Twin Flame Energy Forecast Sept 17th-23rd “Harmony Calls”



Can You Trust In Your Divinity? Connection Issues Of 5D Love Vs Physical Life Experiences…

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

Themes of duality, harmony and oneness are in focus. Are you open to the journey back to unity – as “one soul in two bodies”?

Are you ready to allow it into your physical life?

More details below.



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Crystal Clear Visions For The Future

We’re entering into this week with a strong sense of purpose and forward momentum.

With Mercury and the Sun joined up in Virgo we see you accomplishing a lot in a short space of time. And you’re not making any mistakes!

You have crystal clear vision right now.

You know exactly what you want. However, with Neptune Retrograde opposing you, we see a tendency to doubt your own decisions and choices. The past is involved here.

You may feel unsure of yourself as you’ve experienced things “going wrong” in the past when you made certain choices – but what’s happening now is meant to help you release those old traumas.

To open you up for the future. You’re getting a second chance. And going within is highlighted.

That’s what went wrong before – you weren’t in alignment with what was truly guided and authentic to you.

You may have taken action from fear, or a feeling of having to force things.

We see that you’ll have the most success and benefit from the ideas that are *guided*, that when you go within, perceive guidance… Then bring this into outward action, things will flow more smoothly.

Not Getting Anywhere With Advice?

With Jupiter involved supporting both sides of this transit, we see it’s HIGHLY IMPORTANT right now that *you step into your own power*.

That you go within and begin to listen to your own divine wisdom. Your intuition. (Read more about that here)

You are likely to be feeling blocked from getting spiritual insights from other people, including friends, the internet, psychics, your guides…

This can happen any way from phones not working to your internet connection getting sketchy just as you’re about to log on to talk to a psychic…

The main point is – for your ideal future, your reunion, your blissful love within and without to show up… You must learn the lesson of finding your own divinity. Trusting self.

This is a karmic lesson most of us are being pushed to learn in this lifetime. Spirit indicates the whole collective.

So until we step into that, or at least attempt it, things are set to feel blocked on the outside.

Read more here in “7 Lessons The Universe Is Working To Teach You”

twin flame lessons

Why Twins Are Held In Separation…

It’s as if the cosmos is waiting for us to learn this lesson so we can move onto the next part of the journey. Many are held in separation for this reason, is the message.

Their souls are waiting for them to learn this lesson. Have a look at this article for more – “A Message for Twin Flames In Separation”.

We’re still in the flow of Venus opposition Uranus R and squaring Mars from last week. There are major changes happening – above all on the inside. And this week Lilith Retrograde is also involved.

We see opposition to the masculine Twin. It’s likely one or more female relative, friend or coworker are challenging his forward motion. Getting him to question himself above all.

Changing his perspective as regards females, upgrading his mindset in some way.

It’s set to happen not as a benevolent discussion but through a challenge. We see him feeling small in some way, put in his place.

Moving Out Of 3D Paradigms…

It serves the purpose of removing old belief blocks from him. Opening him up to seeing his counterpart more clearly for who she really is as a soul or a *person*.

Spirit shows us, moving him out of the human 3D model of what it means to be male or female/masculine or feminine.

To open him up to a higher state of divine love – the Twin Flame connection. (If your Twin Flame is a runner – have a look here for resources to help you).

This is extra intensified on Thursday as the Moon joins in as well. Indicating emotions running high.

We see the Masculine Twin feeling upset and regretful about how he may have treated his counterpart and other females in the past.

His perspective seems changed, increased sensitivity and understanding. It’s likely you’ll experience a very different side of your counterpart next time you interact with them. There’s even likelihood of apologies or regrets being expressed.

Through some other person, he’s set to have been shown to be more considerate and sensitive.

Highlighted is the possibility that he might have seen a female friend, coworker or family member treated badly by a male person and therefore sees a different perspective.

“Learning” For Those Unwilling To Learn

In some way, he’s “learned”, spirit says. Spirit always finds a way to help someone learn, no matter how stuck in ego they seem.

Some people need to learn from real life examples, is their message.

Towards the week’s end you’re set to feel softer and more forgiving toward your Twin’s negative behavior from the past. We have a shift in the energies as Venus moves into a trine with Neptune Retrograde.

You’re more open to forgiving, and spirit shows us the masculine Twin really has “learned” on a deeper level.

The perspective change is set to be lasting. “He” really will be different now on some level.

(Is your Twin “running” or “unawakened”? Read more about actionable insights for how to assist them to become conscious and open to love)


Do You Believe Unity Can Happen In Your “Real” Life?

