Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast September 21st– 28th “Redefining the Male”

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Autumn’s most powerful energetic event shakes up the world – keep your cool and know that no matter how heavy The Blood Moon Eclipse might feel, it marks the start of a lighter future.

You might remember this spring’s huge Full Moon Eclipse in Libra, which felt heavy for most Twin Flames – like trawling the depths and stirring up the deepest and darkest shadows of our beings. Here comes another Full Moon Eclipse… but the good news is the next eclipse after this won’t be around until spring.

Balancing the Female and Male

This weekend on September 28th we have a Full Moon Eclipse in fire sign Aries, the archetypal “male” warrior energy of the Zodiac. As with all Full Moons it is our emotions, our subconscious mind and shadow selves that are being stirred to release the old and outworn so we can let in the new and light and purposeful, so a certain level of emotional tension is to be expected.

The so-called Blood Moon Eclipse on September 28th (in the evening of the 27th in the Americas) is energetically set to release more of the most oppressive and heavy energies associated with the “male archetypes” – fear-based violence, anger, rage, insecurities expressed in power abuse and so on.

Redefining the Masculine

What is “a man”? What is “masculine”? What is the “male archetype”? Most of our current societal definitions and concepts are completely outdated in this area. It has struck me time and time again how society most often acts as if men are devoid of feelings and emotions (the Moon’s natural territory). Now with this full-blown Eclipse impacting both emotion and the archetypal male energies, we are being pushed to redefine the old “male”.

It’s time to let go of any damaging old paradigms and perceptions, to open up for new energies, new activations and patterns and a new era. Many females are also in need of adjusting the expectations and conceptions held about what a male is “supposed” to be, think, feel and act like. For Twin Flames it’s essential to get past any of these stereotypes and preconceptions, because they become blocks to Union – if we can’t see our Twin for who they are as an individual and as a soul on the deeper levels, how can we truly open up to them?

On the personal plane we may expect there to be some flare-ups in the Twin Flame dynamic as both females and males are being pushed to release once and for all any old trauma and patterns around the hurtful expression of “male energies” – these blow-ups will likely arise in connection with assertiveness, decision making, dominance, outspokenness, physical aggression and so on.

Aries is the sign of the pioneer – we’re being asked to be brave and move forward into a new era: It’s imperative now to bring these archetypal male energies out of the “shadows” and into the light so we may heal old wounds and transmute any lower density into what can power us into a new cycle where the “male energies” support and unify rather than conquer and divide.

Essential For Twin Flame Union

As many of you know, the Twin Flame Union is a process of merging each individual Twin’s energies back together once again – to be “one soul in two bodies”. In order to be ready for the Twin Flame Union process to begin on the energetic planes, each Twin must be in a relative balance themselves.

In Twin Flame Union the female and male energies are balanced once again, and this Eclipse is a powerful part of clearing out anything that has kept Twin Flames in energetic imbalance both within each individual and in terms of the dynamic.

What is of a low vibration density is being pushed out for good – in order for Vibrational Alignment and thereby Twin Flame Union to be possible.

Hold Off On Confrontation

Try to take a step back from yourself and see yourself from the outside in these coming days, as keeping a neutral standpoint will help you avoid being dragged into old “autopilot” behavior.

Staying calm will also help you release this stuff with more ease and speed and you’ll find it a much more comfortable experience than if you get caught up in any drama. If there’s trouble on the horizon, it might be wiser to leave any “show-downs” for next week when the energies have settled. 

In advance of these Eclipse release points, the low vibration energies that will be released are stirred up in preparation to be cleared out – if tension has been rising in your personal life the way it has in the world recently, take a few deep breaths now and know that things will settle down again very soon.

I would advise to hold off on judgment on any Twin Flame situations and issues until the energies settle again. If things feel tense or troubled right now, it could likely have more to do with the energies at large than with your relationship.

Making Way for New Light

These Eclipses function to clear out the old to make way for the new. In the aftermath of the release from this eclipse we’ll have an influx of new higher vibration energies, and empath Twin Flames will certainly be able to feel this, perhaps even physically.

Headaches and tension in the body is not uncommon during heavy cosmic events, but come mid October we’ll be in the middle of a completely new cycle which is set to be lighter and more pleasant.

The End of Heavy Years

Coming as the last and fourth of a “tetrad” of complete Full Moon Lunar Eclipses that began in 2014, this particular Blood Moon Eclipse marks the end of a tense and heavy cycle, especially for those on the Ascension Path. Along with the shift of Saturn out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, PLUS Pluto finally moving direct on September 24th after months of challenges, we will notice a considerable lessening of the intense pressure we’ve felt these recent years.

We’ve been pushed hard for a reason, to awaken, to shake off the old limitations and identity structures that didn’t serve us, and to empower us to now meet this new cycle head on with positivity. If you’re not quite “there yet” don’t worry, you’ll get time to breathe now and regain your composure.

Twin Flames as Energy Conduits

Spirit shows me that the past hundreds of years have been shrouded in shadows and darkness (fear, shame, guilt, conflict, power and information abuse) and we have been releasing so much of this recently. It hasn’t been easy but in the coming months we’ll begin to feel the positive payoff.

In addition, many Twin Flames and other lightworkers have been busy helping the earth transmute these energies by being conduits of light and helping to clear out the old, especially during nighttime – functioning as integrators of new energies being anchored into earth.

This has lead to many of us feeling fatigue and exhaustion – especially if we haven’t been aware of what’s been going on. Remember to connect to the light (it’s in the Free Audio in the Breakthrough Kit and in the Vibrational Alignment Program ). It will help you feel more replenished and strengthened.

Connecting to the light and spreading your energy out bigger than the solar system will also lessen the heaviness and intensity of this coming week’s cosmic events.

Mercury Retrograde – a note

Mercury Retrograde (17.09-09.10.2015) may cause some delays or communication hiccups the next few weeks but remember that this is for our own good – we’re being asked to slow down and take a review of how we communicate, especially in terms of how we communicate ourselves to others.

With Mercury retrograding through Libra, this includes the need to balance both our inner male/female polarities and beliefs around these, as well as within our Twin Flame dynamic. Balancing these energies is a part of the preparation process for Twin Flame Union. So it might be time to take a second look at your ideas and beliefs about men and women, and about your own “maleness” or “femaleness” to root out anything that’s based in limitation and negativity.

A Special Message for Twin Flames

Lastly, I have been asked by spirit to give a special message to all Twin Flames about The Blood Moon Eclipse and developments in terms of Twin Reunions and Unions for the coming months and into 2016 – this will be up on the blog on Wednesday.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x