Twin Flame Energy Forecast June 11th-17th “We Need To Talk”



Heart Call – Are You Listening? How Many Twins Have Unwittingly Shut Down The Connection Due To Fear… Are You “Opting Out” Of Heaven On Earth?

We’re headed into an intense week full of transformative energies.

Powerfully shifting themes in several areas including love, communication and emotion are creating palpable change.

It’s time to take a closer look at what’s going on at the deeper underlying levels of your Twin Flame connection and in your heart…

“Warning: May Cause Miracles!”

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Heart And Mind In “Mutual Reception”

Now onto the energies at hand this week: The first of our major changes happening deals with communication.

On June 12th Mercury steps out of “his” home sign Gemini and into Cancer – which is considered a less beneficial placement, as Cancer is the sign of intuition, feeling and the instinctive processes.

From being “easily” aligned with intellect, we are being pushed into the murkier waters of emotion when it comes to communication.

For the next month interactions with others and the thought process are highlighted to deal with the things we’re “not” saying or thinking. The processes that go deeper than words.

Meditation is set to yield powerful results this month, and dreams are likely to be especially vivid and full of symbolism

This is because the unconscious processes of our deeper minds are expressing themselves.

(For tips on interpreting dreams for Twins, have a look here).


What We Never Say…

Did you know that an estimated 95-98% of human thoughts are *un* conscious?

That means, it’s not the thoughts we *know* we’re having, where we’re in a dialogue with ourselves and thinking with words or intent.

It’s the river of feeling material that’s going on at a deeper level. The unconscious is where our breathing, our body’s functioning, our automatic behavior is stored…

Where memories and secrets are kept. And this is where our unconscious blocks live. The fears we’re not consciously aware of.

In this way, the unconscious mind can create big problems for Twin Flames on their journey.

Are You Sabotaging Without Knowing It?

Let me explain why: Even though someone is thinking consciously that they want to come together with their counterpart, and they’re praying for it, putting it on their vision board, visualizing it…

On an unconscious level, they might fear that their Twin will run, they might believe that the Twin Flame journey is destined for pain or that if they open their heart to love they’ll be hurt… So they’re “secretly” holding back on a deeper level.

When we have those underlying kinds of fears, they work against the conscious desires and intentions we have.

Like you might have read on this site before: It becomes like trying to drive left and right at the same time. It doesn’t work.

So this coming month is a heightened time for getting clarity on these kinds of deeper issues, so you can resolve and clear the holdbacks and open up your journey to love.

(Read more about how to do this in “The Truth About Twin Flame Timelines”)


The Songs Of Truth

An amazing tool I learned for discovering what’s *really* going on in your unconscious mind, is this:

Think of a song, the first song that comes into your mind. Don’t go looking for it. Just kind of relax and allow it to step forth.

What’s it about? How does it deal with what’s going on for you right now? What is it telling you about your situation, your unconscious feelings?

You’ll notice this coming month that this kind of “message from the depths” is prevalent. Pay attention to what song might be in your mind as you wake up in the morning or just as you’re about to fall asleep at night.

Reaching The “Alpha State”

In these moments you’re in the “alpha state” where you’re more open to Twin Flame telepathy, spiritual communication and messages from your own unconscious mind.

Please do comment below with what song you heard, and 1-2 lines about how it fits with your experience!

And if you want to go deeper into unravelling what might have kept you and your Twin Flame in separation or repeated struggles, have a look at my step by step program here.

Did you know most Twin Flame issues you hear about aren’t “divinely decreed”? They’re rooted in negative energy, attachments and karma.

And they can be resolved, opening you up to a harmonious connection.

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Bridging The Divine Into The World

Midweek we have another significant event that ties in with Mercury entering Cancer – in a “mutual reception” we have a New Moon in Gemini conjunct the Sun, the very next day.

This means that two planets are on each other’s “home turf” at the same time.

While the planet of communication is plunged into the “land of emotion”, the planet of emotions is experiencing a significant cycle shift in the “home of intellect and communication”.

