Twin Flame Energy Forecast Sept 24th-30th “Warriors Of Light”



When The Soul Pushes You Past Your Boundaries… Will You Run, Or Meet Your Calling? Aries Full Moon – Twin Flame Mission In Focus

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

Full Moon in Aries asks – are you getting too comfortable? What will it take to rouse the warrior in you?

Plus, Pluto direct and Chiron R enters Pisces – into the territory of unity and the unconscious…

More details below.

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Aries Full Moon Powerful Shakeup

Are you ready to roar? This Full Moon in Aries is set to shake us all up, push us out of our comfort zone. Awaken!

The cosmic message is we’ve been getting too comfortable with the same old! Like an old man in a bathtub, we’ve no place we’re trying to go.

We’ve got settled with *other people* and the collective idea of reality, love and ourselves… And now, something drastic is needed.

This Full Moon is set to do just that, deliver a shakeup to wake us up! To rouse the power, the warrior in us.

Is Your Soul Pushing You, With Frustrations?

Spirit’s message is, a warrior spirit is needed in this project to bring heaven to earth.
Those who are OK with the status quo rarely do something to change things around.

So their message is:

If you’re in a situation that’s frustrating or not OK with you…
What if it’s really your soul’s way of waking the warrior in you?

When have you had enough? When will you say stop? When will you take action?

Aries is the king of impatience, but also of passion and pioneering.

Lightworkers are being re-ignited right now, often in a tough way. Aggression may be surfacing. But it’s for a reason.

Aggression can be a force of positive change if you channel it wisely. Expect to be pushed to reacquaint yourself with your fierceness this week!

The Real Reason Why People Get “Lazy”

And know that if you’re feeling low, if you’re feeling heavy – it’s because: On some level you don’t think you can make a difference.

On some level you don’t think you can change things. You think your dream is out of reach or must be “delivered” by an outside force.

This is ALWAYS the deeper cause of “laziness”, inaction or powerlessness.

It’s the belief that effort won’t create results.

So first of all, get rid of those energies and beliefs that hold you imprisoned in that state so you can open up to something better!

Go here to do so.

The 3D “Lies” Of Impossibility

And second – Aries is here to tell you you DO have the power! The heaviness is a LIE!

You are the master of your destiny! You are the most important person in your life! You will always be in a relationship with yourself!

And all change in your life has to happen through you or with you! This is why we clear energy, uplift our vibration.

It’s time to reignite the fire! We are, after all, Twin FLAMES. If there’s no fire, it can’t happen.

Embrace the power of this time! Get things done. Aim high. Set your intentions. Be bold. Wish big!

Opening The Door To Heaven On Earth

There’s a big chance you don’t feel like it at all – and it’s like the cosmos is stepping in to metaphorically drag you out of your comfort zone.

But it’s for your own good. Heaven on earth doesn’t live in the same old, is spirit’s message.

Change the effort, to change the outcome! We cannot expect to sit back and have our dream placed in our laps by angels or the universe. That’s not what we’re here for.

As souls, we were thrilled with the excitement of getting to come here to co-create, to experience, to express, to share love, to break old boundaries, to uplift the whole collective through the sheer power of our love!

But are we doing that now? Most likely not.

Stepping Out Of The Old Reality

And there’s no blame placed. No one is upset with us. It’s pretty much to be expected.

Because through our lives we’ve been weighed down by all this heavy human material and beliefs that say… it’s no good…. there’s no point trying… dreams don’t come true… things don’t change.

(Watch a video here on how it works and why it’s the #1 Block to Twin Flame Happiness and Reunion)

twin flame video

Well, those things are simply an old reality that’s been passed down to us. It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s the exact stuff we’re here to help humanity step out of! To deliver a NEW HIGHER REALITY of love.

And it’s time to get into action! Embrace your inner warrior of light. Know that this is who you really are!

Creating A New Avatar

What would be your warrior name? What’s your secret power? What kind of armor would you wear? What would you do for yourself, for humanity, if you had no limits?

Put aside realism for now. Explore and find what ignites that fire in you!

Now, you’re living Aries energy at its highest expression.

We see there’s a lot you can learn from the Masculine polarity in this regard, whether you’re the female or Feminine energy Twin.

Males are taught how to channel their power in a much different way than females.

Your Light Warrior, Infinite Self?

Spirit shows us, a great way to tap into this is to make up an alter ego!

You may know that Beyonce has her alter ego “Sasha Fierce” who she “becomes” before she goes on stage, to tap into the fullness of her power – and so do many other performers.

So who is your “infinite self”? Your “light warrior” persona? Whenever you need a pick-me-up, ask “what would that power self do?”

You might also find powerful help from the animal kingdom this week – click here to get a spirit animal message of inspiration from lion, owl and other power animals.


Disregarding Traditional Relationships

With the Full Moon opposing Sun/Mercury/Ceres in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn, we see there’s a major need for newness.

The old way of doing things (3D) simply won’t work anymore. It’s time to be bold and go beyond.

Don’t look at how other people’s relationships are, don’t look to your parents or grandparents’ generations (unless they were exceptionally evolved and happy together). Even your own. Look ahead.

How would your ideal relationship be? How would the ideal state of humanity be? Explore.

The mere activity of going there in your mind and emotions powerfully paves a grid to receive it in real life. The more people do this, the more we activate the potentiality and invite it in as a collective.

Read more here in “Twin Flames: Why Regular Relationship Advice Isn’t Enough”


A Watershed Week – 11:11 Divine Feminine

This is set to be a watershed week in many ways, not just for Twin Flames but for the whole collective.

