Twin Flame Energy Forecast May 23rd-29th “Sleepers Awakening”


Double-powerful energies amp up the Ascension process and stir Deeper Awakening in Sleeper Twins, while Masculine/Feminine oppositions pose challenges between Twin Flames…


Another huge week for Twin Flames with the aftermath of two intensive cosmic events coloring the mood – Mercury direct and a double-impact Full Moon whose hit on Mars retrograde is still leaving the collective energies shaking.

If you’re emphatic, that’s what the weird tense “edginess” around the last few days has been all about. The good thing is, this tension is serving a deeper purpose to “wake up” those who have been comfortably asleep.

The Lessons of Mercury Retrograde

In happy news, Mercury went direct just yesterday May 22nd in Taurus – finally to be moving out of the shadow zone the first week of June and not “bothering us” until autumn. This is a happy signal that our period of intense throat/brow chakra upgrades, complications and reevaluation in the area of communication is at an end for now.

These last few weeks we have been learning lessons about patience and manifestation, about grounding into the present moment and about perspective: Taurus energies support our “zen” lesson of being present in the now.

Life is a series of now moments – and importantly, the Twin Flame journey is a series of now moments. Our human illusion tends to be to focus on the past and future but this means we miss out on the joys of the here and now.

The truth is, the past is over (we’re the ones keeping it alive with our thoughts) and the future hasn’t happened yet. Most of humanity is locked in a constant floating between past and future, rarely being there fully in the now to enjoy life and experience each moment.

Learning to be present in the now moment is one of the central focuses of ancient spiritual methods such as meditation. After all, we are here to experience living.

Spirit recently woke me up with the philosophical question: “If you live to be a hundred years old, how many years will you have lived?”


Blocks from Physical Body Trauma

I have been shown by spirit on my journey that there are deeper reasons behind this common human pattern of not being fully present in the now moment.

It’s not simply a choice we make. The fact is that many of us carry karmic patterns of feeling unsafe to be fully present in the now moment and in our bodies.

We’re not away in the past or the future just because we’re unwilling or ignorant.  It goes deeper than that.


Many of us have early life (and past life) experiences of trauma related to being in a human body. Things like sickness, accidents, violence and other trauma get stored in the body’s cellular memory and causes blockages. We can through this, actually develop a pattern of feeling unsafe in our own bodies.

This was the case for me for decades – feeling strangely absent in daily life and more mentally focused, as if I was never “quite there”, without understanding why. People talked about “grounding yourself” but I could never feel it.

To me, it felt good to be away in the mental space of books and films and thoughts, but that meant I was also open to a lot of other mental stuff that wasn’t quite so pleasant – worries, stress, too vivid impacts of others’ opinions, negative episodes and stories.

Spirit showed me the karmic patterns causing this imbalance of feeling unsafe in my body so that I could clear it and move on in freedom. (You can read about one of my karmic experiences here.)

The great thing is that imbalances like this can be corrected with karma clearings and energy management, so that we can once again begin to be fully present in our own lives and enjoy existence as physical human beings.

Masculine/Feminine oppositions

Capping off May, we have a significant opposition between the masculine and feminine as Venus in Taurus (moving into Gemini) challenges Mars in Sagittarius. This isn’t a particularly negative challenge – there’s less of a sense of conflict than we had a few weeks, or even a few days ago.

These current energies have a sense excitement and a pleasant tension, but keep in mind that it will likely feel that you and your Twin are coming from “opposite” sides of the fence now.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, however, as too much likeness can tend to feel unexciting after a while, and we could sometimes use some contrast to flare up the fire again.

Allow yourself to experience the upward motion thrill of this fire/air energy clash, rather than focusing too much on any problems. Big decisions between the Twins might be best made after this transit is over.

The “Ocean” of Other People’s Emotions

Lastly, we have a huge impact moon interaction in Pisces on May 29th – this is a double-powered moon, as it’s happening both in the sign of Pisces but also conjunct Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune, meaning the energetic impact is amplified powerfully. Neptune and Pisces stand for the ocean, the collective unconscious and emotions.

