Twin Flame Energy Forecast July 4th-10th “Heart To Heart”


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What baggage have you been carrying around? New Moon Pushes to Leave the Past Behind so the Twin Flame Heart Bond Can Blossom, Opening a New Cycle for Union.


Another big week for Twin Flames and lightworkers, started with a powerful New Moon in Cancer – the moon’s natural “home”, making for extra potent new beginnings in manifestation and love.


Twin Flame Love

As you may already know, a core aspect of the Twin Flame connection is the heart bond shared by the two Twins – this energetic, indestructible cord between the two Twins’ hearts is what keeps them so in touch with each other despite any physical distance.

The Twin Flame heart bond is like a direct wire from Twin to Twin, keeping them attuned to each other’s feelings and experiences, sometimes even memories and actual words.

When the Twins’ carry emotional wounds relating to the heart – heartbreak, feeling abandoned, feeling rejected at their most vulnerable, or having “shut off” to others – this heart connection between the two can become blocked.


This week we see a strong energetic push to open up this heart connection between the Twins fully again, to help the connection blossom the way it was originally created to.

In fact, I’m shown in fact that as Twins go through the Ascension process the heart chakra is “unlocked” and upgraded more and  into a “higher heart” – as we purge old negativity, the heart literally becomes capable of feeling more love, and to run the high vibration programs of unconditional love.


Approaching Reunion

Due to earthly ancestry and the limitations of energy vibration that’s been common on earth, nearly all Twins grow up shutting the heart down in some respect. The blocks this causes, are now being flushed up.

It can be a challenge while it lasts but it’s another big part of the preparation for this autumn’s approaching theme of reunions between more and more Twins.

To help with the releasing of negativity and help your system integrate new changes and developments as your chakra centers are vibrationally realigned to a higher level – I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

I created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit here.


When “I Love You” Means Nothing

I’m shown the previously closed down bud of the heart chakra literally blossoming as this process unfolds.

When our heart is shut, we tend to feel “dull”, like nothing excites us and like there’s no love around us. Someone could even tell us “I love you” and it would just feel like empty words. This is because we’re on the “wrong wavelength”.

When we’re in fear or resentment or disappointment, we’re in the basement while love is up on the 10th floor – until we move up closer, we won’t really feel it…

When we feel afraid and wounded, as if we have to guard ourselves, we often hunch down, tighten our jaw, clench our muscles, shrink down to become more invulnerable physically.

Most of us don’t realize that we unconsciously do the same with our chakra system and our energy field – and it shuts us down to receiving love and feeling love.

If you look at a fearful person energetically, their aura will be very small compared to someone who’s feeling safe and joyous to be themselves fully – those in love and happiness radiate widely with their auras.


Releasing Old Hurts

So both for our energetic health and wellbeing and to open up many Twins’ “tight” or “closed-off” connections to an influx of love, we’re receiving a push now.

“When we close ourselves off to hurt, we also close ourselves off to love. On the Twin Flame journey, all our walls and defenses are demolished – with the aim of opening us up fully to love.

It might feel a bit scary, but it’s our souls’ way of helping us experience more and more love and joy – just like we’ve asked…”

The message is that although many Twins feel that it’s their mirror soul who is the threat to their safety and that it’s their Twin who is most liable to hurt and wound them – the hurt actually stems from elsewhere.

This is the underlying cause of so much suffering for Twin Flames. Look beyond the seeming situation at hand and see the deeper roots.

Most people carry emotional wounds from childhood, and even take on patterns from familial heartbreak. I’ve recently been reading about epigenetics and there is now hard scientific evidence that extreme experiences of things like suffering, starvation, pain, can carry through the physical DNA for later generations.

If there’s been infidelity or sadness or secret keeping in the family, children also often pick up on and absorb the energy of this even if it’s not being spoken out loud. Careful old pain – that might not even be yours – doesn’t get involved in your Twin Flame connection.


Uncover And Remedy Blocks With Your Twin

Cancer is the sign of the “mother”, the family, the moon, emotions, the feminine, creativity – the New Moon in Cancer on July 4th signals a restart in all of these areas.

Cancer energies tend to be past-oriented and emotion-oriented, and right now we’re being pushed to use this very tendency to let go of past hurts for good.

In order for the Twin Flame connection to open in unconditional love, the heart chakra must function healthily and energy must be able to move freely through our system. When there are blocks and wounds in the heart, the Twin Flame connection becomes restricted.


If you want to know what the situation is with the heart connection between your Twin and yourself, here is a simple exercise:

Take a moment to close your eyes and relax, then visualize you and your Twin Flame moving to embrace each other. As you embrace, feel how your hearts react to each other.

When there’s a block I’m often shown one Twin being “repelled” by the other, as if there’s an invisible wall between the twins, and there’s a distinct feeling of the heart being shut.


Getting Clear On Your Subconscious Fears

The remedy for this – to help you move out of old blocks and heal heart wounds so you can open up to joy again – is first of all to become aware of the issue.

Knowing what the issue is gives us a chance to resolve it for good so we don’t “call back” the situations/feelings/blocks with our energy in the future.

A practical, actionable way to become aware of blocks and move out of them is to write out in automatic writing how you feel from the unconscious, allowing any fears to come up.

Get out a piece of paper and begin writing down everything you’re worried about or afraid of in terms of love and relationships. Let it stream out onto the page – don’t edit yourself. You might be surprised by what comes up, but allow it to. It’s better you know than that it swims around in your unconscious mind under the surface – sabotaging without you knowing.

Once you feel done with this, having written down all the fears and negative beliefs, get out a new piece of paper.

Now, write down positive statements to counteract the negative beliefs and fears, and tear up the list of negatives (or burn it in a safe place).

