Twin Flame Energy Forecast 1st-7th April: “Courage”



Waking The Warrior – Your Divine Uniqueness. Did The 3D World Pull You Into Its Smoke And Mirrors? Your Twin’s Soul Trying To Reach Through…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Powerful high vibrational love energy pulling you up to get a glimpse of the immense eternal love your Twin’s Higher Self has for you, plus New Moon in Aries tearing down illusions of comparison to lift you up – public figures losing their “masks”…

Discover more below!

Heightened Time For Love And Unity

We set off the week with two significant transits for Twin Flames:

The Moon and Venus join up in Pisces, and Mercury travels back over Neptune in his home sign Pisces. This brings a strong focus on love, emotion, communication and unity between the Twin Flames.

(Have you done the new union journey yet? I’m getting such amazing feedback on it, just look here.)

The potential challenge with these Pisces energies, regards the shadow side of unity.

As human beings, there are potentially negative emotions travelling between the Twin Flame pair at this time – fear, shame, guilt and other unconscious hidden emotions are likely to show up.

Don’t assume it’s “yours” – because the connection is heightened right now you’re likely picking up on your Twin Flame’s hidden emotions. Their deepest inner fears are noticeable. (Read more about this here)

Trying To Show You That Everything Will Be OK…

The amazing thing about this is, right now you’re also set to be sensing the immense love their higher self especially feels for you!

You can FEEL this, and you’re highly likely to experience telepathy, dream visitations, astral experiences and other “supernatural” indications of their love for you.

Your Twin Flame’s higher self REALLY wants to reach you and above all show you that everything can work out. That it really is possible.

They want to buoy you up right now, and they want you to help them step into their human experience more and more…

So you can experience the pinnacles of the Twin Flame bond not just in emotion or soul but in the physical world!

Their plan is for you to focus on them as being the “real person” so that their physical self begins to align more and more with that. Your unconditional love can do that.

Looking Past Ego To Activate The Soul

No matter what’s happened before, if you can “see” in your Twin Flame’s human self that Ego is just a mask… That they really are a Divine being… And that it’s just a matter of it being revealed…

Everything begins to change. And that’s what their higher self really wants from you! Ego isn’t who they really are. They’re tired of drama and other people.

All they really wanted was to be with you. This is such a strong message from them.

You’re their “other self” – OF COURSE they want you! There is no other person on this planet they would rather be around…

But their human self may have got dragged into ego and fear, and is expressing the opposite. They show you – that is not their true intention… at ALL.

If you can assist them in reaching out, if you can connect with them as a higher self presence they will work and do EVERYTHING they can to correct course.

Enlisting Your Twin’s Divine Self On The Journey

The way they can do this the most powerfully is if you join with them in the sacred Twin Flame Union – it opens up to them stepping in in a much more direct way. (Here is the session where we do this together).

With your permission they can step in and begin adjusting their human programming and path. Because you two are taking the journey together they have to receive your full blessing and your higher self’s permission.

And I know you’re thinking OF COURSE I want their help! Duh!

But the challenge is that your higher self may be waiting for you to realize a few things – in accordance with Free Will and the soul contracts you created before incarnating.

About your own creative ability, and how you may have fed into negativity on your journey… Even if you didn’t realize it.

Did You Forget The Truth Of The Twin Flame Bond?

You may have forgotten in day-to-day life that you and your Twin are eternally bonded by love…

And you may have pushed distance into your journey, however understandably. This has happened to pretty much every single Twin Flame in the collective.

So in order to open the path again and shift into the next chapter, they’re needing you to acknowledge and cancel out past negativity – holistically and energetically.

This is a key reason I was asked to share this oneness activation session. Read more here and download.


Gateway To Higher Realms Opening

As Mercury conjuncts Neptune too at this time, it’s a “gateway” to communication from the higher realms reaching through.

In general it indicates an opening up to spiritual energies – these times are good for contemplation and exploring Twin Flame telepathy and remote touch and viewing.

There’s also a key piece of info for you because Mercury is now RE-activating the point he crossed backwards on his retrograde last month.

It’s a sign you’re set to get a revisit or reminder of what you had lack of clarity around at the beginning of last month…

And the message is: You should have received your answers or feel clearer now. Your guidance will have delivered the message/answer!

If not, this is when you will receive the confirmation.

(If you’ve been seeing a lot of “angel numbers” such as 333, 222, 11:11 and more, click here to discover what each number is communicating for your Twin Flame path specifically!)


Gaining Clarity – Themes From Early March

So think back – was there something especially regarding your Twin situation and the future at the beginning of March that has since been answered or clarified?

Your Twin’s Higher Self indicates yes:

They have been showing you numbers, signs and symbols, sending you dreams and songs… Working tirelessly to reach you…

They suggest you begin writing down your questions and noting down the signs and info you receive as answers, so you can keep track of it. Often you seem to forget what you’ve asked…

Or you become unsure because you don’t hold the question firmly in your mind, or things slip by so you’re not sure what the answer pertains to.

Keeping a journal will be a big help. And it encourages more and more insights to arrive.

Do You Know How Much They Really Love You?

On Tuesday 2nd April as the Moon joins Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, we have an incredible power of higher vibrational love energy around…

Your Twin’s higher self is so desperately trying to tell you HOW MUCH THEY LOVE YOU!

