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When Skeptics Get In The Way Of Twin Flame Love. Plus, New Moon In The Sign Of Sex, Death and Rebirth – What’s Your Love Karma? And: Learn How To Tell If Your Twin Is Lying, A Simple Yet Powerful Trick To Always Knowing The Truth?…


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Rising Up Into Twin Flame Love

The end of October is set to be eventful, particularly with Venus interacting with Neptune (a challenge between the “real” and “unreal”) between the 24th-26th and on the 26th we have a high impact sextile between Venus and Jupiter, with a simultaneous square to the Node.

This last one is an interesting energy current. We’re now set to be dealing with the Twin Flames’ desire to reach up above and into idealism, celebrating the power of love – but being challenged unpleasantly by humanity as a collective…

Skeptics might seem to be all around right now, either as residue of other people’s opinions in your own mind or through actual people putting blocks on your excitement, pointing out flaws and using “realism” against you.


Dealing With Skeptics on the Twin Flame Path

Most Twins experience this on their path – the dour face of skepticism and “realism” saying “it’s impossible”, “you’re imagining it”, “love isn’t real” and so on.

Even if you don’t hear this from an outside person right now, expect these kinds of thoughts – the old 3D patterns and even low vibration influence from spiritual parasites (learn more about this here) – to rear their ugly heads.

Spirit’s advice is to go within. If others are positioning themselves against your happiness or hopes, simply choose not to listen. It’s your journey, and not everyone will understand. It is not their right to judge. 

Go within and connect with your soul’s truth and your guidance team’s support and love instead. They know you, they understand the Twin Flame journey and they know the truth – love is always real, and you have what it takes to be happy and experience love beyond what other people even dreamed of.

Allow the higher vibrational energies and the resonance of truth to carry you back up if things feel challenging right now.


The Truth About Realism

Spirit shows us that realism the way human beings operate is actually untruthful. It’s based in old experiences by other people. An agreed upon belief that it’s often not possible for good things to happen and that we better shield ourselves from disappointment by opting out of hope and faith.

The truth is, it’s just as unlikely for the “worst case scenarios” to happen as “best case scenarios” – it’s just that people have collectively agreed that negativity is to be expected. As co-creators of our life experience, this can be severely limiting and it’s not truthful. Negativity is no more likely than positivity.

When you learn to listen to your intuition and clear your energy of any congestion, you can literally feel the difference between truth and lies/illusions.

You can go here to read more about how to deal with out and out sabotage, jealousy and negative influence from outsiders on the Twin Flame path, something Twins contact me about every single week…

Keep in mind if your energy connection with your Twin is congested, it often feels like things aren’t going very well and like you’re growing apart even when you’re not. It’s because of the congestion. 

We go through clearing the Twin Flame connections between you – and more – in this comprehensive Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames. Again, becoming familiar with how energy works and clearing negative baggage and others’ influence out of your space can work “miracles”.


Finding a New Compass for the Journey

Twin Flame Love is truth. Always. Arguments or humanity’s stories about justifying conflict, on the other hand, are based in low vibration energies. These are always rooted in “lies” – meaning, they’re not what they claim to be.

For Twin Flames, opposition is always based in illusion.

Tune into the energy of someone’s skepticism, and you’ll find past disappointment.

Tune into compulsive lust and you’ll find an inner sense of emptiness desperately trying to be filled.

There is always a motivation behind negativity – a deep seated fear.

Love, on the other hand, is free. Energetically pure. Try experimenting with these things yourself. You can literally tune into the energy of things and people.


A Simple Yet Powerful Intuition Exercise

Try it right now. Visualize a basement, damp stone walls and barely any light. A dusty window up high on a wall, a locked door, some chains along the corner of the floor. What feeling do you get? Most likely a heavy one, constrictive.

Something is wrong. Limitation.

Now, visualize a sunny meadow full of blooming flowers and birds singing. What feeling do you get? Most likely a positive, light one.

Relaxation. All is well.

You can use your intuition to know the truth about things once you learn to listen to it. To listen and tune into your intuition, it’s imperative to quiet your mind and clear out congestion. To be in touch with your intuition, clearing your energy and meditating regularly is very powerful.

If we’re busy thinking, analyzing there’s no room for intuition to come forth.

And if you find it tricky to focus when meditating, try my Free Deep Alpha Level Guided Meditation for Twin Flames here to get you going.


The Difference Between Intuition and Fear

An interesting side note is, fear energies can often cloud our intuition. Often people tell us to follow the gut feeling.