Spirit also nudges us that Pallas the asteroid representing Athena, the intellectual side of the divine feminine, is at 11:11 degrees of Virgo right now – it’s exact on Wednesday.

The message is that there is a pre-existing knowing, a pre-set map we have to Twin Flame reunion. To “heaven on earth”.

We do not need to devise a way, the method is already at hand – it is inside of us. And it’s to do with emotions and our divine guidance system. Discover more about this here.

In the quiet spaces of our inner minds and emotions, the path is already laid out. It may change as we walk it but the compass is always adjusting to show the correct path forward.

Love guides us to unity, fear leads us to separation. This is the compass. And it’s always truthful. The problem is that our systems are full of the world’s fear-based programming passed onto us in life.

And when we connect with our Divine Twin, this fear based stuff begins to be purged powerfully from our systems – often without being fully released.

This is the reason so many Twins stay stuck in struggle.

It’s *essential* to cleanse our chakras and energy systems, for a happy and balanced journey together. Read more here

A Warning To All Twin Flames

Love is the path and the goal. It recognizes itself, attracts itself. That is the key.

The outer stuff is noise. Theories about predictions and movements. That stuff changes, rarely lives up to the hype.

What is eternal is the sacred compass of love. It is completely independent of opinion, hearsay, the future and the past.

An opposition to Neptune R shows us old spiritual ideas, new age theories, stories created by humans interpreting the divine – we must disregard it.

The Twin Flame scene online is SO FULL OF DUBIOUS INFORMATION. Use your intuition – is something really in alignment with the divine? Is it really true? Is the person qualified to give their opinion?

The key is inside us, not in books or mythical instructions. (Read more here in “A Warning To All Twin Flames”).


Karmic Realignment – Feminine/Masculine

A supportive sextile from Pallas to Venus confirms this. The path to love exists already. And it goes through our hearts.

The problem is, as a collective, humanity has been so alienated from their hearts and their own divine wisdom.

As Lilith, now moving direct, and Mars join up in Aquarius we see there’s been a karmic realignment as regards the Feminine and Masculine and there is a greater sense of being on the same page.

Team work is the way forward.

As Chiron Retrograde moves backwards into Pisces we see the telepathic link between Twin Flames strongly active, but there’s also set to be more healing work done here.

If you’ve been experiencing struggle with your Twin Flame even though you’re advanced in Ascension and have been doing your own inner work, know that it’s highly likely to be coming from your Twin’s side of things.

When Twins enter into the Union process, their energies are connected “behind the scenes” and each chakra begins to exchange energy with your counterpart.

This means it’s highly likely to be picking up on stuff like your Twin’s past experiences with others, their own disdain for themselves, fear energy and so on… Especially if your Twin Flame is as yet “unawakened” or a Runner.

Click here for a complete cleanse and update clearing session, created to bring all aspects of your journey into harmony.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Pushed Into Self Reliance

There’s a lot of feeling material around right now, that can make you feel heavy.

As the Moon moves into Taurus on Friday, Aries stands empty for the first time in many years (Uranus was there since 2011).

It’s as if we’ve been expected to learn self reliance, self pride, self acceptance now.

Our inner state is expected to have been uplifted, at the very least we are expected to be more capable of handling ourselves, our emotions.

To know who we are and what we want.

Now, we begin dealing more and more with our connections with others.

Why do we have the patterns we do in relationships?
Why have we attracted repeated types of struggles or partners?

(Go here for more on this – a video, including my own personal insights)

Twin Flame Love: Transformation, Healing

Uranus is set to be working on this with us for the next 7 years with the aim of uplifting us into true love, love free from fear, conflict and negativity

Late Sunday night Pluto stations to move direct for the first time in many long months.

As the planet of death, rebirth, sexuality and power Pluto “moving backwards” worked to help us purge unconscious material around these subjects so that you could heal and move on once and for all.

You have likely had old conflicts show up in new guises so you got a chance to heal, often between you and your Twin Flame…

Because the Twin Flame connection is above all one of healing and transformation, transmuting past pain and teaching us forgiveness, self acceptance and unconditional love.

Pluto is set to still move through “shadow terrain” for a while longer but you’ll feel a little more stable emotionally in this coming period.

Dream activity is likely to change. Sexuality is set to level out and feel more “healthy” or balanced. (Read more about Twin Flame Sex here)

Why Childhood Dramas Return In Relationships

Often we re-experience childhood dramas with our lovers – especially our Twin Flame.

Someone who has felt unloved and ignored by their father or mother may subconsciously choose an adult relationship with someone who has tendencies to be cold and unloving…

This is how we as souls give ourselves new chances to work through our issues to be free of them once and for all.

When used wisely, the Pluto’s work will help you release these past conflicts for good – make sure you’re not clinging to old stories of victimhood or betrayal.

Know that Pluto stirring up unpleasantness from the past is ultimately a beneficial process where you get to learn more about yourself and your capabilities.

But do make sure you don’t just sweep things under the carpet, as they’ll only come back worse… That’s the wisdom of Pluto. If you used the last few months wisely, you’re set to reap big benefits in this next forward period.

Aries Wisdom – Believe In Your Power

With the power of this Aries Full Moon, make sure you step into your boldness, recognize what you’re unhappy with around you – and begin taking action to make a change!

As an Aries myself, I can vouch for what this energy can do for you!

If I hadn’t been willing to take on the challenge, do the work, learn new things and go beyond what everyone around me told me was possible… (Read more about that here)

…You wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.

Aries power is – do it anyway! Nothing can truly stand in your way except your choices. You choose to take action, or not. And your results will be according to what you put into it.

So what will your wise light warrior self do? Where are they guiding you right now?

Do comment below with your insights and ideas!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your onward journey! <3 x



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