Twin Flame Energy Forecast June 25th-July 1st “Chimera”



Put To The Test – Twin Flame Connection Challenged For The Highest Good… Powerful Full Moon Doubles With Mars Retrograde. Do You Know Your Heart’s True Desires?


Welcome into one of the year’s most significant weeks in the cosmic energies!

We have two major events significant for Twin Flames, with Mars going retrograde and a powerful Full Moon in Capricorn – symbolizing the culmination of an important period of physical world developments for the Twin Pair.

This week is set to be profound for the Masculine Twin Flame, the beginning of a period of challenges, integrations and growth being demanded…

As well as uplifting, new light code integration and doors opening long term…

But first, a tough week where the cosmic energies seem set to “put him in his place” for the greater good. More about this below.

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Cosmic Teacher With A Bad Reputation…

Now onto the energies for the week. The big headline regards the Full Moon in Capricorn and Mars turning Retrograde for the first time in two years…

With the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 27th/28th (depending on where in the world you are) and Mars retrograde there are big changes stirring regarding the underlying foundations of the Twin Flame connection.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is the mythological ruler of time and physical reality. “His” energy is heavy, constricting and powerful.

If Jupiter is the “santa claus” benevolent presence of the zodiac, Saturn is the mentor or even accountant showing up to help us by pushing us and showing up our weaknesses.

“He” means well, and there is a cosmic wisdom to Saturnian energies that many miss out on. Saturn has a bad name, but really this energy current is a teacher of long term manifestation, of building not just small things (or “pies in the sky”) but empires.

Are You Ready For This?

The perfect “teacher” for a big project like “bringing heaven to earth”.

And although his presence tends to cause feelings of depression, pessimism, showing up all the flaws and problems in our situation…

He is doing it to help us correct course, cut the dead branches from our manifestations… So we really can achieve our true heartfelt goals.

It’s all about building on solid foundations, and building what we truly desire, because otherwise nothing can stand the test of time.

Whether it’s building relationships, businesses, families, buildings or “empires” of any form, Saturn helps us see the structural problems so we can dismantle and either fix the flaws, or scrap the project/relationship/business and start all over.

Illusions And Ego Tumble

Traditional astrology says, Saturn’s presence tears down that which is not healthy, solid or harmonious enough to last the long run.

Whether that’s an emotional pattern, an identity structure, a relationship or anything else…

So this Full Moon can be tough for many. Illusions and ego may tumble. We may get a rude awakening that things have not been how we hoped…

We may feel afraid that the future won’t work out how we’d fantasized…

But know, that this process is highlighting something vital to you!

In revealing what *doesn’t* work, you are actually being shown how you CAN make your dream happen… perhaps you’re shown this in a very subtle way, so pay attention.

Taking A Second Look At Physical Reality Twin Reunions…

Like a strict mentor who sees that their young protegee is setting themselves up for failure by merely not having the experience to see what is needed, Saturn is telling us to take a second look.

To figure out what *isn’t* working, so that we can correct course and succeed. For Twin Flames this is all about the physical world connection, about the long term relationship.

Spirit immediately shows us that Saturn is both the “great karmic teacher” and deals with long term relationships.

So it’s highly likely that relationship karma is coming to a head in this Full Moon period.When we have past hurts and karmic wounds from as far back as other lives, these can keep us trapped in repeating cycles of struggle.

Especially for Twin Flames, as the intensity of this soul connection pushes to the surface anything that is a block to love (such as betrayal, abandonment issues, anger issues, conflict and more).

Read more about karma and take a quiz to assess what kind of karmic debt is impacting your Twin Flame connection here.

And for a session where we go through clearing karma for the Twin Flame connection, opening up to harmony – go here.


A Gift For Twin Flames

We’re shown that paradoxically, this is the year’s biggest “gift” for Twin Flames seeking to come together on the physical plane.

Because there is a high momentum for shifting out of the cycles that have kept it from happening. The biggest blocks are likely to show themselves in some form now.

And with Mars entering into his rare retrograde, we see there’s a likelihood that it will feel and seem on the surface like things are taking a bad turn as regards the Masculine Twin…

Many Feminine Twins in particular are likely to feel that the connection is disrupting and that their counterpart is a lost cause… That it’s beyond hope.

But if you can work to resolve the negativity that’s kept you and your Twin from reuniting physically, you can make huge progress in this period. In fact, it’s instrumental for opening up to the love you desire.

If your Twin Flame is unawakened or a “runner” you will find this channeled session a big help in this…

twin flame awakening

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The Twin Flame Test – Will You Pass?

Another indication for this Full Moon is, our resolve is being tested. Our approach is being questioned for our highest good.

If you’ve felt burdened with the connection and like the journey is draining you… Considering leaving it all behind and trying to find happiness some other way… Saturn is reaching out a hand to you and saying “you do have the choice”.

You are not forced to seek reunion with your Twin Flame. It is always your choice. Don’t put yourself through pain, is the message.

Yes, do your inner work to resolve your issues and uplift your vibration so you can live happily on all levels… (watch a video here on how it works)… but don’t keep pushing yourself in the Twin connection *from a place of not having a choice*.

It’s time to check inside and connect with why you’re on this journey. Yes, your soul chose it. But you here and now.

The suggestion in this energy is, you might benefit from taking a few days to experience what it would be like to live without this connection, on some level.

To act as if it doesn’t exist for a little while. To see how that feels.

