Update for Twin Flames – The Blood Moon Eclipse into 2016

the blood moon twin flames

Dear everyone,

Thank you for being here and for reading these words. We have been wanting to give you this message for some time.

Many of you are becoming more and more attuned to insights from higher realms but you are still questioning your intuition. You have more wisdom inside than you realize. Trust yourself.

The best way to get through to your intuition and reach the higher realms, to rise above the pressures and stresses of human life is to relax your minds. It will be an important task for you all in coming years (lightworkers and Twin Flames), to re-teach yourself to think in a way that serves you rather than hinders you.

Overcoming the Mind

The human mind has over millennia with a focus on survival lead to challenges in the reaching of spiritual wisdom and unity. The way your minds operate make it challenging to reach inner peace and reach the vibrations of love that are so crucial to Twin Flame Union.

Because the mind and energy has been entrenched in negativity and separation – it has been taught to seek problems and division in order to ensure survival.

To work around this, give your mind specific tasks to work on, to use this pattern for good. Think about things to be grateful for, scan for the best moments of the past 12 months, think about the goals you’d like to set for the coming year.

This will use your built-in survival pattern to help you rise into the higher vibrations and reach that state of love and togetherness you so long for.

World News and Developments

There have been events in the world at large lately that have triggered a lot of fear in millions of people. You may have felt this wave of fear yourself. Do not be afraid. As an eternal soul you are always safe. Ask the higher realms for protection from this fear if it is bothering you.

Know that these events are trigger points in the earth’s history itself. It is the expression and release of pent up fears and terrors of survival, just like any other turmoil in the earth’s history. Like steam that builds up in a pressure cooker, when it reaches a certain point, it finds a vent or blows the lid off the pot.

Reaching the 5D Realm

Remember not to feed into this fear and horror. The earth is less “solid” than you think. When people speak to you of 5D living, know that it is a choice. There is no “New Earth” physically – it is an option. It is a vibrational frequency of living that enables you to “slip into” the “vortex of positivity” of the infinite realm of possibilities and manifestation.

The more you dwell in this higher vibrational realm, the easier it will be for you to find your way together with your Twin in bliss regardless of what is going on outside of you.

Many of you slip in and out of this realm, and it is in order to anchor you more fully into it that you are now in this process of Ascension – releasing and clearing heaviness and negativity so that you may always exist in that flow of infinite possibility and light regularly and permanently.

Be aware that the more humans involve themselves emotionally with negative events in the world around them and get tangled up with the energies of fear and perceptions of injustice and outrage, the more they remain tied to the old energy paradigm and the old “3D reality” of lower, denser energies.

The Choice to Evolve

In order to lift yourself up into the infinite possibility realm, see the world for what it is: everyone is an eternal soul who has chosen to come here, every single person has chosen their life in order to learn and evolve.

Everyone has free will. What seems like hardship to you from your current earth perspective, is to a soul an extremely valuable lesson to learn. To learn about the nature of energy, the nature of existence.

Remember that there is a difference between giving love to the world from a place of inner peace in order to help all and everything, versus being concerned and worried about injustice and hopelessness and people suffering. The latter only adds to the entrenched energies which are holding these situations in place.

The Eclipse Gateway

Now onto the good news for all Twin Flames. We are always watching over you, you are always helped and assisted. You will come to feel this more and more over coming years if you allow yourself to move past the old and familiar reality.

This coming eclipse is a gateway that will function to “suction” out of earth a certain amount of these negative old energies – the “dregs” of history’s darkness. The energetic basis behind some of the deepest and most damaging old paradigms will be left behind. That is the aim. It has to happen bit by bit, but it is happening.

Your Personal “Eclipse”

This leaving behind of heaviness and pain from the past may also happen with you personally – because the earth’s energy and the energy of individuals is closely connected – a whole. Do not be afraid.

After this Eclipse there will also be new surges and influxes of high vibrational energy coming in and anchoring the grids holding this new “optional energy reality” in place even firmer and making it more stable.

If you meditate or travel out of your body you will understand what we mean by this – lately you may have had a lot of disturbance, strange psychic impressions flashing up when you meditate and so on – this has been due to the energies being stirred up in preparation for the release. Things will settle down again gradually, at a higher plateau than before.

Increased Ease of Interaction for Twins

For the Twin Flames this is excellent news because once this “secondary reality” opens up more and more and becomes more stable it becomes more open to you accessing it. And it is here that you and your Twin will find emotional and energetic togetherness of such a palpable and strong form that it begins to rival physical unity.

Remaining in a high vibration is key here. In these higher realms opening up wider on earth you will find that you are in “flow” more easily and manifest more easily and pleasantly.

This means also that to take advantage of these new energies becoming more firmly anchored, that it will serve you to take full responsibility for your own reality field. If there are things that you are not happy with, take action steps to rectify them now.

Triggering Dormant Information

There is now a mass Ascension going on in the group of Twin Flames on the planet, with more and more lighting up on the grid and coming into awareness every single day.

Over the next months and year, you may discover you remember things you were unaware of previously – this is a combination of having removed congestion that covered it up, as well as the “illumination” of dormant information being reactivated in you to help you along. Pay heed to this inner knowing, as it is most often closely tied up with your chosen mission and your path back to your Twin Flame.

Synchronicities and information that “shows up out of nowhere” (this is your guidance team at work to help you) are instrumental in leading you back to knowing your true inner radiance and to lead you back to harmony with your Twin. Trust that they can help you. Again, re-teaching your mind to not look for pitfalls and problems will be a great help.

Twin Flame Union and Reunion

We remind you yet again that you are meant to come together with your Twin Flame. This is why you are here. Both to experience the bliss of Union in the physical and all the joys that come with the togetherness you share so uniquely, but also to function as a powerful source of light on earth to assist in the planet’s own Ascension.

In coming years 2016 and 2017 we see that many more Twins will find their way back to each other, both in physical Reunions and in the Twin Flame Union of the soul.

Help Is At Hand

Now, we want you to know that all the information you need to get back to your Beloved other self is now available out there. We have provided you with the help you need on the earth plane – methods and information and guidance shared by intuitives who have made themselves available to help all the Twin Flames who are currently incarnate on earth.

It is now up to you to use that which is available to you and tailor it to your own journey so that you may get back to that bliss which we know you long for so much.

And lastly, remember that you are together with your dear Twin already. Your souls are never truly apart. In these coming years, we hope and believe that more and more Twin Flames will learn to enjoy the effervescent joy of togetherness across physical distance. It is how you have functioned as souls since the beginning, so try not to let physical boundaries deter you.

You Are Powerful

Above all, we wish to remind you of your true inner power. It was you who volunteered to come to this planet in need to provide her with the nourishment she so desperately needed after centuries of war, fear and segregation.

You knew it was possible, and if you feel inside, you’ll sense your soul’s great excitement at how things are progressing. You have everything it takes and more. Make no mistake about it, you are on your way – in fact, you have already gone further than you think.

All the love and all the support you may need is available any time you ask. Remember to ask.


Archangel Michael and the Archangels of Light

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