Happening so close together these show us that there’s a cosmic process going on seeking to bring greater balance to the ancient human issue of heart vs mind.

Bridging the intellect with our divine gift of feeling.

You might know that the universe always seeks harmony, balance… So with these two events, we’re shown this next phase (the next 28 days) deals specifically with balancing heart and mind.

The Beliefs That Cause Unhappiness

And a key here is: our feelings are often affected by the *information* we’ve taken on in life, what we’ve observed with our minds.

What we take in and interact with intellectually always has an effect on our emotions.

The emotional patterns we have today, are results of what we unconsciously believe…

If you believe the world is a hard place or Twin Flames always have a hard time, this will affect how we feel about ourselves, our future, our chances at happiness…

And these kinds of underlying belief/emotion systems can cause deep depression and hold us back from even trying.

As the New Moon/Sun conjunction is in a square to Neptune, we see there’s a higher perspective you’ve been blocked off from.

What Is Currently Out Of Reach For You Because Of Belief?

The “heaven on earth” you desire, is not fully able to connect or come to fruition in the belief systems you’ve grown accustomed to.

You might feel flashes of it now and again, but there are restrictions, we’re shown. Collective grids and reality fields you’ve most likely grown up with.

That are out of alignment with unconditional love and the kind of bliss the Twin Flames can share.

Spirit shows us, the same could likely be the case for your Twin Flame.

I was guided to share this channeled session with the Twin Flame collective, where we clear out these kinds of systemic blocks – opening up to a physical world reunion. Have a look here for more.

twin flame awakening

The Truth About Spiritual Relationships

We’re shown that our belief systems needs an overhaul – because of what we’ve observed around us in the past. Family, friends, society, tv, magazines…

They’ve most often shown us the downsides to relationships. Rarely have we been shown the ideal model of unconditional love and support. But the truth is that it can exist.

Spirit shows us in this way that our vision of what it means to be in a relationship, is a core block to many Twin Flames coming together.

So this is a perfect time to check in with your deeper beliefs. What is a relationship? What do you believe about relationships?

There are many secret shadows surrounding this. Many hidden beliefs.

What If It Was You All Along?

Spirit shows us: You might have been frustrated at how things have been going on the outside, when the real truth is that it’s likely to have been your own deeper self sabotaging you all along…

Pushing AGAINST what you consciously wanted.

Look at it this way: If you believed that relationships are doomed to fail and that they end in hurt, wouldn’t your deeper self be “doing you a favor” by keeping you away from that hurt?

And because the Twin Flame connection is the most intense love, it would be the most intense hurt of your existence if things broke down between you.

So your unconscious “helps” you by finding ways to block the whole thing.

This is how the unconscious works. Always trying to protect you from hurt.

The problem is that when we block out hurt, we also block out love.

This is why it’s essential on this journey to explore our deeper beliefs so we can clear them, open up to a new truth and shift into a happier and more fulfilling experience…


Uprooting “Secret” Information

With this New Moon/Mercury and Venus shift you’re now getting a brand new start in communication and perception relating to love.

We’re shown you might have been “wrong” about why the situation has been as it has. The real reasons and “faults” might lie within you and your own system all along…

Ask your soul to show these belief blocks up for you in the gentlest way possible so you can clear them and move on.

Get a pen and paper, connect to the light (your higher consciousness – use the free energy cleanse audio here) and begin to write, whatever comes to mind. No editing.

The reason I’m afraid of coming together with my Twin Flame is…
The real reason I’m not happy is…
The secret fear I have about love is…
The deepest fear I have about my Twin Flame is…
The secret fear I have about myself is…

Now, you recognize the blocks. Now, you can resolve, clear and untangle them energetically – recalibrating your system to be able to move on in more light, love and harmony. Attracting unity instead of disappointment.

For deeper energy clearing tools, have a look here. Check inside what you feel the most drawn to, what feels the most light.

This is your soul speaking to you.

