Communication with Spirit Guides on the Twin Flame Journey


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Learning to talk reliably to your spirit guides is probably one of the most important life skills you’ll ever learn; especially for those of us on the Twin Flame journey.

This Class shows you how to communicate directly with your guides to get advice on your journey, including what I feel is a much overlooked (dangerously so) aspect of communicating with our guides: How to tell the difference between genuine guidance vs negative influence from the ego mind, low vibration entities and others’ energies.

This report contains a tool to verify the identity of your guides and make any being tell you the truth.

***This tool is included in the complete Vibrational Alignment Program***


"Cassady's tools are simple, effective and rapid. I strongly recommend!"

"Thank you so much Cassady, for your guidance, support and amazing tools. Your work is a miracle and I am so grateful for your support."

- Joslyn R. California, USA

"Cassady's teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my twin. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident."

- Kate, California, USA

Communication with Spirit Guides
on the Twin Flame Journey


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