Saturn’s involvement shows us that forgiveness is indeed crucial for your onward journey. Because when we hold unforgiveness toward someone, we keep the old negativity around in a loop.

As Saturn moves into a challenge to Neptune, we see that there’s a discrepancy between your spiritual ideals and “current reality”.

You are likely to feel that despite how amazing the Twin Flame connection has been on a higher level, it won’t happen in your “real life” somehow.

That ideals, spiritual truth and your visions don’t match up with what’s possible in the “real world”.

Of course, nothing is really impossible. But if we believe something is out of reach, we’re shaping our energy to block it out.

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twin flame session

The Biggest Twin Flame Myths

Saturn is shaking us up a bit to our highest good by challenging us to reevaluate what we think of as possible.

Be careful you haven’t been influenced by all the negative information about Twin Flames out there!!!! (Yes, it deserves that many exclamation points)

The Twin Flame journey doesn’t have to have a sad ending! It doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster of drama!

(Read more about the most Damaging Twin Flame Myths here)

There are so many negative stories about Twins out there that it can get to the best of us…

It’s ****highly important**** to not align with that stuff – the running, the years in separation, the belief that it’s one long arduous journey of suffering…

Because it doesn’t have to be!! You are an infinite being.

You didn’t come here to suffer. The Twin Flame journey is meant to be based in love, not hardship.

If you read stuff like that – ask yourself who wrote it? Were they in a state of light and wholeness themselves? Most likely not…

Unfortunately, when we align with negativity we match our energy to it and invite it in to our lives. As spirit says, only focus on what you want more of in your life.

Watch a video here about how it really works.

twin flame video

Opening To Your True Desires…

For best results, clear out all that limiting information you’ve inevitably taken on about Twin Flames through the internet.

Because it’s a rare connection, nearly all of us end up online reading about it… And that’s where we get confronted with all the negativity.

Don’t make someone else’s heavy reality yours! Clear out the negativity you’ve taken on, the beliefs about running, chasing, that it never ends well, that Twins don’t end up together…

Clear it right now to open your future to what you truly desire and deserve.

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New Cycle In Love – Balance, Harmony…

Sunday the Sun and Mercury move into Libra for a new cycle in the cosmic energies.

And again, we see you very focused and intent on spirituality, love and your Twin Flame connection.

But not so fast: Look back to the week’s beginning – have you learned the “lesson” of finding your OWN center, your own divinity?

Make sure you don’t keep pushing outwards when the lesson is required within! All this month, love is healing, progressing, alchemizing on a deeper inner level above all.

The unconscious is involved.

Be careful ego doesn’t drive you away from your divinity – which is found within. Because it is as your divine whole self you are magnetic to love, to your Twin Flame, to your reunion.

I know you can do it! Trust yourself, clear out negativity and congestion to uplift out of heaviness and frustration, and uplift into your true light!

(And if you need a cheerleader on the way, doing a deep transformation of your whole system back to ancestry, karma, male/female conflict patterns and more – have a look here at my new coaching program)

Duality Vs Oneness – The Twin Flame Mission

This next month of focus in Libra has themes of duality, harmony and oneness on the table.

Remember, ultimately the Twin Flame connection is a push and pull between Duality and Oneness. Travelling from our state as “one soul” into “two bodies” to reunite in unconditional love.

Bridging ancient wounds of separation for the human collective. Assisting in bringing forth a new and higher state of consciousness on the planet.

(Read more about the Twin Flame Mission here)

That is what our journey is about – something that is a commonality between us all. And now we are being asked to face this huge issue once and for all.

As Twin Flames: We are the same, yet we are different. We are united, yet we are divided living as two individuals.

We knew when we came here that it was fully possible to unite across any distance emotionally and physically, to resolve any imbalances, to rise above the traditional earthly paradigms of separation…

Do You Feel You’re In Life “For A Special Reason”?

Most Twin Flames grow up with a subtle feeling of “being here” for a reason, of having a purpose…

Or at the least, not fitting in with the “standard version of life” in society.

What have you felt was your “divine mission” in life?

What can you see that your Twin Flame connection – as challenging as it may have been – sets you up to “gift” the planet with?

Are you both artistic? Do you both have a passion for the environment in some way? Are you scientifically gifted? Are you a lover and a healer?

(Keep in mind some people’s unhappiness comes from not following their deeper passion)

I’d love to hear from you about your “divine purpose” in the comments below!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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– Sarah (via Facebook)

twin flame awakening

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