This helps “reprogram” your unconscious so you move out of the patterns of blocking out love. This kind of method is often used for the Full Moon part of the lunar cycle, but as we’re in the lunar energy current of Cancer most of this coming month, it’s a powerful tool to use for this period in general.

I would highly recommend using metaphysical energy clearing tools to eradicate the energies. Uprooting any karmic basis for negative cycles permanently is also highly recommended (and it takes a lot less time than the old fashioned paper method). Many people’s heart blocks are based in past experiences, even past lives.

To learn more about karma clearing, have a look here. I also wrote about my own Twin Flame experiences with karmic based love blocks here, if you’re interested.


Nostalgia – Longing for The Place That Doesn’t Exist


In general, Venus in Cancer this month tends to feelings running close to the surface and a focus on emotional safety, family and relationship bonds and attachments.

Cancer energies tend to be nostalgic, which in Greek literally refers to “longing for no place, the place that doesn’t exist”. A strong draw to the past.

Spirit shows an ongoing theme for the Divine Feminine to deal with and balance – to move away from past perceptions and attachments in order to be fully open to love.


We’re shown the old metaphor of how a young woman would have to move out of her father’s house in order to get married… Centuries ago, moving out of the family’s home meant starting a new life cut off from the past.

In our day and age, on the contrary, many females (or those with an emphasis on the female energy polarity) are so strongly attached to and centered around family/friends/background it complicates their Twin Flame relationship…

When we have others’ energies and attachments in our space it can disrupt our functioning and cause triggering. A remedy to this is regular shielding and to clear others’ energies out of our space. We go through clearing outworn/negative attachments to family and past lovers in both the Intensive Energy Clearing Sessions for Twin Flames

The New Moon in Cancer on July 4th signals a restart within this area of emotions and safety. As always, write down some intentions for the coming month and invite things into your life.

You can focus your energy positively for the New Moon by writing down: “I now invite into my life the following, to the highest good of everyone involved” followed by all your goals and desires.

Then take some symbolic action and experience the “magic” of your subconscious mind getting to work at finding out how to get you to your dreams.

Your subconscious mind holds a wealth of resources you’re mostly unaware of on a daily basis, but once you give it tasks to work on, it will come through and more.

If you’re interested in reading more about the science of how this works, have a look here at this article on the functioning of the brain’s Reticular Activating System, which is what controls a lot of your subconscious’ focus and activities…


Masculine/Feminine Encounters

Midweek, Venus in Cancer interacts with Mars in Scorpio – symbolizing that the Twins “meet” in the hazy lands of the unconscious for Love and Healing to take place. As Twins are always connected, this can happen through meditations, visions, physical encounters, talks…

The main thing is that emotional connectedness is in focus and you’re being “drawn together” like magnets to open the flow again. Your souls are set to be bringing you to each other to make this happen.

On the same day Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer trine, indicating a positive encounter between Male and Female with a strong basis in emotions – often things don’t need to be said, it will feel like understanding “flows” seamlessly between you.

Twin Flame dream encounters are heightened right now – especially since Mars went direct at the end of last month.

However, be mindful that both sides’ feelings are easily hurt right now – high vulnerability around – so be careful with choice of words, body language and subtle messages sent. There is a sense of dealing with issues of emotional security now, and anything standing in the way of feeling safe to open up and share intimacy is likely to be triggered.

If negativity flares up in this period, look for how it relates to safety/vulnerability.

My Twin would often show me “film clips” of cats attacking when I’d get touchy or put up walls against him previously. Sounds a bit weird, but if you’re familiar with cats you might understand how this unconscious triggering happens:

A pet cat will often lay down and open itself up to being petted on the stomach and seemingly love being petted and rubbed, only to attack with claws and biting out of the blue a moment later.

The reason for this is that they’ve become vulnerable – their defences are down and their reaction when they realize how vulnerable they’ve become, is to restore distance by attacking. They regain their defense that way. This happens with human beings more than we tend to realize.

When some Twins feel that their emotional safety has been compromised, they “run” to get to “safe ground” again. To read more about Twin Flame Running, have a look here.

Spirit recently channeled a comprehensive energy healing for the Twin Flame pair through me to deal with these kinds of issues, cleansing the pair’s systems of triggers and negativity, as well as shielding the Twin couple from outside interference, uniting and uplifting the pair’s timelines and energies into the highest vibration possible.

To read more about this, go here.


Subconscious Wounds Come up for Healing

The week ends with a beneficial trine between Venus in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces – healing is stimulated around subconscious emotional wounds. Again there’s a sense of needing to tread lightly in love, others often carry wounds we’re unaware of.

Where there are pre-existing wounds, even the slightest touch can trigger fear and aggravation.

Human consciousness is complex: We carry around a wealth of subconscious information and memories and hurts that we are normally not aware of. The unconscious mind has been estimated to contain one trillion thoughts and pieces of information. Yes, trillion with a T…

Like the basement of a house, your subconscious is full of things you might remember when you look at them – but on a daily basis you don’t think about them at all.

These coming weeks we are going to be faced with some of the stuff we’ve been keeping out of sight in our basements – to give us a chance to “tidy up” for the journey onwards. To make sure it’s not full of problems, hurts, fears…

We’ll get a chance to tidy up down there now, so we can have room for new and positive things to help us move forward on your journey.

To get going, try my Free Energy Clearing Downloads, which include excerpts from the full Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. Keep an eye on your dreams this coming month, and make a note of any recurring symbols and situations – these relate to blocks and things your soul is asking you to “tidy up”.

When our systems are full of “issues”, there’s no room for the new joy and love we’re asking for. Often, the answer to a prayer is to get us tidying away the old baggage to actually make room for our wishes and dreams come true… Once we get “tidying”, it’s incredible how quickly shifts can happen.

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames – a Step By Step Roadmap To Union.

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