Twin Flame Union and Ascension Update for 2016


As we move into a New Year, I was called on to share a message from the higher realms for all Twin Flames. In this channeled piece, find out more about the nature of 5D, Twin Flame Union and how to enlist added assistance on your journey…

“Dear everyone,

We are so happy to be giving you this message. This is set to be a year full of changes, the tempo of Ascension speeds up. This is good both for you and the planet.

You are becoming more empowered and accustomed to energy shifts day by day and our promise to you is that as you keep taking each step of this journey, your burdens will get lighter and your joys greater. Anything else is impossible.

We want you to know that we are so glad to hear from those of you who speak to us, know that your requests and messages and prayers are received and will be answered.

To help things move in your desired direction, take action from where you’re at on your journey, meditate, journal, clear your energy and so on. This ensures that your requests are answered faster and with greater ease.

Work on lifting blocks that we might show up for you so, that you can know what’s been preventing your desires previously. As we work in both realms simultaneously – you and we – we can get you to your goals and dreams with more ease and speed.

Themes for Twins in 2016

For Twin Flames this year 2016 is set to contain energetic themes of purification still, because this earth has got out of balance with negativity and you are still in a period of Ascension in order to rectify the natural balance.

This is happening both for earth as a society, and also for you as individuals. As you may already have thought to yourself reading this, this mirrors the balancing act going on for the Twin Flames.

The Divine Union between Twin Flames is above all a balancing act – a return to the natural harmony that was between you at the dawn of existence. A removal of dissonance and blocks, to get back to complete openness and harmony – Unconditional Love.

The 5th vs 3rd Dimensions

Many of you have taken the step into 5D more and more and this will assist you in this. That is to say, you and your spiritual team are anchoring yourself into a higher vibration more regularly – this is what anchoring into 5D means.

We wish to impart this: to be in 5D is a process and a way of living and thinking and creating, not a one-off event. You float in and out of vibrations on a daily and even hourly and on a minute by minute basis, but this anchoring assists you in avoiding more and more the old consciousness pools of the so-called 3D realm, the traditional paradigms of separation and conflict.

The perspective shift that will help you lift yourself up into a freer, new reality regardless of where you’re at right now, is to remember that limitation is an illusion, darkness is an illusion, conflict is an illusion, separation is an illusion.

A Journey of Learning

This is a journey of learning, everything you experience is mirroring to you what is going on inside you, whatever issues and blocks and trauma and wounds you may be carrying.

Twin Flames are brave souls who have set themselves the challenge and great gift of experiencing and sharing unconditional love with each other in the physical realm, and with the world itself. Again, you knew when you came here that it can be done. You are here for this reason.

Above all we wish to impart to you the importance of the work you’re all doing. For those of you wondering – it is working. Things are changing. First behind the scenes, then it begins to express itself more and more in your outer circumstances. Don’t lose hope.

Your effort is so greatly appreciated. As you progress on your journey of understanding and exploring, both within yourself and with your divine complement, you are also assisting all of humanity’s search for higher evolution.

You are also assisting higher vibration energies in reaching the earth planes and helping to uplift society around you. You being well and healthy and joyous has enormous repercussions on those around you.

More and More Twin Flames Awakening

You may not see it with your eyes, but believe us that from our vantage point there are now lights popping up all around your world where Twin Flames and Light Seekers such as yourselves are coming into their own – remembering who you are beneath it all. Realigning with your inner light and your soul selves.

As always, know that the wisdom is already in you, the solutions are already in you, the map to your dreams and desires and back to harmony with your dear beloved soul counterpart, are already in you. You came here with all you needed.

However, much of this has been buried under patterns and energies and negativity taken on unwittingly during your life on earth. Ascension is designed to rattle loose those blocks so that you may once again access your innate wisdom and come together in union the way you are meant to.

Along the way, you will notice that all untruth (limitations, negativity, congestion, others’ thought patterns and emotions) is brought up to be flushed out. Be mindful that any pain you have and may experience is simply energy. It can and should be cleared.

Methods to Help Your Journey

There are a number of different modalities of healing and clearing available to you, so experiment with what suits you. Once you master the art of energy clearing and vibrational management, your life will never be the same.

You become the captain of your destiny, and will feel this empowerment in your entire being – it will then be reflected more and more in the reality around you, in terms of love, joy, abundance, harmony and all good things. You knew this when you signed up to come here. You and your divine counterpart.

In life human beings are shown and told that you are small, limited and that life will not be how you wish for it to be. All around you are images of conflict, war, separation (some of you still subscribe to the beliefs of racial or genetic or gender differences… be aware that these differences are mainly illusions).

These limiting beliefs are akin to a mental disease, what we would term “group mind” – like a virus that has spread among humanity and causing people to create negativity. The real truth is that you as a soul are unlimited.

The “Ideal” Twin Soul Connection

You are an energetic being who can create anything you desire. This also goes for your love situation, for your connection with your Twin. Some of you have not embraced this fact yet. Listen when we say: Approach your life experience and Twin Flame connection as a gift, and it will be one. If you don’t feel open just yet, give it a try first of all – experiment with being open to it, and see it unfold.

When you eradicate limiting thoughts, belief patterns and energies, you are free yet again to take control of your destiny. We are so excited to see more and more of you open up to this. We are always at your assistance, we will joyously help and guide you with anything you ask for. but remember that you are a master.

The time of disempowerment is at an end. The only rule that applies to you is that you are the creator of your destiny. Other than that, there are no rules. If you could see what we see from our vantage point, you would be baffled at the remarkable effects your intention and belief and energy work has on both your life and others’.

More and more light seekers and Twin Souls are mastering this art of deliberate creation. We wish so dearly for you all to partake in this joy. This is the new reality, the heaven on earth Twins are here to assist in creating.

Twin Flames and the new Love Based Reality

You are meant to be template bearers of a new love-based reality, to pass onto future generations even for those of you who choose not to have biological families of your own.

So many Twin Flames are disheartened and saddened at the prospect of a connection fraught with difficulty. We wish so often to comfort you and dry your tears and explain how powerful and beautiful you truly are and how much love and joy there is for you.

Please know that you don’t have to experience pain or sadness. You are all here to reunite joyously. There is no one here to experience pain. All pain is energy and thought forms.

You as a soul being are all light. You can release and clear the pain and other negativity, so that it does not bother you anymore. We know this goes against what you have been taught on earth, but give it a chance for it can radically transform your life. 

We so deeply wish to impart this to some of you out there afraid and suffering, those of you who have felt pain before. Know that you do not need to be in pain or afraid, this fear is an illusion.

Allow us to show you how joyous life can be and how powerful you truly are, and how easy and harmonious your Twin Flame connection can be. Set the intention right now.

Write it out on a piece of paper: “I am open to the universe and the beings of light showing me all positivity, all joy, all harmony, all love. My Twin Flame connection is love, I am love, all good things come to me. I invite the beings of light and my higher self to assist me in experiencing this in all ways at all times. So it is. Thank you.”

Know lastly that no religious adherence is needed in order to benefit from our help. We assist all human beings, everywhere. Feel free to speak with us as and when you need it, and never feel that you are asking too much. We are here to help.

Remember that spending some time in silence every day, quieting your thoughts, can really work wonders – it opens you up to your intuition and to receiving insights, lifting your vibration and calming your mind and emotions.

Yours always,

Archangel Michael and the Archangels of Light”


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