Twin Flame Energy Forecast Oct 1st-7th “Venus Retrograde”



Are You Waiting For A Savior? Releasing 3D Relationships To Make Heaven On Earth Show Up. Venus Retrograde: Waking The Lioness From Within…

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

As Pluto turns direct while Venus begins her Retrograde Through Scorpio – secrets, power struggles from the past, sexuality and fear of the Feminine’s own deeper primal nature are being brought up for resolution…

The feminine is pushed to reclaim her own power of self – unity within. Do you know your own depths?

More details below.

Getting Clarity On Your Path


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A Highly Irregular Year…

Pluto just stationed to turn direct Sunday evening so themes of sexuality, the unconscious, death/rebirth and secrets might be intensified right now… By the end of the week things should have smoothed out somewhat.

But in general we have an intense period ahead – because this week Venus turns retrograde for the first time in 2 years.

You might remember Mars’ Retrograde period from this summer as pressured, frustrating and bringing strange confusion to your Twin Flame connection…

Even if you had felt complete clarity up until that point.

Well this is a watershed year both for the Twin Flame collective and humanity – we have had an unusual 5 eclipses, plus both Mars and Venus retrograde in the same year.

Highly irregular. (Read more about this in the Free 2018 Yearly Forecast)

So after Mars’ 2 month long retrograde this summer, representing purging and upgrading of the Masculine energy polarity templates…

The turn has come to Venus and the feminine energy polarity, and the templates of love.

Major Changes Forthcoming In Love

For the next weeks, we’re set to be going over old ground, reevaluating and shifting our programming in terms of love and relationships – essentially how we bond with others.

With Uranus in Taurus currently opposition Venus, it’s set to bring major changes. Above all from within.

Uranus brings change, often in abrupt and uncomfortable ways. We’re being challenged to adjust how we approach love – including self love.

It’s about how our inner state and self perception affects how we interact in relationships.

For Twin Flames, old fears of abandonment, childhood issues with feeling unloved, societal programming of feeling “not good enough” are likely to come up for resolution.

(Read an article here about how our childhood experiences heavily influence our adult love life)


Grand Trine In Water – Emotions Flow…

Although this time can be challenging, it’s the perfect time for inner work, clearing and uplifting your deeper system – as you’ll be working WITH the cosmic flow of energy instead of trying to “survive it”.

When we repress the negativity that’s being shown up to us, we don’t fully release it. It sinks back down and lodges into our system again.


The Complete Harmony Healing For Twin Flames is a great complement to this time as it will clear out any lingering causes of negativity between you.

Don’t just hope for gateways, or the universe to magically bring you and your Twin together in harmony – you must be open to reunion for it to happen. If your systems are full of negativity, love is “off channel”… Read more here and get started on uplifting

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Early this week, before Venus turns back in her tracks we are in the midst of a grand trine in water between Venus, Neptune Retrograde and the Moon.

This is a powerful and positive energy current which supports flow and harmony.

With Neptune retrograde involved we see heightened intuition, telepathy and unconditional love experiences between the Twin Flames!

Portal Into Twin Flame Bliss

And we see that “opting out” of spiritual dogma is a big part of it.

That in order to *experience* your spiritual love connection, you have to in essence stop *thinking* about your spiritual love connection.

That in order to feel the unconditional love between you and your divine counterpart, you have to stop thinking about it and analyzing it.

It’s always there, and what blocks you from feeling and experiencing that bliss, is thinking. Particularly fear thoughts and worries.

There’s also a strong indication that your Twin Flame’s higher self has been trying to reach you for a long time with guidance, support and love!

But that you’ve been too preoccupied to perceive it.

I’m shown, your counterpart actually knows the path “home”, the path to reunion, how to get back together. They can be your most powerful helper on your journey, if you just open up and let them!

Read more about this inA Message For You From Your Twin Soul”


Are You “Owning” Your Power?

On October 5th, Venus begins her retrograde through Scorpio, then moving into and Libra in early November heavily deals with sexuality.

Highlighted are themes around how many females are alienated from being fully free in their own sexuality – and the dysfunction and imbalance this brings to relationships.

This time can feel heavy and scary as it’s all about breaking through your own boundaries… Going into the depths to find your own connection with your own primal sexual nature and OWNING your own sexual power!

If you want to do this alone and are not currently with your Twin, it might be simpler in some ways.

If others are involved right now, expect unconscious issues and shadows to rear their heads. We see the good girl turn lioness, suddenly reacting against boundaries placed on her in life!

(For a great session that bypasses the ego mind, goes into the unconscious to uproot damaging material and blocks both for you AND your Twin, click here)


Venus Retrograde – Sexuality, Power, Secrets, Death/Rebirth…

We’re now set to get a unique opportunity to clean up any old mis-wirings so we can fully unite with love within, and attract the unity and completeness we desire with the other.

As Scorpio is the sign of death/resurrection, the unconscious and power, there’s also a high indication that an ex will come into the picture again somehow.

It could even be meeting someone who simply reminds you of that person…

Often, this is the universe’s way of helping you get closure and shift your perspective, to be ready for a new and happier chapter. Or to give you a chance to see why things went wrong, so you can make amends and reunite.

