Twin Flame Energy Forecast March 28th-April 4th: “New Beginnings”

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You’ll Never Be Quite the Same Again: A Huge Multiple Cycle Shift opens up to positive inner change for Twins, stirs Runners to Return and old Hurts to be Healed.


April sets out to be another eventful month, and we soon have a pivotal New Moon in Aries on April 7th conjunct the Aries Sun and Uranus.

I’m shown that this represents a huge cycle shift for Twin Flames. The real new year, energetically. Key words include breakthroughs, new beginnings, new thinking, new self perceptions, new emotional cycles.

You’ll Never Be The Same Again

I don’t like to go into specific predictions in the realm astrology and energy, because although we’re constantly facing energetic input from the planetary fields we all have free will of creation and nothing is set in stone from the outside. Having said that, this is a huge one!

The indication is that a LOT will be changing over this next Moon cycle of the coming 28 days, and most likely the biggest changes will come in terms of your self perception and how you function within yourself emotionally. Your self perception. And on the Twin Flame path that means everything.

How you see yourself is a determiner for how others see you and what relationships and experiences you attract. Try holding your hand on your heart and saying “I love myself” (and mean it) and feel your whole being shift into a different energy.

Now, something new in your life – whether it’s an idea, a message from spirit, communication incoming from your Twin, or some new technological innovation or healing method – will transform the way you function in life.

It will transform you for good. You will never be quite the same again. This is the message. Come May, your situation will have shifted in some profound way.

Runners Returning, Support From The Masculine

As this New Moon/Sun/Uranus “team restart” is positively aspected by Mars, there is an indication that the masculine energy in your situation will play a positive role in this profound new beginning. The masculine is supporting you. Someone’s words of love or a peace offering or a new perspective from them, will open up your situation.

Included in this, is the indication of Runners Returning somehow (even on the 5D planes) or getting in touch again after Separation. And as Saturn is involved, it’s likely that old hurt stemming from a male authority figure or karmic hurts between you and your Twin is somehow being brought to the surface to be healed. You’re finally able to let go of some past negativity for good.

I’m shown father figures and other male figures reaching out, a sense of apology, releasing you from conflict. The likelihood is that this can come through dreams and meditation experiences just as much as through “real life’.

Most Twin Flames have past life drama shared, which become blocks on their path to Reunion. Abandonment, betrayal (infidelity) and conflict are common themes that recur from life to life seeking resolution between Twins, have a look at our most recent energy clearing session to get deeper insights and begin uprooting any karmic blocks.

This New Moon in Aries on April 7th especially pushes the “reset” button for the Masculine and Aries natives – getting to leave more of the past behind.

Set positive intentions now for the next Moon period and take some symbolic action to make the most of these energies of newness. Starting over.

Karmic Responsibilities

Saturn is now moving Retrograde, continuing the themes of Twin Flames having to face up to their karmic responsibilities to one another and learning about the repercussions of actions and intentions. We’re being mentored (from a tough teacher) in how to be responsible, conscious manifestors.

Empaths will have noticed Saturn’s station into retrograde palpably this year, around March 25th – it felt like everything was on edge, a jagged feeling of tension and underlying collective fear. Shielding ourselves from others’ energies will be a huge help in this period until Saturn moves direct again in August.

Again, if you’re finding this time unpleasant, you yourself can clear negative karma by understanding, forgiving and releasing with energy tools.


Words, Weapons, Wounds

Be careful again with words and communication as Mercury conjuncts Uranus on March 30th -1st April – this transit indicates that sudden inspiration and all kinds of out there ideas and information could show up, but it impacts Mars, Pluto and the Moon in a challenging aspect.

The message is to be careful with what you say and how you say it right now, because your Twin especially could take it the wrong way. And once someone gets upset it will be a lot more hassle to build bridges than just keeping your words a bit extra sweet to begin with.

Masculine “Upgrade” Continues 

The Sun is in Aries as this month begins, and Venus follows soon after – indicating high volatility but lots of zest for action and plenty of physical passion. This is a time full of potential enthusiasm and happiness, but careful with the shadow aspects of the Aries/Masculine polarity energies: aggression, impatience, domineering (needless to say, these traits can cause problems in love).

Be mindful of seeing others’ points of view right now – this doesn’t come naturally with the Aries energies, so make a concerted effort. Some diplomacy can help you get the most out of the high impact power at hand this month. 

On April 6th we have a trine between the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, which indicates a two-pronged message – one, there is solid support for new projects, pioneering efforts. “Authority figures” (these can include your own higher self and your Twin Flame) help you and appreciate your unique way of doing things. A lot of positive support.

However, message number two here is: excitement and passion is great, but slow down and make sure you know where you’re headed. Saturn impacting the fire signs is an indication to bring some practicality into the picture. Ground yourself.

Twin Connections Moving Into The Physical

We also have a square between the Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn at the same time (Saturn’s home sign), reinforcing this message. You’re being asked to go deeper now – find out your true motivations and use this to propel you forward.

Saturn speaks about responsibility, karma and maturity, while Pluto deals with the subconscious and “detoxing” what has been causing imbalances. For Twin Flames there’s an upside to this energy – it feels like Saturn’s usual heaviness will actually serve to anchor in more deeply some of the new high vibrational energies and new templates that have been coming in during recent weeks.

It’s not just our energetic systems being upgraded, the heavy ancestral buildup of the physical structures are being slowly but surely cleared of negativity and infused with light. Spirit explains that this must be done carefully so as not to overwhelm the physical body.

These energies have a sense of love being supported to ground into the physical, and without guaranteeing it – this feels strongly like an indication of Twin meetings and connections moving into the physical somehow.

Many Twins have been in separation, but now these new energies provide support for the connection to come together in the physical yet again. This next phase seems to promise that Twins are beginning to come together again physically as well as on the soul planes.

But, we’re reminded, the soul work had to come first. We are being commended for the inner work and clearing of negativity that’s now opening us up to these physical world reunions.

High Voltage Energies

We end the week (and the beginning of next week) with a highly significant conjunction between the Sun and Uranus in Aries. These are extremely volatile energies – sudden inspiration, “electricity” and an increase in extrasensory perceptions. Be mindful that the high volatility doesn’t lead to blow-ups, however.

Channel these high voltage energies into something meaningful for you – use this time to move ahead, to power projects dear to your heart. In terms of your Twin Flame connection, new solutions can show up to old problems you might have been tempted to give up on.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x


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