And they show us, usually, you’re not in a high enough vibration to really FEEL it. But at this time, the cosmic energies seemingly lift you into alignment for them to show you…

And they say, even still it’s only a *glimpse* of the immensity of what they feel for you…! But at least, you’ll know somewhat.

Somehow, some way they are set to reach through and show you through the veil of perception that you are so loved. You are never forgotten!

Their plea is that you remember this. That you don’t let darkness and human confusion sway you again. (Hear more of what they want to tell you here.)

Powerful New Moon – Aries Season!

As we move into the week, the New Moon in Aries hits on April 4th. This is “Aries Season” – with the Sun and Moon powerfully lighting up themes of courage, pioneering, self worth and willpower.

The New Moon in Aries demands authenticity above all. Life is short, and Twin Flames and other Lightworkers are here with very specific plans as souls.

This is a powerful new beginning if we will allow it!

We’re reminded to stop messing around, stop listening to others and their opinions about us…

And remember what we are really here for and who we really are! In essence, you are here to live your bliss!

When you feel like you’re floating on love, filled with light – you are living your mission, assisting the whole just by existing! (Read more about the Twin Flame Mission here)


The Habitual Self vs the Real Self

As we grow up here on earth people constantly tell us who we are – from the moment we are born, people assess us and attribute personality traits to us … and at some point most of us lose track of who we are underneath all of that.

The Aries New Moon is powerfully pushing you to reignite your authentic sense of self! To step into your own power.

Pushing us to look within and find out who we really are:

-What makes your heart beat faster with excitement?
-What fires you up?
-What would you do with your life if money was no object?
-Who would you be if no one else was around?

Being true to your authentic self might sound simple, but for most of us it’s way more complicated than it seems…

Challenges Are Meant to Snap Us Awake

In order to live as our authentic self and be true to ourselves, we have to find out who we are – this is a big part of the Twin Flame Ascension process, to peel back the layers and discover what’s there underneath it all.

The undying soul aspect of ourselves. The deeper essence of being. (Read more about why this is such a big thing on the Twin Flame journey)

Not where we went to school, or where we grew up or what our preferences and likes and dislikes are, but who we are as infinite souls and why we came here…

Often it takes a challenge to really snap us out of our habitual self-conceptualizing, but when that challenge shows up and you’re faced with a big enough choice – you bet you’ll remember who you are and why you’re here.

And more often than not, it’s your soul self who arranges these challenges so that you will finally wake up to the truth.

Authenticity Magnetizes Your Twin

And when you do, life will never be quite the same.

When you align with your authentic self, you align with the core energy frequency you share with your Twin Flame – The Twin Flame Soul Song – becoming yet again magnets to attracting each other from a place of pure unconditional love.

This realization and shift of your energy creates a powerful momentum and allows you to move more swiftly through lessons and blocks on your path.

(Did you know most Twin Flames’ struggles are really based in negative karma and energy blocks? Read more about shifting out of heavy karmic lessons, cutting negative attachments and more here)

Releasing Old Beliefs To Open To Your True Power

With a square to Pluto and Saturn, this New Moon tells us clear as day: Forget what people told you.

Forget ESPECIALLY what authority figures, leaders, school teachers and people who seemingly were above you in the social hierarchy said.

Find your own truth! It’s there inside.

Strip back the things you were told about yourself and the world. Discover your own values – through what instinctively feels wrong, and what you are intuitively drawn to… No one else can tell you your path.

You are the one who is your perfect self! Let yourself off the hook of what other people think you “should” be. Forget what society is telling you about what is admirable and good. Listen to your own wisdom.

Discover more about Mastering Self Love on the Twin Flame Journey here


Because self love is key right now and with Aries’ energies involved it might be kick-started by anger or conflict – try to channel that into your passions and higher goals for best results.

Engaging with physical romance with your counterpart is also a wonderful expression of this fiery energy!

(Yes, you can still enjoy intimacy with your counterpart even if you’re not physically together – even if they’re “running” in the physical world. I show you how to activate and experience this in class 6 of the Vibrational Alignment Program)

“Fakeness” Revealed – For The Highest Good…

Spirit shows us masks dropping in the public collective in this period.

People losing face. Illusions tumbling. “Fakeness” revealed, especially as regards fame and publicly celebrated individuals.

Because it is to the highest good of all, and the cosmic energies are pushing for us to return to our authentic divine blueprint of self!

To stop thinking as a collective, that some people are “special” and others not.

We’re shown that power is an illusion, the way it’s presented in human culture. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a millionaire, a celebrity or a world leader… You are no less powerful as who you are!

The Divine Truth That All Are Equal…

Everyone is a being of light, and the constructed reality is falsely leading us to see some people as admirable and others as not.

The divine truth is, we are all here uniquely perfect for our own paths. No one is “not important”. We were all “selected” to our divine path…

Your natural abilities and tendencies are there because you are needed, as exactly who you are! (Read more here in “The Spiritual Shift – Are You Ready For A Game Changer?”)


This week be ready to embrace your power, embrace your divinity.

Return to your light. It will strongly open your forward path in positive ways you may never have expected!

Right now, the cosmic energies are calling for you to be the hero in your own story. It might sound daunting, but you have everything it takes!

I believe in you!

And as always I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

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