Have Love’s Wings Been Clipped?

As Venus enters Leo the same day, we see that love will thrive in the realm of the heart. The mind is where things get blocked.

To fully allow for an open up to the kind of experience you desire, you have to phase out the fears that keep you convinced that the future has pain in store for you…

And allow the “wings” of love itself, the pure energy of love, to flow in and from your heart. Spirit shows us the two Twin Flames having a bond of love heart to heart from the dawn of time…

But the fears of the mind can cause disruption to this. It can lock us out of that natural connection.

With Venus conjunct the North Node and the Moon June 16th, we see that the path forward for love and for humanity itself lies in *trusting* love.

In stepping out of the realms of separation, conflict and opposition and allowing the power of the heart to steer us…

Listening To The Divine Heart

Your heart will always tell you the truth, it will tell you what is to your highest good or not. The question is, are you able to listen to it?

(If you want to know more about this process and open up to your heart’s deeper wisdom, have a look at the following session)

As Uranus and Neptune challenge each other on June 16th, we unfortunately see that many Twin Flames have been making life changes that bring them further away from love…

That they’ve been shutting down the connection or seeking away from it.

No judgment, but this is what the energies describe.

It shows that out of a deeper underlying fear, many have made choices that are in essence based in the belief that their connection cannot work out.

That they have chosen to abandon the relationship on some level.

Feminine Twin’s Doubts

We’re shown this is always your free will choice, but please do this one thing:

Feel in your heart. What does your heart want? What would make you the happiest long term? Not just OK, but on fire with the happy glow of bliss?

A challenge from Lilith and Saturn cause doubts especially in the Feminine Twin – as regards physical reunion, disappointments from the past.

Your awareness is tainted with past disappointment and you’re likely making choices from a place of wanting to avoid pain. But we’re shown it’s a distortion. It’s not “true” or “real”.

Venus in Leo, plus support from Jupiter and Pluto retrograde say this: Love can win the day, but you have the power to stop it if you make the right/wrong choices.

You have the power to undo what the universe is trying to bring you. To shut it out.

When you listen to fear instead of love, you can do that. Shut the door on love.

The Bliss Of Love

With Jupiter and Pluto Retrograde you’re being asked to think (*feel*) back. To the happiest moments of love.

How did you feel? In the bliss of connecting in unconditional love? When your heart was fully activated, if only for fleeting moments? (To get a help, a reminder – have a look here)


Can you really choose to shut the door on that? It’s your choice.

What we’re shown is, fear is simply an energy. It’s a “story” that tells us we’ll be hurt if we move forward in a particular direction.

The truth is: the universe is infinite and you’re a soul who came here wanting to experience and share love.

Love really is possible. Harmony with your Twin Flame really is possible.

The Twin Flame “Lie” So Many Believe

It might not be an overnight thing, but it can be a lot faster than you think. We are co-creators of our experiences.

Don’t re-create other Twin Flames’ experiences of hurt and struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way. What you may have read online about the “beautiful struggle” is not the “truth” about Twin Flames.

It’s experiences people have had within the tight grid of human collective consciousness. The 3D realm of polarity and separation.

What we came here to rise above. You are capable and made to go beyond that.

So is your Twin, no matter how they might seem on the outside (if they’re “unawakened”, we have a session here to help them rise into awareness).

Allowing The Heart To Guide Your Way

Please do not allow past negativity to dictate how you feel about the future. Clear the fears. Then let the reins go a little. Relax your control.

And I know why you’re trying to control things, it’s a human instinct, most of us have it. No judgment. But feel into it, relax your energy. Just know you’re safe in this moment.

Feel yourself relaxing. Release. Now, allow your heart to spark into action.

Allow your heart to call in your love, your mirror soul, in a true reflection of who you really are: a divine being. Love itself.

For more on inspiration, aligning with your heart’s wisdom, uplifting your relationship “setpoint” and calling in your ideal on “automatic”, have a look at my latest project here.

Until next time I’m sending you love and light – I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


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