Twin Flame Energy Forecast October 3rd-9th “Sexual Healing”


Discover The Secret Reason Why The Whole Human System Is Blocking Spiritual Union Between Masculine and Feminine…


Another eventful week ahead! Continuing this spring’s theme of sexual reformation and uplifting between the Twins, Venus is now moving through Scorpio, sign of death/rebirth, power and sex.

If your Venus or your twin’s is in Scorpio or the 8th house in your natal chart, this will be an especially impactful time for you. You can check your Venus placement with a free astrological calculator here.

Continuing this fall’s themes of preparing the Twin Flames for a harmonious reunion, we are still purging anything and everything that might constitute blocks between the pair. And lately, the male/female collective karma is coming up in a big way.


It’s Not All Your Hurt

When we’re born into a human body, we are indelibly connected to the karmic fields of the gender of that body – on some level, the female body is connected energetically with the plight of females throughout history through the collective energy pools, and the male body is connected with the male collective energy pools. In these energy pools there is a lot of heaviness and negativity – opposition and separation.

So in order to open the Twin Flames up to true unconditional love we are now experiencing not only a purge of our own personal “history” and baggage, but a cleanse of those collective energies.


The Power Of: “This Is Not Me”

I had a very unpleasant experience recently of feeling a lot of negativity towards my Twin Flame, which was so unlike our usual experience. I even knew it, as the anger and hurt traveled through me, that it didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel truthful… But it felt so “real”.

Eventually spirit helped me realize it was to show me how the collective energies impact each Twin Flame on their journey. So that I could realize it “was not me”, cut the cord to the collective energy pool and clear it out of my space. And to above all understand what it is that causes problems for Twins.

It’s not the Twins themselves that are the problem – the Twin Soul bond is all love. It’s the human “stuff” we’re exposed to and have taken on in life that causes the pain, the struggle, the running, the separation. So make sure you clear this stuff.

You can begin to cleanse your system and your connection with the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames, or if you want to go even deeper, have a look at my Full Vibrational Alignment Program.


Being Mindful Of the Twin Flame Collective

I would also highly recommend to cut the cords to the Twin collective if you haven’t already – there is a lot of heavy energy in the Twin group which can negatively impact your journey.

I first discovered this when I began the Twin Flames 11:11 website and took clients who were struggling with a lot of issues – that my own Twin connection suddenly became rampant with problems that we’d resolved previously. 

Spirit showed me it was due to energy I’d absorbed from others, so be mindful of how you interact with other Twin Flames, even if it’s “just” online. Energy travels instantly.

Clearing others’ energy and cords from your space – and being mindful that you yourself don’t cord to others – is a huge help on the Twin Flame journey. Truly transformational.

The message right now is – take a second look at your Twin connection and any problems. The issues you might be struggling with could be due to you picking up on other people’s energy. Either specific people, or the collective female karmic fields or the collective male karmic fields. Either way you are best served to identify this.

So if something is bothering you, ask inside. “Whose stuff is this? Whose feelings are these? Whose hurt is this?” 

Even after working with energy for years now I’ve been shocked at how profound and near instant this shift was. Energy management and being aware of “our stuff” is highly important on the Ascension path to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Twin Flames – Sexual Healing

We have a huge impact day on October 5th as Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Again, reinforcing that we’re not just dealing with sex, but a detox of the collective karmic fields of sex.

Sex has for millennia been tied up with power issues, abuse, violence, control. Sex has been and is even still in some parts of the world being used as a weapon against females.

This sticks deep in the collective energy fields, and causes tension and disruption. For how can the Feminine with her whole being and body open up to Union with the Masculine in a world with that kind of energy?

This is a deep wound, a physical body wound that also impacts emotional body, etheric body and the Heart Chakra and Sacral Chakra in particular.

What’s Been Blocking Physical Reunion For Twins

Pluto is now pushing the whole collective fields to drag to the surface these “pollutants” that have caused sex to be less about enjoyment and love, and more about power.

To cleanse humanity of this hurt that’s been blocking unity, and for Twin Flames to eradicate what’s been getting in the way of true unconditional love on all levels.

For many Twins, these are the hurts and the hold-backs that have been blocking physical reunion. The collective pain and history. Spiritual soul union happens up beyond these things, and for this reason many Twins’ souls actually unconsciously prefer to keep their interactions away from the “real world”.

Because earth is messy, and it has a dark and deep history that can be painful to interact with during the Ascension and Union process.

If you’re sharing a loving bond on the soul planes but struggle to come together physically, this could be a powerful part of your unconscious “counter-intentions” – what’s causing you to stay apart physically.

Learn more about karma and how it impacts the Twin Flame journey here


Paving the Way for Union Through Twin Flame Sex

Twin Flame sex* – as with everything between the Twins – is about reaching a pure balance and harmony. Spiritual sexuality, brought to the physical. Without bartering, without coercion. Sexuality for enjoyment and intimacy and love’s sake. No ulterior motives. High vibration sex.

If there are undercurrents of power struggle and sexual imbalances in your Twin Flame relationship, expect Pluto to bring these to your attention now – Plutonian energies force us to face the very things we’d often rather sweep under the carpet.

If there have been sexual dalliances and hurt based around sexuality between you and your Twin, make sure you clear the channels between you and open up the heart bond once more to eradicate the energetic residue of this (which can otherwise trigger separation, running and lingering pain).

(*Not all Twins are involved intimately with each other and there is nothing “wrong” with that – but the large majority of Twin Flames are romantically tied).


