Unlike computers, phones and tablets need 3rd party Free Apps to manage and download files from the internet depending on your device.

The easyiest way to use standard Pdf and Mp3 files on your iPhone, iPad or Android is to just click the download button in our email and open them directly on our server.

If you wish to use your files offline you can save them to a free Dropbox account or 'Readdle's Documents' App There are many Apps out there depending on your device to manage and save files on your device

- Dropbox for iPhone / Dropbox for Android / iSaveit App / Readdle Documents

• Download and install your chosen App to your device. * Note - If you're having trouble with Dropbox and you are using Gmail try updating both Apps.

• Open your purchase email and click the 'view purchase online' text link.


(Some email software or spam settings may block this link from from working, check your settings if this is the case, or as a last resort try to forward the email to another email provider)

Use the 'Download' buttons to open the files on your device

• Click the 'Download' button
download tutorial pic 1

• Click the arrow in the bottom right corner to open the document in your internet browser.
download tutorial pic 1

• Click 'Open in' or the 'send arrow' at the bottom center of the screen
download tutorial pic 1

• Now select 'Dropbox' if you wish to save this file to your Dropbox account for offline use, or select any other file management App you have installed.
download tutorial pic 1

if this is the first time you have downloaded files from the internet with your phone or tablet and you're not successful you should consider using a computer. Unlike phones and tablets computers handle downloading files easily and no apps are required.