Take it easy around this time, and make sure you’re not reacting to other people’s energy. Pisces shadow themes include escapism and becoming lost in the “ocean” of the collective. Remember to shield yourself and keep your energy running clear – have a look at this Twin Flame pair healing that was channeled to me by spirit for just that for both Twins in order to avoid triggering.

Transformation Is Afoot

It is said that Neptune is another “master of detoxification” – while Pluto forces the toxins (negative emotions, damaging beliefs, energy blocks) up to the surface to be cleared, Neptune wears away at the blocks like water does with bedrock.

It happens slowly and constantly, dissolving them over time. It can still be highly uncomfortable. Transformation usually is, as we’re letting go of what we’ve got used to feeling safe with, no matter how damaging or limiting it’s been for us.

This particular moon interaction happens not only conjunct Neptune, one of the Zodiac’s “heaviest” planets, but in opposition with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo.


Our lesson here is that the time of focusing on other people is over. Lightworkers and the Twin Flames must “grow up”, spiritually mature and recognize their own inner power – to become their own guiding star, their own authority figure.

Neptune and the Moon are helping us, somewhat heavy-handedly, in letting go of the unconscious material that has kept us focused on other people, on society. What’s kept us locked to “playing life by the rules”.  We are being pushed to move out of this now.

Your Unique Soul vs Ego/Gender Roles/Love Perceptions

The message is: as a Twin Flame, as a Lightworker, you are not like everyone else – and you’re not meant to be. Ultimately, it is only by tearing you away from what you have known around you, that you will fulfill your destiny/bliss/mission – if you’re like everyone else you cannot help anyone else.

This moon period is set to trigger even deeper lying light codes that have been waiting to be triggered – deeper awakening, soul memories, traces of your inner knowing – why you’re here, how to walk the path onward. Unlocking knowledge, intuitively, emotionally.

We are with this moon cycle being pushed to clearing out what’s been in the way of this. The Moon challenges both the Sun, Venus and Saturn – ego, gender roles/perceptions of love, and authority. We are being pushed to shift out of these rigid systems in order to be truly free to love unconditionally.

Energy clearing is the most effective method I’ve found to deal with heaviness, emotions and negativity on my journey – as an empath I found the initial part of my Ascension extremely heavy (some of my pillows still have mascara marks from all the crying) until I began using energy tools. As I cleared away the layers of congestion, new light codes were activated. Have a look here to find out more about the powerful tools I developed, researched and discovered.

Awakening Sleeper Twins

These energies tie in powerfully with the simultaneous Mars Retrograde, stirring further levels of soul awakening in those Twins who have been asleep. We’re in a process of clearing away congestion so that the true self can shine through.


Those who have been deep under the mask of Ego will now begin to experience ever more moments of the soul, through dreams, intuitive messages…


Ever more sleeper Twins are in the process of awakening. In fact, writing this, I’m shown that come fall, the situation will have opened up to a whole new level. The sense is that a lot of Ego resistance will have been cleared away, and many who have been fleeing from their Twin and their true journey will “feel the light of truth” in a new way.

Many Twins’ higher selves seem to be planning to trigger awakening during this next 5-6 month period, especially through dream experiences and astral encounters with the mirror self, where Kundalini Rising can stir the return to true inner knowing for those who have been “asleep”.

As countless Twin Flames have experienced, it is these often inexplicable connections that somehow connect the two Twins’ hearts, which truly unleash the power of this journey and set things moving.


Once you and your Twins’ hearts have connected, there is no going back. And this is what’s on the way for many Twins who have so far been to desensitized by Ego to feel it.


Focus on Feelings As A Guide

Another message from spirit is, there is an energetic focus now on feeling – if you’re unable to get a clear mental image through visualization, or to get clarity around your future or a decision, use your feelings. Tune into your heart and feel your way there.

You can at any given moment get into the feeling energy of a decision, a situation, the paths you are trying to choose from. You can always tune into your Twin Flame with your feelings.

Your heart is a loyal guide, an infallible compass – listen to it and allow it to show you the way to your bliss. To shift into your heart, simply set the intention.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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