Changing The Momentum Between Twins

In order to give your system a ‘reset’ and to help you realign with your inner truth. You’ll see the wisdom in this. It’s not about not trying with your Twin Flame, it’s about changing the momentum and re-embracing yourself in love.

To ground into your own truth – by pulling out of potential frustration, desperation…

Paradoxically, this will help you open up to the love in the connection again. To reconnect with all the reasons why you began this whole journey, the motivation that brought you here…

The bliss of connecting with your other self in unconditional love.

(If you want to step back into remembering, clicking into what brought you here in the first place, have a look at this article)

twin flame union

Is Your Heart Not In It?

Mercury entering Leo at the same time echoes this, “saying” to us, that if our heart’s not in something, why are we doing it?

Is your heart not really in it? And this goes not just for the Twin connection but anything in our lives.

A career, a friendship, a place, a home, a way of seeing the world…

If it doesn’t make you feel alive, “ignite the fire in you”, then this coming month you’ll be faced with this choice. Life is short, is Leo’s wisdom…

Boldly go for your dream, don’t settle for less! (For messages from the lion spirit animal and other guardians from the natural kingdom, have a look here).


Pressure On The Masculine Twin

Lilith conjunct the Full Moon adds to the complications, fuelling male/female karmic conflict into the situation. Be aware that emotions are running high in the collective right now.

And with this and Mars retrograde, we see so many Feminine Twin Flames feeling like their counterpart won’t do their part in making reunion happen. Like it’s out of her hands because he isn’t participating or trying…

Although it might seem that way from the outside, it’s a misperception.

Have a look at this article to discover why… (Even unawakened Twin Flames are working on the process on the non-physical planes).


An Important Time Of The Process

This week – especially June 27-29th – is set to be a challenge. But know that this is an important time in the process.

This is where we learn the truth, gain clarity about ourselves and our deeper motivations.

It’s our chance to change course if we have to, to reconnect with our heart’s essence and really stake out the path to what we desire. Not just to hope and to dream, but to make it happen in reality.

So even if you don’t really feel like it right now, you’ll find it beneficial to carry out the following exercise:

To help you with the release process during this powerful Full Moon, consider what things/relationship patterns/cycles/experiences/situations/feelings/repeated issues you’d like to leave behind.

Including with yourself. (Saturn “loves” it when we take responsibility for ourselves and ground into our power, it’s a part of the magic of using this challenging energy to our benefit…

When we admit our shortcomings or negative traits and realize we are so much more as souls, this energy helps us to correct the problems – supporting us into something that serves us better).

Recalibrating Into A Higher State

So make a note of what you would like to leave behind from this recent period. You don’t have to go in depth, as this would activate the signal again. But briefly note down the elements you’d like to shift away from.

Now clear these using energy tools (get my powerful free daily cleanse audio here) this will remove the electromagnetic charge from your system, recalibrating you into a higher state capable of holding the energy of love and a lasting unity with your counterpart.

Essential here is the cutting of cords to past situations and people and traumas you want to leave behind.

We go through this in both the complete harmony healing and both the full energy clearing sessions, as well as the Vibrational Alignment Program (here I also take you through ending outdated soul contracts and clearing negative entity attachments).

Leaving The Twin Flame Rollercoaster

When we clear energy and heal karma, we remove the negative signal that kept us stuck on a “train track” of repeated problems…

We allow the past to be the past, shifting us into a new and higher state where we can uplift into higher states of love and harmony, attracting positive experiences.

This will powerfully uplift your timelines for the long run (discover what Twin Flame Timelines are all about in this article)


Intention Setting – Enlisting Your Divinity

To end with, write down a few major long term goals you’d like to achieve, including with your Twin Flame.

“I now invite in the following or better, to the highest good of everyone involved…” then write down your highest and most heartfelt wishes. And don’t let “realism” limit your focus. At the end of your list, write “and so it is. Thank you.”

This sends out a strong energy signal to the universe, activating people, places, energies, circumstances to move toward you in a different way.

Know that intention setting does tend to bring blocks to the surface, so stay on top of your daily energy management to maximize the positive results and avoiding any heaviness shaking your confidence.

At The Edge Of The Precipice

And if you feel like setting intentions for the future is just sending a sinking feeling into your stomach, or like a rock is lodged in your heart… have a look here.

It’s a signal that your unconscious belief system is “sabotaging” you. A part of you doesn’t believe happiness/love/reunion is possible…

And I was guided to help the collective fix this deeper underlying problem with these new Affirmations Audios for Twin Flames.

Set to music, the Twin Flame Affirmations Audios help you open up to your desires on a deeper level, shifting your energy to open to reunion.

Because as long as our deeper emotions believe happiness and “heaven on earth” to be a lie or a fantasy, our system is blocked to experiencing it.

Look at your situation with your Twin Flame right now… Then think a few years down the line… A decade… If you’ve got a sinking feeling in your stomach, or are feeling heavy, sad, fearful – it’s a signal you unconsciously expect disappointment and problems.

Check out the Affirmations Audio to start reprogramming your unconscious mind and opening up your connection to harmony… Click here for more details and to download.


With this week being so strongly focused on scrubbing up for a long-term physical world connection, keep an eye on your thoughts and your perspective.

It’s highly likely that doubts will come up… But the spiritual truth is you are infinite – you really can make it happen!

I believe in you! And as always I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x



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