But the truth is our “gut feeling” isn’t our intuition, because it’s fear based. Fear is based in past experience and embedded beliefs – whereas intuition deals with literally tapping into the energy of something and knowing what awaits “down that road”.

True intuition is about reading the energy of situations and people, not about reacting to fear.

If you get a weird vibe from someone’s eyes – that’s your intuition. Your spirit telling you, this person isn’t good for you.

If you stand at the edge of a 33rd floor balcony and feel yucky when you look down – that’s physical body fear. Programmed genetically.

Fear can be deceptive, but energy never lies. If someone is sad, you’ll feel it even if they tell you they’re happy.

If someone is lying to you, you can feel it even if they’re telling you something else… When your own energy is clear enough, you can literally know the truth about anything.

To get in tune with your intuition, clear your energy and learn how to avoid all the confusion, stress and struggle of the Twin Flame path, go here for my Complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. There’s even a tool to make any soul (living or non-physical) tell you the truth about anything!



Karmic Lessons Rising

October 29th sees a rare and highly significant love event: Venus conjunct Saturn. The classic marriage and proposal date in astrology. Saturn/Venus interactions stand for commitment for the long term, reliability and loyalty – and this is a strong indication now.

In traditional astrology, this would be a highly advisable time to get married or engaged – as it would support a long and faithful marriage.

However, Saturn also deals with past life experiences and is the “karmic taskmaster” of the zodiac. The downside of his influence is heaviness, depression and a pressure to cut what’s redundant and to “slim down” for an easier journey onward.

If you’re feeling low right now, especially feeling as if there’s no hope for your Twin journey, spirit is showing me – this has to do with karma. It’s being highlighted now so that you can clear it for good and open up your path for the future.

Past life experiences are coming up for resolution to help you experience more joyous love and smoother relationships.

Most people are living their karmic cycles over and over – repeating patterns of ancestors and past experiences. We Twin Flames and Lightworkers are fortunate to have this shown up for us so we can step off the “wheel” and create our own destiny.

True clearing of Karma is one of the most transformational things I’ve experienced on this journey – it’s the deepest form of energy clearing I know and it can literally change things overnight.


Reincarnation and Relationships

Right now Jupiter is also in the house of marriage and relationships, interacting with the Saturn/Venus conjunction. This is an amazing time to clear up old karmic debt to open up to harmony – the universe is supporting you in this right now!

Especially love related karma based in abandonment, betrayal and heartbreak from the past, or remaining cords of attachment to past lovers. Most Twin Flames have shared past incarnations together and we carry baggage from these experiences.

Repeated cycles of Running and Separation are for Twin Flames nearly always caused by traumatic experiences of hurt and betrayal from either childhood or past lives.

To learn more about karma and how it can impact the Twin Flame journey, have a look at how I experienced this – and discover simple yet powerful tools to put the past away for good here (we go through clearing cords to past lovers in both the energy sessions for Twin Flames and in the complete harmony healing).


New Moon In Scorpio

We cap off October 30th with a New Moon in Scorpio – how fitting for Halloween to have both the Sun, Mercury and Moon in the sign of Death and Rebirth!

Death and rebirth are being highlighted right now all around us. Every fall in the northern hemisphere, nature shows us the importance of putting the past to rest and allowing for a period of respite for the new to grow forth. Bear in mind that sometimes, closing one door is what’s necessary to open a new one.

Beginnings and endings are all around us. Be on the lookout for these themes this week and know that when something ends it means that something else is beginning. There’s never a void and there’s always hope – it’s just that when things are shifting it can feel uncomfortable. Being forced to let go is never pleasant. 

Venus is also positively interacting with Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) at this time, bringing strong Scorpio/Plutonian energies to the table in love.

In essence, we’re hitting the reset button in terms of power and sexuality, but other potentials include old karmic love being brought back to life, or old tendencies recurring.

In some way, the past is likely to be expressing itself. For many Twins who’ve been doing their inner work and resolving past issues, this marks the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new and more harmonious era.



New Unity Between Twins

With Mars also close to Pluto on this day, this New Moon symbolizes a new connection made between Masculine and Feminine, a deeper cycle beginning for the Twin Flames in terms of sexuality and coming together physically.

The end of what has for most Twins been a challenging cycle of clearing up the past and opening up to deeper love. This next period promises new themes, new opportunities for love, new learning.

As always, it’s up to us what to make of the cosmic energies – but know that you have everything it takes to make your journey a happy one. I believe in you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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