But be careful with your heart at this time. There’s the risk that you’ll have a change of heart once Venus turns direct.

Venus begins to shuffle backwards for almost 2 months until she’s in her own sign of Libra after being in Scorpio since 9 September.

Venus isn’t happy in Scorpio at the best of times. It’s hard for her true nature to shine through and a simple attraction can all too easily take on the nature of an obsession.

Is It Love Or Is It Lust?

One problem is that when Venus is in Scorpio, it’s hard to distinguish between love and lust. Things can become intimate very quickly, but that speed can make emotions overpowering.

As Venus changes direction, she prods you to take a close, very close, look at relationships in terms of passion, sensuality, intensity – and control.

Are you running the show or is it being run for you?

Another problem is that with Venus retrograde, qualities you found endearing before can start to grate. Venus retrograde is always about something from the past showing up in love.

Whether it’s a past lover, an earlier phase of a relationship or an old issue that’s been left unresolved – it’s almost guaranteed to show up in some form now.

Sacral And Heart Chakra Purge

Spirit also shows us childhood programming relating to self and love being triggered. What experiences and feeling patterns from childhood could be holding you back in love now? (Watch a video on what that really means here)

Venus in Scorpio is set to nudge you to get clarity in this, to help you open up to love on a deeper level.

We’ll also experience incoming energies stirring up a purge of damaging programming from the Sacral and Heart Chakras in this period – as sex and love templates receive an overhaul.

What’s really happening is that strong energy currents trigger old density (negative programming of shame, fear, guilt and other heaviness) to be stirred up.

It’s highly beneficial to work WITH this process, to help integrate new light and properly flush out the outdated 3D programming.

Otherwise it can feel like a bad detox, sluggish, tense and frustrated… Even old emotions surfacing out of place… tears, anger and so on.

Energy work will help you get the best of this without the triggering and heaviness. (Have a look here for more – and ask yourself what you feel the most drawn to. That’s your intuition, your soul, speaking about what’s to your highest good right now).

What Others’ Judgments Have Blocked Your Love Journey?

You might also find it useful to get this Free Chakra Reading to pinpoint what’s really going on in your system, and learn more about the chakra system and how it impacts the Twin Flame journey!


Ask yourself this: How might you have changed yourself or deemed yourself “wrong” because of others’ judgments?

And how might this have impacted your love relationships – your Twin Flame journey?

The answer is that when we judge ourselves to be “wrong” on any level it creates an unhealthy shame based block to fully opening up to others.

It’s not something we maybe go around thinking on a conscious level – that we’re not “good enough”.

But on the feeling level, what we have picked up on as children and teens stays in our system as an unconscious feeling that prevents us from feeling safe to love and be loved.

The Real Reason For Blocked Twin Connections…

Spirit’s message is that many Female Twins in particular are unaware that it’s actually their own energy of not being “good enough”, not “worthy” of love, which is often blocking the connection…

(Read more about this in “Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job”)

twin flames

So in this period, the Feminine’s unconscious blocks to opening up to her own power, her own truth and to her counterpart are being shown up to be cleared once and for all.

Because if we cannot fully accept and love ourselves, our divine mirror self will keep reflecting this energy back to us in some way.

Not to hurt us, but because our energies are identical and always interacting.

You’ll find powerful work to upgrade and uplift into self love here.

As you know, self love is crucial on the Twin Flame journey – “As within so without”. What you hold towards yourself is what you attract in your Twin Flame connection, and self love it is the key to manifesting unity and harmony with your Twin Soul.

But many don’t address how to properly do this.

And why someone is unable to love themselves in the first place: The truth is, if you don’t love and accept and cherish yourself – and if you don’t attract this from others – it’s a sign there’s something going on in your system.

Some childhood experience or judgment that “told” you you weren’t worthy of that kind of completeness of love.

Harmonizing The Twin Flame Bond

As Venus turns retrograde, we have a supportive conjunction between the Sun and Ceres the asteroid for agriculture and harvest, plus Saturn joins with Vesta, the asteroid for dedication to a cause.

We see that this Venus retrograde period truly can bring positive changes, but it’s a lot about this: “What you reap, you sow”. What you put out, you get back.

If you can use this time to harmonize your inner state and your love programming, you can reap big benefits in the next cycle come November when Venus turns direct once more.

Letting Go Of The 3D Fairy Tale

Ultimately, your ability to love and be loved is your divine power!

Love is the greatest force in the universe. And when our hearts are wounded, blocked or closed, we live life at half speed.

And when we wait for a prescribed “fairy tale” or a knight in shining armor to come rescue us, we’re blocking the real experience of what might be truly meant for us.

A blissful love that might reach beyond what we were told by the world. But as long as we cling to that idea of someone to sweep us off our feet, to rescue us… We keep the door shut on what might be a higher truth.

When you can release the “stories” of the human world, you can lift into something higher than you ever believed possible. (Get help with this here)

Twin Flames are here to write new stories of unconditional, higher love, not to live the myths the human world created.

When you heal and open your heart to allow the flow of pure love, you experience a resurgence of light and ease into your life.

What was drab turning into sparkling color and doors that were shut, flying open… But be aware that what might really be keeping love away isn’t other people or the universe – it could be yourself and your own deeper fears.

I believe in you! And until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

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