Twin Flame Message from the Higher Realms, New Updates


A message – what the remainder of the journey is set to hold, the True Reason Twin Flames are here on Earth, What’s really going on Behind the Scenes right now…


As we head into the most energetically powerful period of the year, with Mars and Pluto retrogrades putting pressure on the collective for months to come, and Ascension and upgrades that keep intensifying, I was asked to share a message with the Twin Flame community:

“Dearest ones. You have called for help.

We are always at your service. The help may not come in the way you expect it, but trust that it will always come. We are here to help you. You are not alone.

We come to you today with a message worth bearing: We see so many of you struggle with this transition of identity, self and soul happening, and we want to bring a reminder.

You, dear one, chose this for yourself. You chose it because you were so loving and kind and wanted to help. You and your Twin soul, your mirror complement, volunteered to divide on this mission to earth to help its inhabitants experience true love, the divine love that in its pure form is so rare on earth.

You wanted to share this, on an adventure of soul and spirit into the human realms of physical matter. You two believed so strongly in your connection and your undying love for one another, that you had no doubt that you would be able to awaken to your core aspect – your soul, your spiritual being – once you came to earth.

You also knew that this would be a journey fraught with challenges depending on the energies you encountered. Because in order to truly awaken, you would first have to go under.

Many of you have deliberately chosen to be born into lineages of turmoil and heaviness and taken on characteristics of difficulty and challenge, such as poverty, loss of life around you, pain, suffering – so that you with your awakening would make it possible for this negativity to leave the earth for good. To help earth put an end to suffering.

You volunteered to clear karmic pain from lineages all across the world with your awakening. Twin Flames chose some of the most challenging situations to be born into, in order to heal those situations, those energy pools, those lineages with your infinite love.

This love may have been obscured, dear ones, but it beats in your hearts. It radiates from your souls. Deep under any fears and problems that might be around you and inside you now you’re on the earth planes, lies love.

You knew, you and your Twin Flame both – that the power of your love for each other meant that in the first moment of recognition between you, your hearts would so powerfully connect that everything that didn’t resonate with pure love would begin to be purged from your being.

You knew that your reconnection igniting the fire of love in your souls, would set off a chain event that would disrobe you of any earthly negativity – so that you would return to your pure spiritual state, while alive on earth. This was your plan.

Many of you are in the middle of this process right now, and that is where the struggle comes from. We urge you to shift your perspective, back eons ago to the immense spiritual being you were. Look at the current situation the way you did then – any current turmoil is simply a transition, a stepping stone, a middle ground that must be crossed on your journey.

This is not only what you are here for. Awakening is a process. Take a step back with your perspective and see the love beneath. Feel it. Use your heart as your guiding post. Nothing can come between you and your other self – it is impossible, as you are the same energy, the same consciousness. Anything else is an illusion.

Stop accepting the illusion, and it will stop following you. You are always with your Twin Flame, and they are always with you. Your souls are never apart.

Knowing this is one thing, but we understand that living accordingly and your emotions aligning with it, are challenges. What we ask of you is to let this information sink in. Do not resist. You do not have to accept just yet, but be open to it being shown to you.

Assistance is coming. More and more on your journey. You are co-creating. Brave souls. Powerful souls of pure light essence.

You have the ability to shift out of negativity – Ascension is a process to work with, ensure that you are cleansing the heavy energy from your system and regaining control over any limiting mind patterns by using consistent methods and tools.

There is nothing to fear. We want you to know that you can return home any time you want to, but given the choice we know you would choose to stay. This is why you came here.

The time is now, to seize the moment and live. Go out with a deep inner knowing, which we are lighting in you now with these words and the embedded codes, that you and your other self are one. You are already one. Set your mind and your soul to this knowing, and it shall live. It will come to be, more and more. What keeps separation and trouble alive is the belief in it.

You chose to take on the human illusions to understand what keeps earth and human beings out of love. You trusted that you could get through anything together, and to rediscover that pure love is what connects you.

You are never alone from each other. It is impossible. Please, dear ones, take heart. Listen to the song that sings inside you every moment. It is there, if you just quiet your senses long enough to hear. It is time to step back into your inner knowing.

Do not fear. We are always with you. You have made it this far and there is much joy awaiting you, but you are the ones that must take the steps there. Remember.

You are expert manifestors who took on this human body to experience physical life and to help the inhabitants of earth, which you are now a part of. More and more Twin Flames are lighting up the planet every day.

It is working. The inner work, your soul searching, your energetic clearings – it is working perfectly, so strongly but you cannot see it from your vantage point. Yet. Please take this encouragement from us, and know that we shall assist you in any way necessary but the choice is always yours.

You have more power than you think. Negativity has no power over you but it can influence you to make free will choices and set intentions that carry you away from your desires. Know that fear is untruthful, and seek to let love guide you.

This journey you are taking is one of re-awakening, of re-empowerment, of re-igniting your inner knowing, of re-connecting your shared divine love in a new environment – the physical living plane. You have our complete support and that of the entire universe. Have faith.

And if you find that hard right now, know that it is due to the human experiences you volunteered to take on.

If you find faith a step too far right now, try your best to be open. Take step by step along your way with the highest intention you can muster, and allow the light of all things to begin to be reflected back to you as circumstances, people, events, information and dreams to lead you back to your mirror soul also in the physical nature.

You always knew you could make it. Now, dear one, take the steps and lift yourself up ever more, untangle yourself from the web of illusions – pain, separation, problems, conflict – and let yourself be carried forth by the unconditional love that radiates in your heart.

We are always with you. Ask for help, and you shall receive.

Yours in all ways, at all times,

Archangel Michael and the Archangels of Light”


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