just don’t feel quite right.

This transit also indicates issues with the Masculine Twin and communication. Misunderstandings, even misunderstandings from the past are in the cards. It’s likely that recent problems have to do with perspective clashes or misunderstandings.

But Jupiter can’t help but join in and as he makes a trine to the Sun and a square to Mercury at precisely the same time, it’s hard to resist the temptation to do something, anything, to impress anyone who casts a glance in our direction only to realize instantly that there’s a big gap between what we’re offering and what we can actually deliver.

Spirit’s input is to listen to your intuition, it will always guide you well. If something feels iffy, it’s not right for you. Check inside before you speak or take major action this week – it will serve you well.


Unexpected Opportunities, Meetings, Communication

Fortunately, by the end of the week Venus has shifted forward enough to gain the attention of Uranus, who waves back saying, ‘Hang on, I’ve got some surprises coming up for you. Soon. Just when you don’t expect them.’

So it’s worth saying ‘yes’ to invitations, to make arrangements to meet up with people next week and the one after.

Maybe on the surface that event doesn’t look like a big deal, certainly not one where you’ll meet or reconnect with the love of your life.

It’s not a guaranteed thing exactly what will happen and how but on balance Uranus usually keeps his promises – he just doesn’t tell you when he’s going to do so, or what exactly they’ll entail.

However, it’s highly likely love shows up in some form for you in this period – whether in the form of an amazing dream experience, an unexpected email, some new positive information about your connection, an actual meeting or message…

Brain-Fog Opens To Spiritual Insights

Don’t worry about the slight fog that seems to build up in the background. It’s due to the Sun approaching a trine with Neptune Retrograde.

This is great for spiritual attunement and aligning with unconditional love, but not so suited for analytical tasks or getting things done…

This trine is it’s telling you that if you end the week by finding yourself in the right place at the right time, it’s OK You don’t have to analyze it.

In fact, there’s no point in analyzing it because you’re tuned into levels of awareness that are beyond analyzing, anyway. You might feel as if you need to poke around more, check out everyone’s motives and make sure you’re fully informed. This is fear talking.

Spirit’s message is that fear is a human program, it’s a “spiritual illusion” that keeps you from being in your full power. The truth is you are immaculately capable of living a life free from negativity.

Fear is the “story” that tells you danger or hurt awaits you. And it’s a heavy, low frequency that blocks our system away from love.

To begin to step into the true light and harmony of your journey – begin to remove (“un-install”) the fear programming. When you do this you uplift your timelines (read about what that means in this article) and uplift the dynamic with your Twin Flame.

Read more about this here in my full program for Twin Flames, where I take you through the process step by step.

Doing Some Detective Work?

There’s some increased tension at work towards week’s end as well – because the Sun moving opposite Pluto. It makes you feel a little suspicious…

Who knows what could be going on deeper in the fog that you’re trying to squint into? Such as the future… Or what your Twin is really thinking and feeling…

Fear and suspicion might be trying to get your attention, but listen to your intuition this week. The spiritual current you’re tapping into right now shows that there’s a higher purpose to what’s going on.

In some way it’s like you’re being pushed into a fog so you’re not controlling the progress of your journey quite so tightly. It makes it easier to maneuver you into where you’re meant to be going.

And that’s where Uranus’s promises come in – saying things could be turning very interesting on the love front!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

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