A Channeled Healing Journey Into The Soul

Spirit recently channeled a Brand new Energy Transformation Journey with me which goes deep into the unconscious past the ego defenses, to cleanse both your Heart Chakra and your Twin’s of old hurt, open up the heart bond and download new templates of self love (because “as within so without” – especially with Twin Flames).

We clear away abandonment fears, connections and cords to old lovers that might have impacted your ability to open to your Twin, and any old hurt that might have kept your heart (and thereby your Twin connection) blocked.

Plus, we sow seeds of positive manifestation for your onward journey, and I share with you some simple yet powerful methods – including why most people’s manifestations don’t work out (hint, it’s not because they don’t want it enough!).

We also get a powerful energy gift from source, uplift your timelines and energy fields and clear out fear from you and your Twin Flame’s Solar Plexus so you can feel safe to open up to each other.

It’s nearly an hour long and has been months in the making – specially formulated to help with the issues many Twins are dealing with right now. Getting to the root of things that “just don’t seem to go away”.

twin flame heart transformation

Have a look here for more.


Metamorphosis of Unawakened Twins

Mars, representing the Masculine, has now moved into Capricorn. There’s a sense that “he” has grown up a lot in recent months. He has learned a thing or two about responsibility, commitment, fairness, and seems more grounded and secure than before.

Now in Capricorn supported by Neptune, but challenging Sun and Jupiter – the Masculine being lifted up above his previous persona, and even his outer earthly personality is being reformed and uplifted. Unawakened Twins are not so Unawakened any longer, is the message. Metamorphosis is happening…

To help your Twin awaken, connect with them on the soul planes and assist them by clearing old attachments and congested energy around them and in their system. When we clear away the “ego layers” of energy, we allow the soul to shine strong from within. And that’s what Awakening is, ultimately. The soul self “taking over” more and more from the old ego self.

You can read more about dealing with an Unawakened Twin Flame here


Feminine Freedom Through Sexuality

Neptune is also supporting the Feminine right now.

As the powerful detox of sex happens on the earth plane, the Twins can still come together as souls and enjoy intimacy without the “problems” of earth – astral adventures are highly likely now.

The message for us right now is that the feminine’s true freedom comes through dealing with her sexuality, liberating a side of the female personality which has often been repressed. On the contrary, the male is being asked to balance through grounding and responsibility…

In essence, we are learning about each other’s patterns. Balancing. Embracing prior oppositions so that we can reach a new equality and understanding of each other. Learning about each other’s past in terms of ancestry and physical biology.

Balancing… Always balancing. Remembering that we are each other, and now reflecting this energetically with new programming – to align ever more into union.

In a highly important move now, Venus also approaches the significant asteroid Lilith – the dark side of the feminine. We are dealing with some of the deepest issues of humanity right now. The shadows house much hurt, emotional pain, wounds of exploitation and abandonment. Karmic wounds are being exposed so that we can heal and leave the past behind.

Spirit reminds us to rise up and stay connected in the 5D/soul realms while this goes on, to stay elevated above the fray that goes on “down on earth”.

Regularly meditate on your Twin’s soul, speak to them, connect. Use the free alpha level meditation here, where I talk you through the whole process. It strengthens your positive bonds, helping you rise above any negativity.


The Fall, The Garden of Eden

These issues that are coming up for the collective strongly impact Twin Flames. We are dealing with the human guilt from “the garden of Eden” – in other words, the “fall” into polarity, the sorrow of the journey from pure light as souls to the “good and evil” of the earth plane.

In the big monotheistic religions the female has been seen as the sexual scapegoat for so long that it has become engrained genetically in our bodies. It’s not just a “story”. It’s more akin to a computer program running in our bodies, unconsciously.

That the female must guard herself, control and repress herself, lest she damage people around her with her “strange” sexuality and “animal nature”.

In this way, women have been alienated from their own bodies by religion, family and society.

Higher Realms Supporting the Feminine

Right now, there’s a powerful sense of higher realms supporting the feminine – encouragement that she’s allowed and meant to explore the full breadth of her being. Especially so that “she” can help humanity balance itself, open up to new programming coming in.

The message is: In the hearth of the Twin Flame relationship, the feminine is always free. As souls, when you and your Twin Soul connect as the purity of who you both are, you are both free.

In this safe space the feminine is free to be fully sexual and embracing her inner power, not having to hold back or police herself.

There’s a sense of the collective of Masculine Twins opening up to the Feminine now saying: “You’re safe to be yourself with me” – “I love you as your full self, you don’t have to be afraid – let go, explore. I support you.”

As always, remember that not all men are exclusively masculine energetically or women exclusively feminine energetically – but this time we’re dealing with the body. The physical body’s karmic ties to the collective history on this planet. This time we really are talking about men and women.

Pushing Humanity to Reform

As Saturn directly squares the True Node in Virgo on October 8th we again have a very strong push for the collective to release old ways and habits.

Humanity more often than not works off old habits of thinking, feeling and acting without questioning where these methods, traditions and habits came from.

With these strong Saturnine energies, we’re being told to let go of that which doesn’t serve us – if we won’t let go willingly, Saturn is ready to put the pressure on, and is famous for serving up challenges and restrictions until we no longer have any choice but to let go.

Opening up seems to be the only option right now – make sure you move up to the higher vibrations, so you open up in a safe and loving place.

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!


Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. You can also read about other Twins’ experiences with my methods by going here.

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